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Apple Pencil 2023 With USB-C Connectivity Debuts at $79

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Apple Pencil.

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Apple Pencil 2023

While many media outlets were reporting about Apple gearing up to launch its new iPad range today, the Cupertino giant surprised everyone by introducing its latest Apple Pencil 2023 instead. The latest Apple Pencil boasts “pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity”. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and pricing of the Apple Pencil 2023.

Apple’s latest Pencil comes with a matte finish and a flat side that can be magnetically attached to the side of an iPad for storage. The Pencil can be paired and charged with a USB-C cable. The new Apple Pencil will be available in early November.

In a statement, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers said “Apple Pencil has revolutionized note-taking, sketching, and illustrating, unleashing endless possibilities for productivity and creativity.”

The latest Apple Pencil should work seamlessly with all iPad models that come with a USB-C port. The USB-C connector for charging and device connection is found under the sliding cap. When attached to the iPad, the accessory automatically switches to sleep mode to conserve battery. The USB-C Pencil measures 155mm in length and weighs 20.5g.

Apple Pencil 2023 USB C

If you are looking for an Apple Pencil, you’ll be glad to know that the Apple Pencil 2023 is compatible with all iPad models with USB-C port. This includes the 10th-generation iPad, the 4th and 5th-generation iPad Air, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-generation 11-inch iPad Pro, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the 6th generation iPad mini.

How Apple Pencil 2023 is different from 2nd Gen and 1st Gen Pencils?

Compared to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, the new Pencil (USB-C) falls short on pressure sensitivity, wireless charging and pairing, and a double-tap function for quick tool change. However, with the new iPadOS 17, all Pencils are expected to offer an improved on-screen experience.

Apple Pencil comparison chart

Apple has released a new chart to help users understand its latest Pencil lineup. The chart classifies all the pencils based on their strengths. The second-generation Apple Pencil, priced at $129, is considered the best in terms of features. However, it is not compatible with the iPad 9 or 10. If you want to experience the most features on iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro, then this is the one to buy.

The first-generation Apple Pencil, priced at $99, is an excellent choice for drawing on the iPad 10 as it offers pressure-sensitive input. However, it is not compatible with the iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro models currently available from Apple. The first-gen Pencil is the only option for those using the iPad 9 that Apple still sells.

On the other hand, the newer Apple Pencil (USB-C), which costs $79, lacks pressure sensitivity and is more suitable for note-taking. It is compatible with all iPad models currently sold by Apple, except for the iPad 9.

In its announcement blog, Apple also revealed the Apple Pencil related features of the iPadOS 17. As per the blog, iPadOS 17 brings more personalization and enables users to quickly complete their tasks. The Notes app has been optimized with new functionalities to organize, read, annotate, and collaborate on PDFs. It also allows users to link one note to another easily.

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