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Google Pixel Tablet: Leaked Screenshots Reveal Wallpapers and UI

Take a look at the recently leaked screenshots of Pixel Tablet’s wallpapers.

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New screenshots of the rumored Google Pixel Tablet have been leaked online, just days after information about the rumored Pixel Fold phone was revealed. The tablet is expected to be Google’s first and may be called the Pixel Tablet. The leaked screenshots reveal that the tablet will use the Google Material You theming engine for Android 13, which will affect the colors and accents of icons and widgets.

The leaked screenshots feature wallpapers of bird wings as the backdrop on the home screen. The launch date of the Pixel Tablet is unknown at this time. Take a look at the leaked wallpapers below:

Eight pictures of the home screen in both dark and light modes were posted by Evan Blass, who is the source of the leak. The pictures show the device’s home screen in landscape orientation, along with the widgets and icons. Google already announced Android 12L last year, which is an optimized version of Android for larger displays such as tablets or foldable phones. This means that the anticipated tablet would ship with an Android 13 version that has been improved for large monitors.

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Although Google has previously mentioned the Pixel Tablet at two events last year, certain important information remains unclear. However, we have received information from sources familiar with the matter about some of the Pixel Tablet specifications, such as the RAM.

Google revealed two different color options for the Pixel Tablet. One has a green back case and black bezel, while the other has a white bezel and a beige/white back. The green option is similar to the Pixel 5’s Sorta Sage, and the darker bezel is designed to be more slimming than the white frame, which is more suited for smart home environments.

We have received an update that the Pixel Tablet will have four color options instead of just the previous two. The tablet’s body will be made of aluminum and have a nanoceramic finish similar to porcelain, resulting in a soft matte appearance and textured feel as previously described by Google.

In line with the recent rumors, the Pixel Tablet will launch with Tensor G2 and Android 13, with 8GB of RAM. It will come in two storage options and will include a Charging Speaker Dock with both models. The dock charges the tablet through the rear pogo pins and gets power from a barrel jack on the rear, similar to the Nest Hub Max. As a result, the box will not include a USB-C charging brick.

Google’s Pixel Tablet will be improved with the inclusion of a charging dock, making it a new Assistant Smart Display. It has been confirmed that the physical switch seen in last week’s leak is for the microphone and camera, similar to the Nest Hub.

Last year, Google announced that the Pixel Tablet would be released in 2023. However, there is limited information available about the tablet’s specifications and features. Recent leaks suggest that it may have a charging dock similar to the Pixel Slate tablet, allowing users to dock and charge the device without needing to plug it in. It is important to note that the product has not yet been officially unveiled by the company.

According to an analysis by IDC, the global tablet market grew 19.5% in Q1 2021 thanks to Google’s entry into the market. While Apple still dominates the market with its iPad products, Samsung and Lenovo are also strong competitors.

It remains uncertain whether the Pixel Tablet can rival the iPad and other tablet computers in terms of sales and market share. Nevertheless, judging from the leaked screenshots, the Pixel Tablet could offer a sleek and user-friendly interface for Android users looking for a tablet device.

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