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Pixel Tablet Teardown Reveals Google’s Waste of Space

The teardown reveals that Google could have done a lot more with the Pixel Tablet but chose to leave empty space.

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pixel tablet teardown

A repair guide for Google’s Pixel Tablet was recently posted by iFixit, which uncovered what’s on the inside – or rather, what’s missing from the inside. This unexpected revelation was first reported by ArsTechnica, and it contradicts the current standards of component assembly. It appears that Google has not effectively utilized the available space within the tablet, resulting in a surplus of empty plastic bases throughout the device.

Flagship smartphones and tablets are typically densely packed with components. Manufacturers aim to utilize the available space within the device’s body to the fullest. However, the Pixel Tablet appears to have been hastily assembled, leaving a significant amount of unused space. The white space visible inside the tablet serves no purpose. Google had the opportunity to use a larger battery, superior speakers, a headphone jack, an expandable storage slot, better cooling technology, and many other features into the Pixel Tablet with ease.

pixel tablet teardown

It appears that the device shell has been redesigned at some point. Despite having an 11-inch screen, the parts suggest that they were intended for a smaller tablet. It’s possible that all the unused space was meant for the never-released but rumored Google Pixel Tablet Pro.

However, iFixit’s store now offers several parts for this device. These include a screen for $207, a battery for $67, a rear case for $200, four distinct speaker SKUs for each corner, and some wires. Genuine Google tape is also available for $4 to secure the display wire. Unfortunately, there is no speaker stand cover included.

It is important to note that as devices become larger, they actually have fewer components to fill the available space. This is evident in Apple iPads, such as the iPad 10, which retails at a similar price point of $450. iFixit’s teardown videos have revealed that there is some empty space within the device. Compared to the Pixel Tablet, the iPad has a more streamlined design with concealed cables between its components.

Not just iPad, comparisons have been drawn with Android tablets too. In the video below, you can spot a clear contrast between the inner workings of the Pixel Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. PBK Reviews conducted a teardown of the latter, revealing Samsung’s adept use of space within the tablet. Their component arrangement and cable management appear to be more sophisticated and polished in comparison to Google’s methods.

It’s also surprising that despite having a lot of empty space, the Pixel Tablet is only slightly lighter than the Galaxy Tab S8. This might be due to poor design on Google’s end. As noted by Ars Technica, it appears that the components used for the 11-inch Pixel Tablet were originally intended for a smaller device.

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