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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Gets New S Pen Features

Samsung is going to introduce a couple of new features for the S Pen stylus of the Galaxy Tab S7 series after updating them to OneUI 3.1.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 S Pen features

Samsung is releasing a firmware update for the Galaxy Tab S7 series which introduces new S Pen features, ramping up the list of add-ons developed for its flagship tablet.

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The S Pen update will allow for handwriting in places like address boxes, boosting S Pen features for the Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+. The update also gives the option to insert punctuation marks, which will be instantly converted into digital text.

It also makes editing scanned documents a lot easier. The Galaxy S7 & S7+ can scan documents using the camera, but after the update, users can also use their S Pen to write down notes and edit more easily.

Users can find the new text feature by opening ‘Settings’ and accessing ‘S Pen’ under ‘Advanced Features’.

The S Pen is an active, pressure-sensitive pen that can detect 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It can attach magnetically to the side of the tablet.

On rollout, the stylus already comes with such features as a trigger for the camera and can be used as a remote when giving a PowerPoint presentation.

The update will be available in over 80 languages at launch and will be automatically added to Samsung Notes, which allows users to import and annotate PDFs.

The next Galaxy Tab S7 firmware update with the S Pen to text feature will be released by the end of February.

Previous OneUI 3.1 Update

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ became the first Galaxy tablets to receive the One UI 3.1 update last week after Samsung released the Android 11 update in a reveal.

The update introduced a host of features, including Auto Switch, Wireless Keyboard Sharing, and Second Screen. It also allows images to be copy and pasted between multiple devices running One UI 3.1.

The Second Screen feature allows users to connect the Galaxy Tab S7 or the Galaxy Tab S7+ with their WiDi (Wireless Display)-capable Windows 10 PC to make use of more screen space.

The Extend Mode allows the Galaxy Tab S7 to act as the second screen and move app windows there for enhanced productivity, while Duplicated Mode allows the laptop’s screen to mirror that of the Galaxy Tab S7 series device.

The Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature allows users to use the Galaxy Tab S7’s Book Cover Keyboard to type and navigate on the Galaxy S21, and the Auto Switch feature can be used to share the Galaxy Buds Pro between the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Tab S7, depending on which device is being used.

Increasing usability, it also allows users to share web browsers between their different devices, reading one webpage on a Galaxy Tab S7 for example – then putting it down and reading the same content on a Galaxy S21, continuing where they left off before without closing and reopening tabs.

It is possible for Samsung to release the same update to other smartphones and tablets in the coming months, but not all features are likely to be included with other devices running One UI 3.1.

Source: SamMobile

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  • High-end build quality
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Great speakers
  • Android 10 with three updates
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  • S Pen is included
  • Good keyboard cover
  • 2018 iPad Pro is faster
  • No AMOLED for Tab S7
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