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Best Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Here are some of the best drawing apps for Android tablets. Try them all today and pick the one that meets all your creative needs!

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Best Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Digital Drawing & Painting are delightful ways to express creativity and imagination! Imagine taking the ideas in your head and transferring them onto a digital canvas – you might be surprised by how much fun it can be. Digital artists invest countless hours honing their craft, and now they can continue to perfect it while on the go with the best drawing apps for Android tablets. With these applications, you can make use of your downtime by keeping your skills sharpened – even away from home.

Android tablet drawing apps have evolved dramatically in recent years, with many now incorporating the same features as professional desktop applications. From simple sketching programs to advanced digital painting tools, there are plenty of options available for every kind of tablet user – all conveniently accessible and easy to use.

For those just starting out in the digital art realm, these are some of the most user-friendly and overall best drawing apps for Android tablets. Not only do they provide a plethora of resources to get you going quickly, but also boast an expansive community that offers much-needed support while mastering this skill.

How to choose the best drawing app for your tablet? Here’s what to look for

When selecting an app to use, budget often plays a significant role for beginners. Fortunately, the apps on this list provide free or freemium options to start with – and even offer trial periods if you decide that you’d like to purchase the full version later. This gives newcomers a chance to explore different kinds of software and find what works best as they grow their artistic skills.

If you want to sketch digitally on a tablet, the options can be overwhelming. Choosing an Android painting app doesn’t have to be difficult if you keep in mind these key considerations: Does your Android tablet support multiple touch points? Or Can it detect when your palm is resting on the screen? 

Drawing apps for Android tablets enable you to use your fingers for creating art. Nevertheless, if you prefer something more accurate and efficient, consider investing in a stylus. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 bundles an S-Pen. With this helpful tool at hand, drawing with precision becomes far easier and practical than ever before.

Before you select your new drawing application, check that it has all these necessary features too:

  • Pressure sensitivity for a natural feel
  • An extensive selection of brushes and tools to customize or create your own
  • The ability to manage multiple layers with layer blending and different modes
  • Touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts to help speed up workflow tasks
  • Built-in time-lapse recording may come in handy

Best Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Now that the criteria have been explained, let’s dive into this extensive list of the best drawing apps for Android tablets. 

Infinite Painter

If you’re an Android tablet user looking for a great drawing app that has similar features to Procreate (iPad app), then Infinite Painter is worth exploring. It offers several tools and textured brushes that give the same experience as using traditional art materials! Not surprisingly, this app has gained some serious recognition among digital painters worldwide – it’s easily one of the best drawing apps for Android tablets right now.

Infinite Painter is a robust app, featuring a variety of impressive capabilities. With its customizable brush engine and advanced brushes, you can create your own unique tools for painting. Moreover, it offers gradient maps to color in your artwork and the lasso fill tool that lets you select certain areas with ease. Additionally, realistic paper textures are included so that you can experience an authentic drawing feel when using the brushes! PSD support also exists for higher resolution canvases as well as time-lapse capture which allows users to quickly save their work and continue from where they left off at any point.

Infinite Painter

Despite its many advantages, there are a few downsides to Infinite Painter. It does not feature text tools or keyboard shortcuts that some users might find useful. The app comes with a seven-day free trial, offering full access to all the features within the app. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that purchasing the app outright costs $10 and may be an obstacle for some people.

For artists searching for a range of brushes and textured tools that resemble traditional media, Infinite Painter is an outstanding Android drawing app. Despite its minor shortcomings such as scanty text tools or absent keyboard shortcuts, these flaws are insignificant when compared to the numerous advantages it offers like its $10 cost tag which justifies all of its comprehensive features. And if you’re not convinced yet, there’s even a 7-day free trial available so that you can try it out prior to making your decision.

Download Infinite Painter

Clip Studio Paint (CSP)

As one of the most advanced drawing applications available, Clip Studio Paint (CSP) has set a new precedent with its recent arrival on Android platforms. After bursting onto desktops in 2001, CSP first landed on iPads and is now available for Android tablets too – opening up a world of possibilities for digital artists everywhere. With limitless potential as an illustration tool, comics creator, or painting software, it’s no wonder why CSP has been met with such critical praise from acclaimed professionals.

With CSP, you can have access to the same range of features as a desktop version. This includes all keyboard shortcuts and plenty of tools and options – from cloud storage for backing up your files to being able to open them on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPad or Android. Not only that but it also allows exporting documents into multiple formats like PSD alongside adjusting the pressure curves for accuracy in addition to importing 3D models.

