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Google Pixel Tablet Stand and Charging Base Leak in New Images

The leaked Pixel tablet stand and charging base will also serve as an external speaker for the tablet.

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Google Pixel Tablet Stand and Charging Base

It’s been widely speculated that the Google Pixel Tablet is slated to be released this year. Although Google has stayed tight-lipped about its new product, leaks have given us insight into the internal components, display details and dual functionality between tablet and smart home hub. Leaker SnoopyTech even tweeted out images of what they believe to be the charging dock for the Pixel Tablet – let’s just say it looks pretty impressive.

In a post, SnoopyTech disclosed four visuals that appear to be official renderings of Google’s charging dock. They called it the “Google Pixel Tablet Stand,” however there is uncertainty whether this really pertains to its branded name or just an accurate description of what it actually does.

Although we’ve already caught a glimpse of Google’s Pixel Tablet (thanks to Facebook Marketplace), today, our eyes are in for a real treat. Our first close-up look reveals that the stand is constructed with Chalk-colored fabric – similar to what was used on Nest Hub devices. The images may not be high quality, but it does confirm that this dock will serve as both an external speaker and charger for the tablet itself.

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Not only can you see the four charging pins that seamlessly connect to connectors on the back of your tablet, but you’ll also find a familiar power cable outlet where it connects. Although this new leak comes in sync with previous leaks, we realize some USB-C aficionados may be disappointed by its standard barrel plug design. Furthermore, there’s an embossed G on the bottom surface and what appears to be one hardware button too.

According to 9to5Google, a teardown of the Google Home app has uncovered details about the dock’s functionality. A string in the app references a Hub Mode for Pixel Tablets when connected to its complementary dock. Additionally, you’ll be able to assign this docking station as part of any room on your Google Home – just like existing smart speakers and displays! This makes sense considering that while you may move the tablet around often, your dock will likely stay stationary in one spot throughout use.

Although the leaked images don’t reveal too much, since they are just previously seen official product pictures, this combined with Hub Mode being referenced in Google Home app’s code implies that Pixel Tablet could be disclosed at Google’s I/O conference. We won’t have to wait long either as Google I/O 2023 begins May 10th.

Google’s I/O conference 2022 was abuzz with the announcement of their newest product, the Pixel Tablet. Although details remain sparse — a Tensor G2 chipset and charging dock being its only known features thus far — speculation has been rampant as to what else this two-in-one device will offer; many foresee it doubling as both an Android tablet and Nest Hub-type smart display. With its slated release in 2023, time will tell if all these rumors ring true.



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