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Acer Tablets: The best with Android and Windows in 2017 | Comparison

Acer tablets are known to be relatively cheap but with a decent quality. The Taiwanese company is releasing ones with Android, Windows 10 and even Chrome OS. Let’s take a look at the brand and its devices.

You might not know it but Acer is a cooperation based in Taiwan that manufactures computers, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. They have been in the tablet market since Google released the first tablet-ready operating system called Android Honeycomb. Since then they are releasing new devices every year trying to compete with iPads and other Android tablets from Samsung and others.

While Acers might be mostly known for cheaper Android tablets they have been producing high-end ones in the past. Acer is even releasing tablets and 2-in-1 running Windows. They started with lower-end devices with Windows 7, Windows 8 and now with Windows 10.

Other tablets include very high-end ones that compete directly with Microsofts Surface Pro tablets. Another not widely known line of products are convertible Chromebooks with touchscreens and Chrome OS.

Acer Tablets: Current line of products

Acer is releasing several tablets every year that are part of different brands. All Android tablets are typically called “Iconia” like Acer Iconia Tab and Iconia One. The latter one is the currently cheapest series.

Its Windows tablets are typically called Acer Switch with a number afterward. Current ones are the Acer Switch 3 and Switch 5. Some of them have the brand name Aspire in them as well. Convertible notebooks are usually called Spin. Examples of this are the Acer Travelmate Spin B1.

The Taiwanese company is not releasing tons of convertible Chromebooks a year but there are a couple. The currently newest one is the Acer Chromebook Spin 11.

Acer Tablets: All new devices

Here you’ll find a list with all current and new tablets from Acer. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us using Facebook or Twitter.

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