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Google Pixel Tablet: Specs, Features, Expected Release Date and Pricing

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pixel Tablet by Google.

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After much anticipation, Google finally unveiled the Pixel Tablet at its yearly I/O event in May 2022. Unfortunately, Google was not very transparent with official details about the upcoming tablet and has maintained a secretive demeanour ever since then.

With plenty of rumours and scoops swirling around, we now have a better idea of what to expect when the anticipated Google Pixel Tablet launches later this year. Here are all the details we’ve gathered so far about this upcoming tablet by Google.

Google Pixel Tablet: Specifications

The Pixel Tablet has been designed with the same attributes that people have grown to expect from mainstream tablets, showcasing a rectangular shape measuring 11 inches long and 7 inches tall. Due to its front-facing camera being in the centre of the longest side, similar to many modern Android tablets, it appears that using the Pixel Tablet horizontally is preferred over vertically.

The Pixel Tablet is currently being marketed in three stunning colours: grey, white/light pink and charcoal black. Official renders from Google show this off beautifully, while leaked images from an alleged pre-release version of the tablet on Facebook Marketplace have showcased a luxurious black design.

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Google Pixel tablet

Hoping to inject some life into the usually drab tablet colour options, Google typically offers at least one vibrant hue for each of its devices. As we get closer to the launch date, let’s hope something bold is on the horizon!

Even though we’ve heard little from Google concerning the Pixel Tablet specs, most information is surfaced by leaks, predictions, or rational deduction. Nonetheless, a shroud of mystery still surrounds this much-anticipated tablet.

Google G2 chip

Google has confirmed that the Pixel Tablet is powered by its innovative and cutting-edge Tensor G2 chip, which can also be found in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models. This means that it’s more than capable of running most apps/games with ease, as well as delivering a dependable AI experience for users.

The software depends on the launch of the Pixel Tablet, meaning it will either come out with Android 13 before updating to Android 14 when the OS version releases. Google has recently put a lot of effort into ensuring Android works optimally on larger screens, and the Pixel Tablet launch will help us understand how successful they have been in putting this to good use with their own device.

Additionally, it has been reported that the Pixel Tablet will feature Wi-Fi 6, and customers can choose between 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, with both options offering 6 GB RAM. The purported specifications appear to be quite similar to the 2022 base iPad. We still lack a few details that could sway this comparison either way; thus, it is essential not to pass judgment until further information is revealed.

Google Pixel Tablet Docking Station

The Pixel Tablet may not boast the latest technical specifications; however, it compensates for this with its exceptional docking station. Last month, Google presented the Charging Speaker Dock accessory that is exclusively compatible with the Pixel Tablet– effectively transforming it into a Nest Hub smart display.

Pixel Tablet Docking Station

By connecting a series of pogo pins on the rear part of your Pixel Tablet, you can effortlessly dock it onto its fabric stand. As soon as this happens, three remarkable things occur – firstly, the tablet commences charging instantly; secondly, hands-free Google Assistant commands become available, and lastly, due to enlarged speakers, you’re able to appreciate music or watch videos with much better clarity.

It is presumed that Google will offer the charging dock for Pixel Tablet as a separate accessory. However, at this time, we are not certain what the price tag will be.

Google Pixel Tablet: Expected Release Date

Although Google has been relatively obscure regarding the Pixel Tablet’s release date, it is reasonable to assume that we should expect it sometime by May 2023. This presumption can be made due to Google’s annual I/O showcase being held in May of that same year. Hence, until then – hold tight!

On May 10th of 2023, Google has two options in terms of the Pixel Tablet. They can either launch it on this date during their annual Google I/O conference or wait to release it with the Pixel 8 series at a later point – most likely sometime in October.

As we await the impending release of Google’s Pixel Fold, their initial foray into foldable smartphone technology, two perspectives concerning the 2023 launch calendar have emerged: unveiling both devices simultaneously to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to larger screens or launching them separately so each can bask in its own spotlight. Regardless of which strategy is taken, one thing is certain – it will be an exciting time for tech enthusiasts.

One of the devices will likely be unveiled at I/O 2023. If it doesn’t happen, then both products will likely arrive in autumn.

Anticipated Pricing

Google has yet to confirm an official price for the Pixel Tablet. However, its features suggest that it may cost somewhere between $400-$500.

In the past, Google’s tablets have been priced appropriately; however, it has also become familiar for them to charge excessive fees for products with less-than-stellar specifications. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what the official cost will be until the company makes an announcement.



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