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Google Revamps Docs, Sheets, Slides for Android Tablets

Material 3 design to make Google productivity suite UI better for Android tablets.

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Google Docs UI android tablets

Google continues to enhance the performance of its first-party apps for Android tablets and foldables. In an upcoming revamp, Docs, Sheets, and Slides will undergo a “modernized visual design” that aligns the Android interface with the web UI. Instead of a static app bar, a sleek pill-shaped Material 3 toolbar will provide font and formatting options, mirroring the familiar appearance. This update aims to deliver a consistent user experience across mobile and desktop platforms.

Key features such as undo/redo controls, text/paragraph formatting, and the ability to insert links, tables, and more, along with real-time collaboration and comments, will remain conveniently located in the top-right corner. The comment panel will adopt a floating sheet design, optimizing usability. Through these improvements, Google seeks to elevate the user experience, ensuring seamless functionality and a visually appealing interface for its productivity suite on Android devices.

Google Docs UI android tablets

According to Google, Android users can expect a refreshed appearance for elements such as the editing toolbar, icons, background colors, and more. Although it doesn’t specifically mention tablets, the one image available today suggests that they will be included in the update. While it’s possible that the phone UI will also receive some modernizations with Material 3, the majority of the enhancements seem to be focused on large screen devices.

The redesign is set to roll out in the coming weeks for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android. This update follows other recent improvements for larger screens, such as image drag-and-drop support, but it is the most significant one so far. Additionally, Google Docs for Android now defaults to editing and paginated mode.

Google’s efforts to improve the user experience on larger screens represent a broader trend in tech. As tablets and foldables gain popularity, it is increasingly important for tech companies to ensure their apps are optimized for these devices. This update by Google is a significant step in enhancing productivity on Android devices. 

We think that a modernized visual design and a streamlined toolbar will allow for easier navigation and control. This approach will likely prove popular with users who often switch between different devices throughout their day. By offering a unified look and feel across all platforms, Google is ensuring that users can work effectively, regardless of the device they are using.

This revamp is part of Google’s ongoing initiative to stay competitive in the productivity software market. By continually updating their suite of applications, Google is demonstrating an understanding of the evolving needs of its users, ensuring that its products remain relevant and useful in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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