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Upcoming OLED iPad Pro Models Could Have Jaw-Dropping Starting Prices

As per the latest reports, the iPad Pro 2024 models could be priced higher than current MacBook lineup.

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A new Korean report suggests that Apple’s 2024 OLED iPad Pros could be considerably more expensive than current models and even pricier than some of the company’s present MacBook Pro lineup.

Recent industry reports from The Elec suggest that the two OLED iPad Pro models planned for 2024 are slated to be priced at a minimum of $1,500 and $1,800 for their 11-inch and 13-inch versions, respectively.

Comparatively, the launch of Apple’s 11-inch device would be 80% pricier than its existing 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ with LED Liquid Retina display ($799) and 60% more expensive than the current 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ with mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR (starting at $1,099). OLED price estimates surpass the cost of some MacBook Pro models available now. For instance, a 13.6-inch MacBook Air with M2 chip starts at $1,199 compared to the 13-inch MacBook Pro featuring an M2 chip which sells for $1,299.

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03/27/2024 05:23 pm GMT

A Korean-language report stated that the industry’s reaction to cost increases was split. Some argued it was reasonable given Apple shifted to better OLED technology, which will certainly draw in their devoted client base. Others felt these prices could make it hard for them to keep sales because iPads don’t have iPhones’ replacement demand.

It is believed that the primary cause of Apple’s expense surge lies in its OLED panel procurement. At present, it appears discussions are underway between Samsung and LG Display regarding the cost of providing these panels. Moreover, their production processes involve a combination of techniques never before employed in creating OLED panels on such a large scale.

The Elec reports that the cost of OLED panels required for 10-inch devices is between $100-$150, while Apple’s proposed 11 and 13-inch versions could be as high as $270 and $350, respectively. Despite this estimation from industry sources, it should also be kept in mind that the LG and Samsung panels are still under development, so their prices may fluctuate.

Despite the worries of Samsung, LG, and BOE over Apple’s OLED iPad Pro prices as well as their shipment predictions’ impact on profits and investment in production lines, Samsung has already designated eighth-generation OLED panels for future MacBooks that are projected to be released in 2024. This should lead to a cost decrease “theoretically,” but these panels have been set aside only for Apple devices.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pat

    May 12, 2023 at 7:00 pm

    All well to put OLED panels but are they going to stop using PWM pulse Width Modulation to regulate the brightness of the screen?
    because otherwise you spend 1500$ on a tablet and end up with eyestrain, headaches even danger of triggering epilepsy because of this ‘flickering’ of the screen
    People have returned tablets using PWM like s8+

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