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Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus: Which is Better?

We are putting the newly launched Amazon Max 11 tablet against one of Amazon’s own Fire HD 10 Plus in this comparison.

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Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus

Amazon has a collection of affordable tablets such as Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 Plus. However, they have not been able to compete with iPads effectively. With the launch of Amazon Fire Max 11, which is a premium tablet with advanced features, Amazon aims to change this scenario and emerge as a strong contender in the tablet market.

Amazon Fire Max 11 on* Amazon

How does the newly released Fire Max 11 compare to the current popular option, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus? Although the screen size is an obvious difference, other factors may influence the decision to choose one over the other. While the user has not yet had a chance to try the Fire Max 11, they are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the Fire HD 10 Plus.

Let’s get started with the Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus comparison. If you’re interested in other Amazon tablets, check out our list of the best Amazon Fire tablets.

Fantastic Value
Amazon Fire Max 11
$229.99 $179.99

The Amazon Fire Max 11 offers a premium-feeling metal body, a good performance, a bright display, and a fantastic keyboard cover. On a negative note, the Google Play Store is missing out of the box.

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03/26/2024 06:03 pm GMT

Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus: Pricing and Availability

Amazon Fire Max 11

The Amazon Fire Max 11 has been announced and is open for pre-orders with a starting price of $230 for the 64GB version. It is scheduled for release in mid-June 2023. In comparison, the newest version of the Fire HD 10 Plus was released in 2021 and can be purchased now for $180.

FeaturesAmazon Fire Max 11 Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus
Display11 inches (2000 x 1200 pixels)10.1 inches (1920 x 1080 pixels)
ProcessorOcta-core 2GHzOcta-core 2GHz
RAM4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB storage4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB storage
Expandable MemoryUp to 1TB via microSD cardUp to 1TB via microSD card
Battery LifeUp to 14 HoursUp to 12 Hours
Charging USB-C 2.0USB-C 2.0, Wireless Charging
Cameras8MP front camera, 8MP rear camera2MP front camera, 5MP rear camera
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, Bluetooth
3.5mm Headphone JackNoYes
Compatible with Bluetooth KeyboardYesYes
Dimensions259.1 x 163.7 x 7.5mm247 x 166 x 9.2mm
Weight490 grams465 grams
Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus comparison table

Amazon Fire Max 11 vs Fire HD 10 Plus: Comparing Specs and Features

Let’s compare Amazon Fire Max 11 and Fire HD 10 Plus tablets spec-by-spec. This will help us gauge how the two tablets stack up against each other. 

Design and Display

The Fire HD 10 Plus and Fire Max 11 differ mainly in their display size, with the former having a 10.1-inch screen and the latter having an 11-inch screen, just as their names suggest.

Amazon Fire Max 11

While the size of a display is important, the Fire Max 11 has other advantages as well. It has a higher resolution than the Fire HD 10 Plus and any other Fire tablet, at 2000 x 1200 pixels. Additionally, it is made from “strengthened glass” which Amazon claims is three times more durable than the 9th-gen iPad, though it is unclear how Amazon arrived at this conclusion.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus display

Although the Amazon Fire HD 10 has a plastic build that makes it lighter, weighing a total of 465 grams, the weight difference between the two tablets is not significant as the Fire Max 11 weighs 490 grams. The Fire Max 11 is superior to the Fire HD 10 in terms of its larger screen and aluminum frame, while the Fire HD 10 Plus has a plastic frame. Additionally, the Fire Max 11 is thinner, measuring 7.5mm in thickness compared to the Fire HD 10 Plus which is 9.2mm thick.


Considering its budget price tag, it’s not surprising that the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus isn’t the fastest tablet out there. It has a MediaTek MT8183 octa-core processor with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. In our review, we found that the Fire HD 10 Plus has similar CPU performance to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, which is a direct competitor. However, its graphics performance is much better than the Tab A7. Check out the Geekbench 5 score below.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Geekbench 5

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a mid-range option with performance that matches its price range. Although the chipset is not named, Amazon asserts that its octa-core processor running at 2.2GHz is faster than any other tablet in the Fire collection in 2023. The device also comes with 4GB of RAM and is available in 64GB or 128GB storage options.

We have not tested the Fire Max 11 yet, so we cannot confirm its performance in real-world situations. However, based on what we have read, it seems quite promising going by Fire tablets standards.