Clip Studio Paint

CSP users have access to a plethora of features, including the vector toolkit, brushes and materials, free online resources and templates for comic pages; as well as animation capabilities. Additionally, it provides 10GB of storage space through its cloud-based file management system.

Despite some of its drawbacks, CSP is a remarkable application that presents an immense selection of tools and functions to aid users in creating sophisticated digital artwork. Unfortunately, the tablet version requires a subscription-based model which could be pricey for certain individuals while the desktop license can’t be recycled for use with the mobile variation. But even so, CSP’s features are guaranteed to give unparalleled results regardless if you’re using it on your PC or device.

Download Clip Studio Paint

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook is an incredibly powerful and user-friendly drawing app for Android tablet users that is absolutely free. This makes it one of the most sought-after drawing apps on these platforms as there are no ads or payments required. Plus, you can also access this amazing app from PCs.

SketchBook stands out from other apps due to its unparalleled drawing experience, user-friendly interface, and exclusive Copic Color Library. This app offers a plethora of customizable tools and brushes that you can modify on the fly, as well as pinch-to-zoom capability, an organized gallery feature, and Dropbox and Google Drive support for saving your creations. Allowing users to create art effortlessly with intuitive features makes this program stand apart from others in its class.

Sketchbook Pro

SketchBook allows users to quickly create sketches and work out ideas that can be exported in various formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and PSD. And with layer support included in this application’s suite of features, it offers a reliable platform to explore your creativity while practicing painting fundamentals—not necessarily intended for creating finalized artwork.

Sketchbook does have a few drawbacks that users should be aware of. One main limitation is the lack of an online file management system, meaning users must manually backup their files by exporting them as PSDs and storing them in another place. Furthermore, there’s no automatic backup which can be quite concerning if you misplace your device or it gets damaged – without a backup all data stored on the tablet could instantly disappear.

Despite its shortcomings, Sketchbook remains a formidable app with an extensive set of drawing tools and brushes for digital painting. Its design is simple yet sophisticated, making it easy to use while the PSD file export capability provides extra flexibility. Though there isn’t an online file management system or backup feature included in Sketchbook’s suite of services, these issues can be easily circumvented by manually exporting your files onto other devices for safekeeping.

Download SketchBook Pro

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a beloved app for all its users, renowned for its skill to craft high-grade illustrations, doodles, and graphics. It has an extensive set of tools ranging from vector and raster graphic support to composition layout options with the added capacity to export in various file formats. Plus it provides stunning effects that are perfect for anyone who wants great visuals–regardless if they’re just starting out or already have experience.

Adobe Illustrator Draw offers an extensive suite of professional tools and a vast range of features for crafting sophisticated visuals. This application’s seamless integration with the Creative Cloud — including Photoshop, Capture, and Fresco — allows users to sync their projects between devices efficiently. Moreover, it supports up to 64x zoom levels plus various filters and effects that enable you to craft one-of-a-kind designs easily. With its capacity for multiple images and layers manipulation, creating intricate graphics on this app is effortless.

Adobe Illustrator

While Adobe Illustrator Draw possesses plenty of advantages, it has its share of criticisms too. Unfortunately, some customers have experienced lagging or even crashing while using the app. Additionally, they’ve found that controlling by gesture can be a bit awkward – though this might just take some practice to get used to.

Ultimately, Adobe Illustrator Draw is an incredible app with a bevy of advantages. It has professional tools from its vast library and also integrates with Creative Cloud for added convenience. Plus, it works seamlessly across different file formats and offers graphic effects as well! Not to mention the fact that you can work on multiple images or layers at once – making this app highly sought-after by users everywhere. Despite its lagging, crashing dilemmas and unintuitive gesture functions that could make it difficult for some users to use, Adobe Illustrator Draw is still an exceptional instrument for individuals wanting to produce premium illustrations and graphics.

Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

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MediBang Paint

Medibang Paint has been a worthy opponent to Clip Studio Paint since 2014. Although it is free, some of its tools require either an individual fee or subscription for extra features and file-sharing options. Nonetheless, beginners as well as intermediate artists can take advantage of the various complementary drawing capabilities that suits their demands. Even though Medibang does not have quite the same number of functions as CSP, its user interface is nearly indistinguishable from both Photoshop and CSP making navigation straightforward.

