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Google Drive Gets New Update to Bring Better Functionality to Android Tablets

Even though the update brings minimal changes to Google Drive, it does improve user experience significantly.

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Updated Google Drive

Android tablets – whether they are top-tier or a budget model – often experience lacklustre performance by some apps due to a lack of optimization. Thankfully, Google Drive has released new updates that enhance user experience with better visuals and interface design.

Google is releasing a big-screen redesign of their popular Google Drive platform with improved navigation on the side to help users leveraging an Android tablet to get work done,

The Workspace Updates blog has just announced a brand-new visual upgrade for Google Drive on Android tablet devices. Say goodbye to the bottom navigation bar; it’s being replaced by an easy-to-use navigation rail. Those with “Rapid Release” workspace accounts should soon see this sleek makeover in action.

Google Drive new update Android tablet

Beyond the standard tabs (Home, Starred, Shared and Files) lies a “plus” FAB for generating new files or folders along with an expand/collapse button in the rail. The search bar at the top of the page has been narrowed down while buttons for help, settings and your profile have simultaneously been added to its upper-right corner. Even better – below that same search bar you’ll find tabs like “Suggested” and “Notifications” taking up much less space than before!

This stylish new design for Google Drive has been created to take full advantage of the larger screen size on an Android tablet. As you can see in Google’s comparison, it allows more files and controls to fit onto the page while also maintaining a streamlined appearance. The new design will make proper use of the tablet’s large-screen real estate.

For those who haven’t enrolled in Rapid Release, the tablet-friendly version of Google Drive will be available on April 3rd to a larger number of Android users.

Riding on the wave of success from Material You’s makeover for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides web apps, comes another much-anticipated redesign that is sure to add a refreshed look to your workspace. With an increased focus on larger screens in mind as well as the rapid succession of upgrades provided by Material You, we’re thrilled with all Google has invested into its online productivity apps – and hoping it keeps up to make Google’s productivity suite or office apps perform better for Android tablet users.

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