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Best Cases For iPad 7 10.2-Inch | 2019 Edition

Looking for a case to protect your shining-new 7th-gen iPad 10.2 (2019)? Here are some options for all budgets that you must consider before buying one.

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Apple iPad 7 10.2

You wouldn’t want your shining-new iPad 7 getting scratches within days of being unwrapped. The best way to prevent this from happening and furthering the tablet’s life span is to slide it into a case that keeps it secure from all sides. Apple products are blessed to have a robust aftermarket accessories ecosystem that generally addresses varied customer needs and covers all price brackets.

Apple iPad 7 10.2-inch on* Amazon

For the 2019 $329 iPad, a lot of cases are available for you to pick from. Here, we’ve recommended five covers that are best suited for the new Apple tablet and at least one of these will surely meet your needs. We’ve populated this list with products based either on our history with them, their user reviews, brand perception, or a combination of all these traits.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

1. Dadanism Trifold Fabric Cover

Dadanism Trifold Fabric Cover on* Amazon

Trifold is a classic case design for an iPad popularized by Apple with their own accessories. This Dadanism cover for the new 7th-gen iPad has a premium fabric finish on both its sides and while still maintaining its affordability, thus giving you the best of both worlds. You will also get support for auto sleep/wake feature with this product.

It covers the entire back of the iPad with the casing being made out of soft TPU material that saves the tablet from denting. The unique pattern on the inside and the cushioned corners help absorb any shocks from random falls. Plus, you’re also getting a slot for the Apple Pencil. You can get an 8-percent off on its asking price if you hurry.

2. Supveco Case

Supveco Case on* Amazon

Supveco has a fantastic solution for people who find the trifold design limiting in terms of the angles it supports. The front flap has a unique geometric shape that can support the tablet in four positions including one with the device standing vertically. It has a microfiber lining on the inside while it has PU leather on the outside.

The shell uses premium TPU material that is thin enough for you to not feel the added weight and sturdy enough to give 5-feet drop protection. Your brand-new iPad 10.2 will remain safe inside this case from Supveco. Like the previous cover, this one also has space for the Apple Pencil and supports auto sleep/wake functionality.

3. Poetic Heavy-Duty TurtleSkin Series

Poetic Heavy-Duty TurtleSkin Series on* Amazon

If you want nothing but the best drop protection, then just pick this Poetic heavy-duty case. The cover is made from a thick silicone material that gives the best-in-class protection against drops and shocks. The corners are perforated, and the inside portion of the back is ridged to save the tablet from extreme impacts. Such protection is particularly good for kids’ use and the material, too, is non-toxic.

Precise cutouts for all ports are included while the buttons stay covered. The case also has speaker openings on the front that direct the audio to you instead of firing sideways. Heat dissipation has been taken care of using several vents. The back has geometric shapes, in line with the TurtleSkin branding, with the sides also being textured. A thick lip keeps the display safe from face-down drops.

4. MoKo Case Fit

MoKo Case Fit on* Amazon

On the lower end of the spectrum, you can get a good-quality case for as low as $10, such as this MoKo case for the iPad 7. It gives all-round protection to the tablet by covering both its front and back. You’ll find a translucent hard plastic shell for the back that lets everyone know what you’re holding.

For the front, there is the classic trifold design that supports magnetic connection to keep the flap in place when closed. Like other such cases, its exterior is made of PU leather while a microfiber lining on the inside keeps the display scratch-free. It is a basic cover for the iPad 10.2 that helps you get started on cheap.

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5. Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover on* Amazon

Apple’s own Smart Cover is the most expensive of the lot with a starting price of $49 with the variant with leather costing $69. This case is for those who prefer buying first-party accessories for their superior quality and overall fit and finish. Actually, the case for the new iPad 10.2 is the same as that for the iPad Air 3.

You can get one of these in several striking colors that generally suite people from all walks of life. It attaches to the tablet’s side magnetically and a trifold flap covers the display. The auto sleep/wake feature works as intended. However, it’s worth noting that there is no protection for the back which may let some scratches creep in overtime.

Keyboard Cases For The 7th-Gen iPad

This particular story caters to those iPad 2019 users who need a case for their routine use. Folks looking to use their new budget Apple tablet for work as well will definitely want cases that can double up as keyboards to save some space in their backpacks. We recently posted a dedicated piece on the best keyboards for the iPad 10.2 and some of our recommendations in there do fit the bill. Go ahead and check it out if you must have a keyboard accessory to make your new tablet purchase worthwhile.

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Apple iPad 7 Keyboard
The Apple iPad 7 offers an excellent value for its price. It is the perfect tablet for many - especially if you don't want to spend more than 400 to 500 Dollars. Even though the Apple A10 Fusion processor is an older one, its performance continues to be very good. Yes, the 10.2-inch Retina display is not laminated but it is very sharp and bright. I also like that you can use the Apple Pencil and the official keyboard cover with the simple iPad now. In addition to that, iPadOS is a good operating system with great multitasking support.
  • Bright display
  • Solid performance
  • Full metal body
  • iPadOS with great multitasking
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Official keyboard cover support
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner
  • Old design
  • Display not laminated
  • No stereo separation
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