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The Best Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Accessories: My Recommendations

Here are the best accessories for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Those include cases, keyboards, USB C hubs, keyboards and much more.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Accessories

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best Windows tablet you can buy right now. However, to make it really useful, you’ll need to get a couple of accessories. While the keyboard cover and pen are most important, I also decided to get a case for it. I’m also using it with a mouse, external SSDs and some adapters. Here are the accessories I’m using with the Surface Pro 7.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on* Amazon

By the way, except for the USB C accessories, everything is compatible with the Surface Pro 6 down to the Pro 4 and often even further down.

Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover

Microsoft Type Cover on* Amazon

I think everybody who is thinking about getting the Surface Pro should get the Surface Pro Type Cover. Without a good keyboard, it makes no sense for most to use a Windows tablet. The Type Cover is a keyboard that connects magnetically to the tablet. It features a magnetic bar that allows you to type at an angle. Because of that, the keyboard is not lying flat on the table and you get a similar writing experience like on a normal laptop. Folded up, the keyboard protects the screen but not the rest of the body.

Even though Microsoft hasn’t changed the design of the Type Cover for years, I still think that it’s the best official keyboard for a tablet. The ones from Apple and Samsung are much worse. Even though the Type Cover is very thin, you get the feeling of writing on a real, proper keyboard. It’s a normal size one with keys you can actually press down. And yes, they even have a background light. While the touchpad is good overall, it could be a bit bigger. But well, there’s not that much room.

The simple Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover is black and is made of a fabric-like plastic. It costs around 130 US Dollars. For around 160 US Dollars, you can get the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. That one offers an Alcantara fabric and you’ve got other color options.

Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pen on* Amazon

Many are interested in this tablet because of the pen support. For that, you’ll need the Microsoft Surface Pen. It’s an active stylus that is pressure sensitive and supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. On the top, it has an eraser button and another one on its side. You can buy extra tips for it. And while you can attach the pen magnetically to the Surface Pro, it’s not charged that way. You’ll have to replace a battery occasionally.

The Surface Pen is a fantastic stylus and I think for most it’s worth it to get the official one. You can get it in several colors. Usually, it costs around 100 US Dollars but often you can find cheaper or used ones too.

Inateck Felt Sleeve

Inateck Felt Sleeve for Surface Pro 7

Inateck Felt Sleeve on* Amazon

I’m often working while traveling and to protect the Surface Pro from scratches, I’ve been using the Inateck Felt Sleeve. It fits the tablet including the keyboard cover perfectly and protects it from all sides. I also like that an extra pouch for the charger is included.

The Inateck Felt Sleeve looks good, is made well and has over 4000 mostly positive reviews on Amazon. That’s why I got it. And it costs around 16 US Dollars only.

TUTUO USB C SD Card Reader

TUTUO USB C dongle with Surface Pro

TUTUO USB C Dongle on* Amazon

The Surface Pro 7 is the first Surface Pro with a USB C port. However, we also get a USB 3.0 Type-A port. So, you can continue to connect pretty much every kind of USB accessory. Since I often have to import photos and videos from my camera, I mostly use a simple TUTUO USB C card reader for these occasions. It accepts MicroSD cards too and features a USB Type-A 3.0 port. With Surface Pro 7, you’ll be able to use almost every card reader. So, it does not have to be this one. But it works well with phones, Android tablets and the iPad Pro too. This TUTUO dongle costs around 10 US Dollars.

By the way: There’s a MicroSD card slot hidden underneath the kickstand of the tablet. So, this TUTUO dongle is useful if you need to read out big SD cards only.

VAVA 9-in-1 USB C Hub

VAVA 9-in-1 USB C Hub

VAVA 9-in-1 USB C Hub on* Amazon

Depending on what you want to connect to your Surface, you might need a more complex USB C hub. I’m using external monitors or a wired internet connection on a few occasions only. However, when I do, I started to use the VAVA 9-in-1 USB C hub with all my devices. It features three USB Type-A ports, an HDMI connector, a LAN port, another USB C port and even a standard headphone jack. The later is interesting for Surface Pro X and iPad Pro users, for instance. It costs around 60 US Dollars, but most USB C hubs should work great with the Surface.

Logitech Marathon M705 Mouse

Logitech M705 with Surface Pro

Logitech M705 Mouse on* Amazon

While the keyboard cover is good enough so that I don’t need to use another keyboard with the Surface Pro 7, that’s not the case with the touchpad. I’m using the Logitech Marathon M705 Mouse at home because the touchpad is quite small. This mouse works great but pretty much every mouse should work fine with it too. It costs around 25 US Dollars.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller with Surface Pro

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller on* Amazon

If you want to play games with your tablet, many can be more comfortable to play if you use a good gamepad. I’m using the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller which works great and costs around 40 US Dollars. Yes, the Surface Pro 7 is a normal Windows device. And that means you can connect pretty much all accessories made for normal PCs and Laptops. So, other controllers will work great too.

Samsung & SanDisk External SSDs

External SSDs for Surface Pro

Samsung T5 SSD on* Amazon

SanDisk Extreme SSD on* Amazon

Since I don’t own a desktop PC, I’m working with mobile devices only. That means notebooks and tablets. And since integrated storage can be expensive and is limited at some point anyway, I’m saving most photos and videos on external SSDs. They’re fast enough so that you can edit 4K videos of them directly in apps like Adobe Premiere Pro. And in Photoshop and Lightroom too, of course.

As you can see, I’ve got many different external SSDs from brands like Samsung and SanDisk. I’ve used both a lot and they’re almost the same. Personally, I would always get the cheaper of the two and that’s what I’ve been doing. For 1TB of external SSD storage, you’ve got to pay around 170 US Dollars right now.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with keyboard
Even though not much changed compared to the Pro 6, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best Windows tablet you can buy. Its 10th generation Intel Core processors are very fast and we finally get a USB C port. The design with an integrated kickstand, the Type Cover and the Surface Pen are excellent. The only downside of the Pro 7 is its expensive price tag.
  • Fast Intel Core processors
  • Excellent design with kickstand
  • Great keyboard cover
  • Long battery life
  • Good Surface Pen
  • Pretty display
  • Big screen bezels
  • Expensive
Buy on* Amazon
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