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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE: What We Know So Far

Will we get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE soon? Yes, that’s what several Leaks suggest. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE design

With ongoing speculations about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE, you may ask yourself what you can expect.

While the tablet isn’t official yet, multiple leaks on the web allowed us to develop a more detailed opinion about prospective features and improvements.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE might have an LCD panel again and offer a better S Pen experience

Latest leaks suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE might not switch to an AMOLED panel for better screen-performance like higher contrast and deep blacks. Instead the tablet could once again feature an LCD panel like its predecessor.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, the last model in the Tab FE series, could convince us with a large screen and an affordable price, the display quality could have been better.

Though those hoping for a better display experience might not get disappointed. A tech blogger raised the idea the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE could push for a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. With the previous model only offering a rate of 60Hz, this is a characteristic leaving room for potential improvement.

Just like the Tab S7 FE the new version will continue to offer S Pen support. According to rumours this will include a Wacom digitizer, overall leading to a better S Pen experience.

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A benchmark entry revealed further technical details

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE also has gotten recently spotted in a benchmark entry from Geekbench.

In the entry the Tab S8 FE is running on Android 13, being the first Samsung tablet to feature the newest Android OS.

The tablet furthermore uses the MediaTek MT8791V chipset/Kompanio 900T chip. It has 4 GB RAM, a Mali-G68 graphics chip, two Cortex-A78 CPU cores and six Cortex-A55 cores with an emphasis on being energy-efficient.

When will the Tab S8 FE get released?

This is a question we aren’t able to answer at the moment. The release of the Tab S7 FE was in July 2021, which means Samsung missed out on their opportunity to make the release of the Fan Edition a yearly event.

At the moment there is no clear release date set, but given the benchmark entry it appears as if the tablet is in active development and will not end up like the Galaxy S22 FE.

We will keep you updated if we encounter any new information about the Tab S8 FE.

Sources: SamMobile, SamMobile, Roland Quandt

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