Although cameras are not the most crucial aspect of a tablet, they are still one of the significant factors. The Fire Max 11 has undergone considerable improvement in this regard. Compared to the Fire HD 10 Plus, the Amazon Fire Max 11 has significant camera upgrades with 8MP cameras on both the front and rear.

The Fire HD 10 Plus has only a 2MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing camera with limited 720p video recording. If you intend to take photos and videos or use the tablet for video calls frequently, it is recommended to go for the Amazon Fire Max 11.

Battery and Software

Both tablets have similar battery life, which is an important factor for a device’s usability. However, the Fire Max 11 has slightly better battery life with an estimated 14 hours, while the Fire HD 10 Plus is claimed to offer around 12 hours of battery life. In our review of Fire HD 10 Plus, we got a battery output of 9 hours on heavy usage. On moderate usage, we think that it can go up to 12 hours.  

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Battery Life

It’s worth noting that the Fire Max 11 does not come with a built-in headphone jack, which means you will need to use Bluetooth wireless headphones. Additionally, the device does not support wireless charging. On the other hand, the Fire HD 10 Plus has a 3.5mm headphone jack and also supports wireless charging. It is compatible with Qi wireless chargers. 

Both tablets run on Fire OS, so the user experience will be quite similar. However, the Fire Max 11 has a newer and more powerful processor, which should make it feel faster compared to the other tablet. It’s worth noting that Amazon Fire tablets don’t have access to the Google Play Store, which means there are limitations to what you can do with them. The Amazon App Store has a wide range of popular apps including games, music and TV streaming. If you plan on sharing the tablet with a child, Amazon Kids parental controls are available. You can also choose to sign up for an Amazon Kids+ subscription to access curated and age-appropriate content.

Most of the apps and services available on both devices are the same. However, the Fire Max 11 has some extra productivity features due to its better accessories, which we will discuss in the next section.


While the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus does not include any accessories in the box, you can purchase a useful Amazon-branded cover case separately. The Fire Max 11, on the other hand, comes equipped with a keyboard case and an Amazon-branded stylus.

Amazon Fire Max 11

The keyboard case, which can be detached, has 15 shortcut keys for easy use and a built-in trackpad with gesture controls for navigating Amazon’s Fire OS. It can be quickly attached and removed using magnets. The Made for Amazon Stylus Pen is compatible with major apps such as Microsoft 365, OneNote, and Drawing Desk. It also has limited support for other note-taking and drawing apps on the tablet. Additionally, it has a Write to Type feature that can convert handwriting to text. The only downside is that the stylus requires a replaceable battery, which should last about six months before needing to be replaced.

We are not sure if the device can compete with the keyboard case and stylus options offered by premium tablets like iPad Pros but we are looking forward to testing the quality of Fire Max 11’s accessories.

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Amazon Fire Max 11 (2023) vs Fire HD 10 Plus: Which One To Buy

When deciding between the Amazon Fire Max 11 (2023) and HD 10 Plus, since they are priced similarly, it’s wise to choose the newer Amazon Fire Max 11 when it becomes available. The Amazon Fire Max 11 is expected to be considered one of the top Amazon Fire tablets due to its improved specs in all areas, such as a higher resolution screen, faster processor, more built-in storage, longer battery life, better cameras, and a detachable keyboard.

Although the camera quality for video calls, capture, and photos may not be as high, the Amazon HD 10 Plus still provides a satisfactory overall experience. However, it’s important to note that the screen is slightly smaller and has a thicker footprint.

Check out our Fire HD 10 Plus review video below:

If you need a tablet with more features and access to the full Google Play store, you should consider other options from the best Android tablets. This may be the deciding factor rather than choosing between the two options mentioned earlier.

Amazon Fire Max 11 test
The Amazon Fire Max 11 has a full metal body, offers a bright display, a good performance, has great features like a fingerprint scanner and the Alexa voice assistant, and you can get it with a good USI 2.0 stylus. I like the optional keyboard cover in particular. On a negative note, I wish the battery life would be a bit longer and it would be nice if the Google Play Store would be preinstalled out of the box.
  • Metal body
  • Bright display
  • Good keyboard cover
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Integrated Alexa
  • Good pen
  • No Google Play Store
  • Battery life just okay
  • No LTE version
  • No desktop mode
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    This is the most genuine comparison I have come across. I’ll definitely wait for the Max 11. Thanks, Zara.

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