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GoodNotes Finally Comes to Android, But Only For Samsung Tablets

The beta version of GoodNotes is now available for Samsung tablets with 8-inch or bigger screen and 3GB or higher RAM.

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GoodNotes android samsung

GoodNotes, one of the most highly rated note-taking apps for iOS users is now available in a beta Android version exclusively for select Samsung tablets.

Android users may find it difficult to locate a reliable note-taking application; luckily, iOS devices provide an abundance of options. GoodNotes is one such example that stands out among the multitude of choices, due to its expansive features and years-long history since 2011. Already on its fifth iteration now, GoodNotes exceeds even Apple Notes in terms of quality and reliability.

It is unfortunate that the launch of the GoodNotes beta version on Android will be limited to Samsung tablets with 8 inches or larger displays and 3GB RAM. If you own a Galaxy tablet with 8-inch or bigger display with 3GB RAM or higher, then be sure to check out GoodNotes. Keep in mind that it’s still in its beta phase – meaning there may potentially be some bugs or glitches along your way.

As reported by Android Police, early Reddit testers have found out that this particular GoodNote app for Android is only a PWA (progressive web application). This means an active internet connection must always be present in order for users to take advantage of its features.

GoodNotes Android

Apart from providing stylus support, it also includes extra features such as customizable notepads, over 50+ templates, document commentaries and a dedicated dark mode. Currently in its beta testing phase, GoodNotes is provided for free to all testers. Once released commercially, you will be required to make certain in-app purchases that start at $8.99 per month on iOS devices.

If you’re looking to trial GoodNotes on your device, there are 10,000 limited spots available! And with this free version comes the caveat of only 20 notebooks being synced between both Android and iOS devices. That said, don’t lose hope yet- future updates could bring in a great sync feature for all users. To sign up for the GoodNotes beta program on an eligible Samsung tablet, visit Google Play Store.

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