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Google Pixel Tablet Coming With Distinct Live Wallpaper Feature

All that you need to know about the upcoming Pixel Tablet and a slew of new features and rumored specs.

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For many months, there have been reports regarding a new tablet from Google, dubbed the Pixel tablet. However, we are yet to get any official info from the company. While Google stays silent as usual, one of the latest reports reveals that the upcoming Pixel Tablet might get a new distinct live wallpaper feature with Android 14 that’s been missing on Google Pixel phones.

Users can choose multiple dynamic themes for the home screen and lock screen page on Android devices made by OEMs like Samsung and Xiaomi. However, Google’s Pixel phones still lack this feature.

Live Wallpaper Coming to Pixel Tablet

According to recent code analysis by the folks at XDA Developers, Android 14 Developer Preview 2 contains new code enabling unique live wallpapers for both the home screen and lock screen, allowing for more customization and personalization. This feature appears slated first for the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet, which will ship with Android 14. 

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03/26/2024 05:59 pm GMT
Pixel Tablet Live Wallpaper
Image Credit: XDA Developers

The feature was discovered by activating the relevant code to unveil an intuitive user interface. While the interface currently limits the home screen and lock screen to sharing the same dynamic wallpaper, the upcoming Android 14 release may enable the option to apply separate wallpapers to each screen.

Tensor Chipset & USI Stylus

Google has reportedly finalized the design of its highly anticipated Pixel tablet. The engineering validation testing (EVT) is complete, and the device is ready for mass production once given the green light. Under the hood, the tablet is rumored to feature Google’s powerful Tensor chip, the same processor that powers the Pixel smartphone

Last May, a mysterious Google tablet codenamed “Tangor” surfaced on the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) website. This listing confirms that the tablet meets USI’s device and stylus standards, earning the initiative’s certification. As a member of USI, Google has supported the organization’s universal stylus specification since 2018. The spec allows styli to work across devices—phones, tablets, laptops—with touchscreens. By backing USI, Google brings us closer to a world where a single stylus could seamlessly transition between our array of screens.

Google Pixel Tablet

According to Kuba Wojciechowski, Google’s rumored Pixel tablet promises premium specs and features. The device is said to offer ample storage options of either 128GB or 256GB, keeping your files and media close at hand. It will also reportedly support the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity and sport a sizable 10.95-inch display. Catering to creative types, the tablet is expected to work with USI styluses for drawing and note-taking. If Wojciechowski’s claims hold true, Google’s upcoming slate could be a compelling offering for those seeking a robust tablet experience.

Recent reports suggest that Google’s rumored Pixel tablet will feature dual 8-megapixel cameras. The tablet is said to include front and rear-facing Sony IMX355 sensors, offering users enhanced photography capabilities. While the dual cameras may enable higher-quality photos and videos, early indications are that the sensors will not support slow-motion capture, 4K recording, or other advanced features.

Missing Barometric and Proximity Sensor

While the Google Pixel tablet will utilize many cutting-edge components, it lacks barometric and proximity sensors. As a result, the tablet’s functionality is restricted in certain use cases. However, code fragments suggest the tablet will run on a “Citron” development board and leverage Google’s inaugural Tensor processor. Though sensor limitations persist, the Tensor chip should deliver robust performance for a range of applications.

Google Pixel Tablet Stand and Charging Base

According to recent reports, Google’s rumored tablet will feature a versatile, modular design with magnetic attachments on the back panel. This innovative design will allow users to seamlessly dock and undock the tablet on an accompanying accessory called the “Pixel Tablet Stand”, enabling convenient hands-free use around the home. While an official release date has not yet been announced, this versatile tablet is poised to reimagine how tablets can be used in everyday life.

After a prolonged hiatus, Google is poised to reclaim its stake in the tablet market. At its I/O 2022 conference in May, Google divulged plans to unveil its inaugural Pixel Tablet in 2023. Though scant details have been disclosed, a spate of leaks has offered a fleeting glimpse of the tablet’s sleek and svelte design. With this foray, Google seeks to reassert its prowess in mobile computing and potentially recapture lost ground against market leaders.

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