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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Accessories: Great Keyboards, Cases & More

From keyboard to cases, there are a ton of accessories available for your flashing-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. These are the best ones you can get!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Accessories

Half the fun of getting a new gadget lies in creating your own little ecosystem around it with all the accessories you need to make your usage a tad more delightful. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e was announced a little while back with a premium set of features, barring some of its internals, and it already has a robust accessory bazaar established around it. Some of these accessories are built specifically for the mid-tier tablet while others will work with virtually any tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e on* Amazon

We found the below-mentioned accessories to be great in their own categories either based on our in-house testing and day-to-day use or based on the great reviews they got on Amazon.

Here are the best accessories for the Galaxy Tab S5e you might want to invest in.

Galaxy Tab S5e Book Cover Keyboard from Samsung

Official Keyboard Cover on* Samsung

Taking inspirations largely from its Apple iPad counterpart, this Book Cover from Samsung is meant to bring a bit of productivity to your brand-new Galaxy Tab S5e tablet. Being a first-party accessory, you need not worry about the fit and finish as its flat side perfectly aligns with the tablet’s rear while the keyboard covers the display.

It connects with the tablet using a set of POGO pin connectors and doesn’t require any batteries to operate. The keyboard case surely helps you make use of that cherished Samsung DeX mode but it has its own downsides. For starters, it costs $129, which is a third of the tablet’s list price itself, though there are some offers running, at least initially, that may get you a deal. Secondly, the cover restricts you to only one viewing angle which may not be convenient in all situations.

Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K380 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Logitech K380 on* Amazon

The Logitech K380 is a great addition to any tablet setup that requires a keyboard thanks to its lightweight design and wealth of connectivity options. You can connect this Bluetooth keyboard to up to 3 devices, be it Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or even TV, and easily switch between them using dedicated buttons that double up as function keys.

Even without a multi-device setup, this Logitech keyboard offers an enjoyable typing experience despite its unconventional circular keys. Being a full-sized keyboard and battery-powered, this product can be just dropped into your backpack for you to start working on your Galaxy Tab S5e virtually anywhere. A separate keyboard has an advantage for those not willing to have a keyboard always slapped on to their tablet, but you’ll still need to go through the cumbersome pairing process.

ProCase Hard Shell Folio Case

ProCase Hard Shell Folio Case on* Amazon

Not everyone needs a keyboard attached to their Galaxy Tab S5e tablet neither do they want to spend upwards of $100 on a case. This tablet case from ProCase will protect your Samsung tablet from scratches without having to dig deep into your pocket. While it has a hard plastic shell to protect the back, the front lid can fold at three points to form a stand for the device.

It has a magnetic closing mechanism that can automatically put the device to sleep or wake it up. The cover has precise cutouts for the tablet’s keys and rear camera with its great fit also widely appreciated in several product reviews on Amazon. You can get this cover in three color options—Black, Grey and Navy. With all the protection, the case will also add about 100 grams to the tablet’s weight.

Infiland Business Folder Case

Infiland Business Folder Case on* Amazon

People planning to use the Samsung tablet in a business setting might want a case that matches their formal work environment. This product from Infiland has a folder-like design that has a sophisticated look which is ideal for the aforementioned use case. It has a premium fabric finish on the outside with the tablet nicely sitting inside a hard plastic shell.

Your tablet will not only have all-round protection but will also be able to stand upright at three different angles. It has a loop-style stylus holder on one of its edges and also comes with a wide pocket to store small objects. This one also supports auto sleep and wake feature and is available in a bunch of colors, though you should keep in mind the bulk it’d add to the thin-and-light tablet.

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Sparin Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Sparin Screen Protector on* Amazon

For a price of $10.99, Sparin is offering not one but three high-quality tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Tab S5e. The screen protector has garnered the approval of many of its users mainly for the high value for money it offers without compromising on the product quality. It is a true glass product and covers the entire front area of the tablet, not just the display region, and has a cutout for the front camera. The installation process is pretty easy and is entirely bubble-free. These glass protectors do offer a level of fingerprint resistance but its oleophobic coating isn’t as good as Samsung’s, as noted by some users.

SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSD Card

MicroSD for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSD on* Amazon

Most Samsung devices still come with the added advantage of expandable storage that goes a long way in managing the internal storage space over time. Even if you get the base variant of the Galaxy Tab S5e with 64GB of RAM, you shouldn’t worry about the lack of enough storage space for all your high-res photos and videos. With read speeds touching 160MB/s, this 128GB SanDisk Extreme card should be more than enough for your daily needs.

Like most memory cards from the company, this miscroSDXC card also comes with an SD adapter should you need transferring data to your computer. At up to 90MB/s of writing speeds, recording 4K videos will be a breeze, so will copying heavy files to the card. Modern memory cards are designed to withstand tough physical situations while being able to retain your precious data.

UGreen Tablet Stand

UGreen Tablet Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

UGreen Tablet Stand on* Amazon

Several people get tablets to use as their secondary devices to be kept by their main computer for added screen space or for handling other minor tasks. A tablet stand becomes crucial to keep the device in place and at an angle that is comfortable for your viewing. This UGreen tablet holder does exactly that and much more. This white plastic stand has a rubber cushion to keep the tablet from sliding and getting scratched.

Plus, you can easily adjust its angle to suit your needs. This tiny and inexpensive accessory makes it so easy to place your large tablet without having to hold it in your hand. Thanks to its plastic build, it is lightweight and can be easily packed inside a backpack for being taken around. The UGreen tablet stand is sturdy and just works!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a fantastic premium tablet with tons of features. It has pretty 10.5-inch AMOLED screen, a high-end metal body, four good speakers, and a fingerprint scanner. The battery life is very good. Most people will be very happy with this tablet. However, it is not perfect for gamers and some could experience WiFi issues.
  • Fantastic metal body
  • Pretty AMOLED screen
  • Good speakers
  • Great battery life
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • Good performance
  • Not perfect for gamers
  • Theoretical WiFi issues
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1 Comment

  1. Bradley Rothenberg

    August 16, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    Don’t buy the Samsung book cover they are riddled with problems.

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