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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard & Alternatives: What You Should Know

This is everything you need to know about the Samsung BookCover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S6. And some alternatives to the 179-dollar keyboard accessory.

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The 2019 Galaxy Tab S6 appears to be a well-rounded device with a focus on its laptop-replacing productivity features. It is complemented by a keyboard cover that now features a trackpad which alone can augment its usability. Samsung has made several minute changes to this year’s BookCover Keyboard to further refine the way it is used, and we’ll be talking about these improvements in the following section.

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Even with all its features, the Samsung keyboard may not meet the needs of all users. We have included a couple of alternatives you can go for instead of the BookCover to suit your workflow. Both the keyboards have been thoroughly tested by Andrzej from MyNextTablet before being suggested here.

All set? It’s time for us to get started with the story!

Samsung BookCover Keyboard: The Details

The keyboard accessory for this year’s Samsung tablet has been designed from the ground up to address the criticism such keyboards have been receiving. To start with, the official keyboard cover, called the BookCover Keyboard, for the Galaxy Tab S6 now comes in two parts—one that sticks to the tablet’s back and the other one is the keyboard deck itself. This implementation not only leaves some extra space in the keyboard area but also allows for a more ergonomic kickstand.

Usually, such keyboard cases, like the ones for Apple’s iPad lineup, offer just one, or at most two angles at which the tablet can be positioned. Samsung has gone for something like the Surface Pro with the back cover now flipping out to form a rigid kickstand. Like the Surface tablets, this stand can be positioned in any angle of your choice and it can even open all the way back for a near-flat position.

Coming to the keyboard itself, the keyboard layout benefits from the wide display aspect ratio to accommodate a full-sized keyboard with spacious key placements. Previous iterations of the cover lost a major portion forming the stand, but the kickstand used here has helped save that space for a trackpad.

From a productivity standpoint, the trackpad will prove to be a boon for people using their Galaxy Tab S6 for working on the go as a separate mouse wouldn’t be an absolute requirement anymore. Samsung has even introduced a keyboard shortcut to quickly jump between DeX and normal mode.

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Though, the BookCover Keyboard brings the flexibility of attaching a keyboard as and when needed, it does have its own shortcomings. For one, it is compatible with only the Galaxy Tab S6. Plus, if you plan on using multiple devices on your desk, then you will need at least two keyboards and switch between them to get things done on each of your devices.

You have a couple of options to pick from and we are recommending two of our favorite lightweight keyboards that will go well with the Tab S6.

Logitech K380

Logitech K380 with Galaxy Tab A

Preferred for use on a desk, the Logitech K380 is our go-to keyboard for almost all tablets that we test. It connects over Bluetooth which makes it compatible with pretty much any modern device out there. Though ideal for stationary use, this full-sized keyboard is compact and lightweight enough to throw it in your backpack and start typing anywhere you could find a flat surface. However, your tablet will need a stand of its own as this keyboard doesn’t keep the tablet upright.

The standout feature of this Logitech keyboard is definitely the easy-switch option. The keyboard can simultaneously connect with three devices and the first three function keys let you seamlessly switch between them. It does have Bluetooth profiles for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS, so compatibility wouldn’t be an issue. Just pop in two AAA batteries and you’d be fine for a couple of years.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

As its name suggests, the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard can be hooked with any tablet over Bluetooth; in this case, it is the Galaxy Tab S6. The keyboard is meant for carrying around and in line with that, it has an offbeat design. It has a lid of its own which you can unfold to reveal a tablet holder while the rest of the lid area lays flat making the setup more stable when the tablet is positioned at a tilted angle.

It’s worth noting that the Microsoft keyboard isn’t as spacious as a laptop keyboard would be, but it gets the job done quite well. It is a portable, little accessory that is easy to carry around with its foldable design while it can keep running for months on a single charge. Speaking of the battery, many users reported having some trouble with its battery but we’re yet to face any of those problems after 2 years of its use.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Topping all other tablets from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S6 offers the best of everything the maker has to offer currently. That AMOLED display stays unrivaled while Samsung has refined the DeX software and the accompanying accessories to improve the productivity experience. The S Pen now has a more convenient magnetic spot and the back now houses two cameras. Four speakers complement that display when watching movies.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
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1 Comment

  1. Martin

    February 26, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    Actually you can also use the keyboard from Brydge for the iPad Pro 11 inch either with or without the trackpad. It is of course not perfectly fitted, but as good as it gets, when you want to have the notebook feeling with your Tab S6.

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