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Tablet Reviews: Compare our Tests in 2017

We’ve been testing tablets since 2008. In this category you’ll find all our latest tablet reviews and compare devices with Android, Windows or iPads.

How do we test?

Our essays are heavily based on our personal experience with the tablet but we do a lot of standard tests as well to get comparable results. We’re always doing the same battery test, play similar games, use popular apps, and run the same benchmarks.

All Tablet Reviews

Below you’ll find a list with all our latest reviews. If you want us to check out another device just contact us using Twitter.

You’re looking for the best tablets out there? Everybody uses them differently so it’s hard to say which one is the best for everybody. That’s why we highly recommend you read our reports. But if you want a quick overview over good tablets check out our “The Best” section in the link above.

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