Medibang Paint on Android tablets is loaded with numerous features. It offers free basic drawing tools as well as downloadable brushes and materials. Additional benefits include PSD export capabilities for comic creations with its paneling tool feature set; 3GB worth of online file management can also be utilized at no cost. While the feature set is not quite as extensive as Clip Studio Paint’s offering, some exclusives are available in the desktop version alone – making it a great choice for digital artists.

Medibang Paint

While Medibang Paint does have some limitations, such as not being able to adjust the pressure curve or use keyboard shortcuts, its many features are still worth considering. The app has a user-friendly interface and basic drawing tools making it an ideal choice for those seeking a free drawing solution. On the downside, some of the app’s more advanced features require a subscription-based model which may be off-putting to certain users; however this shouldn’t stop you from giving Medibang Paint a try.

Download Medibang Paint


Artflow is also a great pick when it comes to digital drawing apps. Not only does it come with over one hundred brushes and tools, but also supports pressure simulation technology that will make your painting experience as close to reality as possible. Additionally, some of its most useful features include Smudge, Fill, Eraser Tools; Layer Clipping; and Selection Masks – making this app an indispensable tool for any artist looking for a realistic yet practical painting platform.

Artflow’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use, even advanced users. The app provides support for PNG, JPG, and PSD formats and offers a free version with 20 basic tools as well as three layers.


Despite its many advantages, ArtFlow does have some constraints that users should consider. Its free version has a restricted layer count, preventing creators from designing more intricate digital artworks. Furthermore, it only offers pinch-to-zoom as a touch gesture option which could be too limiting for certain users’ needs. Lastly, the app experienced intermittent crashes during testing periods which can be infuriating to any user who experiences them.

To summarize, ArtFlow is a convenient and easy-to-use drawing app on Android tablets that offers plenty of instruments for creating digital artwork. Whether you’re someone just getting started or an experienced artist, this app has something to offer everyone. While there are certain limitations with the free version, it can be upgraded to Pro for $6.

Download Artflow 


Concepts is the ultimate vector-based illustration app that uses mathematical formulas to create creative imagery. With its use of vectors, users have the flexibility to zoom in and out without worrying about losing quality or being limited by canvas size as it offers an infinite canvassing area. Further enhancing their usage are textured brushes which though not free, boast unparalleled quality and provide a clean yet stylish finish on illustrations; these features make Concepts indispensable for any digital artist looking for precise results!

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using this app, such as its free-to-use model with some tools requiring payment. You can either purchase the selected tools once or opt for a subscription giving you access to all of them. The interface is user-friendly and looks great on both big and small displays. Additionally, users praise the Copic color system for selecting colors, which makes it stand out from other apps in that department. 


Unfortunately, Concepts projects made on an iPad cannot be accessed or opened from any Android or Windows version of the app; plus, the feature set for Android tablets is much more limited than what’s accessible with an iPad. Also, many brush sets are only purchasable as one-off buys and users must purchase the Essentials toolset if they want to enjoy unlimited layers and exports to other film formats.

Concepts keep its files safe with Google Drive’s secure backup. However, this does not also serve as an online file management system. As a result, Android-stored documents cannot be accessed from Windows tablets since these are stored on different devices. Unfortunately, if one loses their tablet all the files will be gone for good – unless they were backed up in Google Drive beforehand.

All in all, Concepts is an extremely helpful app that offers a variety of tools and features for vector-based illustration. Despite certain restrictions or paid functions, its benefits are abundant; the user experience is clean and straightforward while also offering high-quality textures with infinitely sized canvases. Plus, linking to your Google Drive enables quick backup so your work will be safe even if you happen to misplace the device.

Download Concepts

The Bottom Line

It can be tricky to search for an app that stands above the rest and provides all of your desired services, so it may be more sensible to identify one with a strong track record in the area you’re interested in. Many artists find themselves hopping between various apps while completing their projects; thus, experimenting with multiple applications is oftentimes your best bet when determining which one complements your needs most comfortably.

If you’re looking for the best digital art app on Android tablets, Clip Studio Paint is a great option. It has an incredibly packed interface with useful features that make it perfect for tablets and Chromebooks. However, our favorite across all platforms remains to be Infinite Painter – similar in quality to Procreate on iPad. Ultimately though, we recommend testing out each of these apps individually so as to identify what works best for your individual needs.

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