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The Best Tablet Car Holders & Mounts | 2019 Edition

Looking for some good car holders and mounts for your tablet? These are the best options that you can get right now without having to dig deep into your pocket.

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From keeping your young ones entertained while you peacefully drive, to keeping an eye on driving directions, tablet mounts come in handy in multiple everyday scenarios. These inexpensive, little accessories give your tablets a secure place to sit during the commute or to free you from having to constantly hold that heavy piece of tech. No matter what your need is or how you plan to use your mount, there is definitely a tablet car holder that will be the perfect one.

Below mentioned are some of the options that have garnered praise in Amazon reviews from existing users. You can go ahead and pick any one of these and you surely won’t be disappointed.

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1. Klsniur Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Klsniur Car Headrest Tablet Mount on* Amazon

People sitting in the back seat will have a good time with this tablet holder that attaches directly to the front seat’s headrest for the best viewing experience. It comes with a sturdy mechanism for attaching to your car, while the arm extends much further for flexible viewing angles. The holder head itself can take tablets as large as 12.7 inches while the lower limit is 6 inches.

You can even fix your phone in landscape mode inside that holder. All the joints support free movement in nearly all directions while the device holding area is cushioned to keep your device from getting damaged. If you’d like to charge the tablet while it’s clamped, a cutout has been provided to let you do that. Folks who don’t prefer an all-black look can also go for the one with red accent.

2. Squish Car Cup Holder Tablet Mount

Squish Car Cup Holder Tablet Mount on* Amazon

The chances are high that you drive alone or with just another passenger in the front seat. A tablet mount for the front makes much more sense in this case and Squish has nailed the concept with a high-quality product that sits right inside your standard cup holder. It has a simple design with just a large clamp to hold the tablet and a heavy bottom that keeps the entire thing in place.

From devices measuring 4.4 inches to 11 inches, this mount can hold them all and turn them to the side you want it to face. It supports a 360-degree view with a bunch of adjustable heads, both for tilting the device and its position. While your co-passenger can have an entertaining ride using this tablet mount, if you are a taxi driver, keeping a tab of your rides would be much easier with this setup.

3. APPS2Car Dashboard Suction Mount

APPS2Car Dashboard Suction Mount on* Amazon

That cup holder is precious for many and they cannot sacrifice it, or block the dashboard area, for anything—even something as useful as a tablet. For such people, a windshield-mounted tablet holder is a perfect choice. It keeps the tablet in your sight, and you don’t need to take your eyes off the road, plus, your AC vents don’t get covered either.

APPS2Car’s solution has a long 13-inch arm that is supported at two points to keep your tablet safe throughout the ride. It is made using sturdy material, yet it maintains its bendability for easier maneuvers to get that perfect viewing angle. You can mount it both on the windshield and the rough dashboard surface using a suction cup, while it can hold a tablet between 7 and 11 inches.

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4. Worthown Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Worthown Car Headrest on* Amazon

Back to the rear row, where most entertainment consumption should ideally happen when someone is driving. Worthown has a bit more modern design that tries to give as much flexibility as the space allows. Adults or kids, both can adjust the tablet’s height to match their eye level while watching something to put minimal strain on their necks. The mount itself stays secure in place using a spring holder and a locking mechanism.

Using them, the company has ensured a seamless installation process that takes nothing more than a few seconds. The product offers universal compatibility, meaning you can clamp a tablet as large as 12.9 inches, which is the largest any tablet can get. Though the device uses good-quality material, the brand has still got you covered with a 60-day warranty for peace of mind.

5. Macally Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Macally Car Headrest on* Amazon

If a tablet mount for your car is something you wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot on, then it’s absolutely fine and you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from. Macally makes an inexpensive fabric-based tablet mount that wraps around the headrest with a pair of clips to hold the tablet in place. This product is good for people who’d use it infrequently.

The fabric material snuggly fits around the headrest unit to offer the sturdiest mount for your device. Its clips can hold slates between 5 and 11 inches and keep them safe even while driving through rough surfaces. It is compatible with tablets of all brands, but you need to know that you cannot change the device’s orientation or angle, which always remains fixed. Macally is throwing in a 24-month warranty to sweeten the deal.

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