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OnePlus Teases Android Tablet With ‘OnePlus Pad’ Trademark

OnePlus is known for its flagship Android smartphones, but the latest certification suggests that it could soon launch a OnePlus Pad tablet.

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OnePlus Pad Trademark

Android manufacturers seem to be taking a special interest in coming up with tablets. Until now, players like Samsung and Lenovo dominated the Android tablet niche, but the market might soon witness expansion as brands like OnePlus are joining the club. As per the latest reports, OnePlus has filed a trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office for a device dubbed OnePlus Pad.

Shortly after filing the trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, OnePlus also filed a trademark in India. The filing is now publicly available on the India IP search website. Just like the trademark filed in Europe, this one also does not give any information other than the name – OnePlus Pad.

As the name suggests, this device is going to be an Android tablet. We are not surprised by this move, though. You see, OnePlus is a part of a sub-group within OPLUS that includes other brands like Oppo and Realme. And each of the brands has already pledged to release tablets soon. This means that OnePlus is now aligning itself with the universal product strategies chalked out by the OPLUS group.

OnePlus Aligning With OPLUS Strategy

Since all the three brands are now under one group, we also expect upcoming tablets to share similar hardware and varied software to form their own USPs. Of course, all three brands are quite distinguished and have their own UIs that play a pivotal role in how the buyers perceive them. For example, OnePlus is considered to be a more premium brand than Realme and Oppo.

Regardless of hardware familiarity, we are quite excited to see a OnePlus branded tablet. We are also happy to see this sudden surge of interest in Android manufacturers for tablets. This could be a welcoming change for Android users to see breakthrough tablets from brands other than Samsung and Lenovo. It will give them a broader choice.

As exciting as it is to see some Android tablet segment action, we can’t help but relate this hustle with the pandemic. The shift to a work-from-home lifestyle sure pushed the envelope for Android tablets. And not just professionals, even kids who are getting home-schooled, have contributed to the demand for tablets.

Coming back to OnePlus, we have no other information except for the tablet’s name at the moment. But if the buzz is to be believed, there are talks that OnePlus could follow the same “premium product” strategy with its tablet. This means that the OnePlus Pad could come with top-of-the-line features and specs.

The OnePlus Pad could be a flagship tablet that could create a competitive environment for Samsung’s Tab S7 lineup. We can also expect this upcoming tablet to create competition for Apple’s iPads.

Are you excited about the OnePlus Pad? Would you be considering it over Samsung? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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1 Comment

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