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Best Cases For iPad Mini 5 | 2019 Edition

A good cover can surely complement your brand-new iPad Mini 5 2019! These are some of our recommendations for the best covers for the smallest Apple tablet.

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There is no denying that Apple products enjoy the best after-market accessory support, and the smallest iPad model takes it a notch up. Thanks to its compact size, case makers can go for versatile designs that look nothing like the conventional ones. Many iPad Mini 5 cases come as back covers like you’d find for smartphones, to maintain its single-handed usability.

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We’ve curated a list of the best cases for the iPad Mini 2019 (review) based on their excellent user reviews and our experience with the suggested brands. These recommendations range from the budget category to some of the most premium cases to give you the widest selection possible.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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1. Spigen Rugged Armor Works

Spigen Rugged Armor Works on* Amazon

Spigen possibly needs no introduction in the accessory space. Its Armor Works range of back covers is also available for the iPad Mini 5, giving you the comfort of a thin cover and the peace of mind of a rugged one. The case carries an iconic design from the company, which leaves a cavity in the center to show off that Apple logo.

The case is made using soft silicone material that makes it easy to put it on and off. Plus, this material gives you a better grip, which is particularly necessary for larger handheld devices like tablets. All the buttons are properly covered while maintaining their tactility, and the air pockets inside the case keep the tablet safe in case of a drop.

2. MoKo Flip Cover

MoKo Flip Cover on* Amazon

Chances are you wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot on a cover after just spending hundreds of dollars on the tablet itself, but compromising on the case quality can elevate the cost, if the device gets physically damaged. Welcome this MoKo case that doesn’t cost a bomb but still keeps your iPad Mini 5 safe. It comes with a flip cover that protects the device’s display area as well.

A trifold design was popularized by Apple’s first-party accessories and MoKo has brought it to an affordable package. It stays in the closed position magnetically and supports the auto wake/sleep feature. The tablet’s back is protected using a frosted hard shell, while the flip cover has PU leather on the outside and microfiber lining on the inside. If that wasn’t enough, you can get this case in a variety of colors.

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3.  TineeOwl Slim Clear Case

TineeOwl Slim Clear Case on* Amazon

Bumper cases are designed to keep the enclosed device safe from, well, bumps. This bumper case for the iPad Mini wraps around its edges to form a shock-absorbing layer made out of soft TPU material that should prevent the tablet’s aluminum body from denting or glass from shattering. The extra raised lips both on the front and back are necessary to prevent damaging these regions. Its corners have extra enforcement as they’re usually the first to hit the ground during a fall.

On the flip side, you will find a clear back that, while maintaining the product safety, lets you flaunt the tablet or a dbrand skin that you might’ve applied. The company claims that the see-through back won’t turn yellow over time as other similar products do. It has precise cutouts for camera and mics that make it compatible with both the 4th and 5th-gen iPad Mini. Grab one of these in black, blue, or red color.

4. ZUGU CASE with 7-Angle Magnetic Stand

ZUGU CASE with 7-Angle Magnetic Stand on* Amazon

Now that the iPad Mini supports the Apple Pencil, you might want to handwrite or doodle things, but it’s hard to keep the tablet in the perfect angle, even with all those trifold cases. For such situations, ZUGU CASE has a great solution in the form of a case that doubles up as a flexible stand. You can adjust the stand at seven different angles and pick the one that feels right to you.

Mind you, this is a really thick case that covers the tablet from all the angles and even has raised lip for helping in face-down drops. It has been through a 5-feet military-grade drop test and its flip cover supports auto wake/sleep function. You can slide the Pencil in a slot on its back. The cover is available in a bunch of colors and comes with a 1-year brand warranty.

5. Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover on* Amazon

So, what’s the deal with Apple Smart Cover? Well, it comes straight from Apple, you don’t have to wonder for its fit and finish, and it costs a whole lot. It’s priced at $39, following the same pricing strategy Apple goes by for all its products. You can pick this cover in several pastel color options, which should complement your personality.

One of the biggest downsides of this cover is the lack of a back cover. The Smart Cover attaches magnetically to the iPad Mini’s side to protect its entire front, leaving the back exposed. It still comes with the widely used trifold design that helps add the auto wake/sleep function just the way Apple intended to. You must know what you are going for before spending on this cover.

Bonus: OtterBox Defender Series Case

OtterBox Defender Series Case on* Amazon

This OtterBox case for the iPad Mini 2019 is possibly an expensive affair at $63, but the styling and protection are unique to the brand. Defender Series from the company has a rugged design that not only keeps the iPad safe, but also covers all ports to block dust and debris from entering. It is a bit hard to put the tablet inside the case, though you won’t regret the process given its benefits.

For all-round protection, the cover snuggly fits your iPad while covering its front area as well. OtterBox has included a built-in stand that can position the device at any angle you desire, while also providing a storage area for the Apple Pencil. You might ask what’s the best part of this case. It’s the lifetime support that the company offers!

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iPad Mini 2019
The Apple iPad Mini 2019 is the best 8-inch tablet you can buy right now. It offers an outstanding performance, a pretty screen, a long battery life, and a great build quality. Other features like its speakers, cameras, and fingerprint scanner are good too. Oh, and Apple Pencil support is fantastic. However, I wish Apple would switch to USB C.
  • Powerful hardware
  • Excellent screen
  • Metal body
  • Long battery life
  • Good speakers
  • Solid cameras
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Tons of optimized apps
  • Old design
  • Lightning port
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