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Galaxy Tab S9 Tipped to Pack a Bigger Battery Than Tab S8

As per the latest rumours, the base variant of upcoming Tab S9 series might come with a bigger battery than its predecessor – Tab S8.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with Android 12L

Samsung is revamping its flagship tablet series by providing battery upgrades with the yet to be launched Galaxy Tab S9. An online listing has confirmed this, showcasing a model number and rated capacity that are larger than those of earlier models.

Recently, GalaxyClub discovered important details in the Chinese agency CQC’s database pertaining to Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery for the upcoming Tab S9. The part number EB-BX716ABY corresponds with model SM-X71X which is likely used by this series’ base variant – the Galaxy Tab S9.

Galaxy Tab S9 bigger battery

To put it plainly, the battery spotted at CQC is indeed meant for the Galaxy Tab S9. It appears to have a capacity of 8,160mAh which is much larger than batteries found in previous models such as the Tab S8 and Tab S7. This implies that Samsung has paid special attention to making sure the upcoming model boasts an impressive battery life.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S8 have a battery rating of 7,760mAh with an estimated average capacity of 8,000mAh. In light of this information, the Galaxy Tab S9’s rated capacity of 8,160mAh is likely to result in a standard capacity ranging from around 8,400-8500 mAh. While the battery specs for the Galaxy Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra remain uncertain, CQC recently listed those of its base model. With any luck, further information about these other variants will become available soon!

Though it was previously reported that the Tab S9 Ultra has an identical battery capacity to its predecessor, the Tab S8 Ultra, there is no substantial evidence that validates this rumor.

Samsung is expected to upgrade their Tab S9 series with a brand-new feature of IP67 dust and water resistance, which would be the first time this technology has been added in its high-end tablets.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC on Galaxy Tab S9

In another news about the Tab S9 series, we recently reported that Samsung’s next premium tablet is reportedly getting a unique version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset that boosts performance, and which currently powers its latest Android phones.

As per the reports, the Tab S9 Ultra could very well be the Android powerhouse tablet of 2023 due to its custom SoC. This would put it on par with Apple’s iPad Pro models when considering performance capabilities. With such power under its hood, this highest-end variant of the Galaxy Tab S9 series may just give Samsung a long awaited advantage in their battle against Apple.

We anticipate the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra alongside its other variants to arrive on shelves in August, around the debut of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 smartphones. Until then, let’s take all these rumours with a grain of salt!

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