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HP Launches Spectre Fold, a 3-in-1 PC, Tablet, and Laptop at Whopping $5000

The Spectre Fold has a 17-inch screen that can transform into a laptop with a second screen, a huge tablet, or a PC.

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HP Spectre Fold

Just when we thought that we have witnessed our fair share of innovative launches this year, HP came out with a 3-in-1 laptop that can be used as a PC, laptop and tablet. It’s called the HP Spectre Fold and it’s a 17-inch screen that can transform into a compact laptop with a second screen, a huge tablet, or a desktop-like computer. It’s an exciting and impressive device, but it does come with a hefty price tag. The HP Spectre Fold is currently available for pre-order for $5,000.

The Spectre Fold by HP is being marketed as a 3-in-1 device, not a general 2-in-1, due to its ability to function as a tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Its large screen provides stability when used as a workstation, and a built-in kickstand and removable keyboard allow for comfortable usage. The device can be used as a 12.3-inch laptop with a versatile second display above the keyboard, or as a 17-inch tablet when laid flat.

HP Spectre Fold

The main attraction is undoubtedly the screen, boasting a resolution of 1920 x 2560 and a folding mechanism. It’s a sizable 17 inches and is IMAX Enhanced certified, making it the first foldable PC to receive this recognition according to HP. When in laptop mode, you’ll have access to one and a half screens, allowing for versatile usage of the additional part of the foldable display.

The hybrid device boasts impressive specifications, featuring an Intel Core i7-1250U processor with up to 4.7GHz of processing power. Additionally, it includes 16GB of onboard RAM with LPDDR5-5200MHz and a 1TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe TLC M.2 SSD, providing ample storage for even the most dedicated laptop users. It also has 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting external devices and incorporates Wi-Fi 6E, the latest wireless internet technology.

HP Spectre Fold

The Fold from HP boasts a battery life of slightly more than 12 hours, which is on par with most modern laptops. When the keyboard is attached to the Fold, it charges automatically through magnets. Additionally, this device is quite impressive from a technical standpoint. It features a 5 MP camera for video purposes, as well as Intel Unison for connecting your mobile device.

Additionally, the laptop’s size is a major selling point, as it is the smallest and thinnest 17-inch foldable PC currently available. Without the keyboard, it weighs 1354g, and with the keyboard, it weighs 1624g.

The HP Spectre Fold is now available for pre-order at Best Buy and will be sold directly by HP starting next month. And although it has many attractive features, its price of $5000 may be too high for many interested buyers. Considering that folding laptops are still a new technology, this high price is not unexpected. As time passes, we anticipate that these types of devices will become more reasonably priced.

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