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Galaxy Tab S9+ Leaked Renders Reveal All That We Have Been Expecting

Take your first look at the leaked renders of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9+

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Galaxy Tab S9+ renders

It’s a new day and we have a new leak for the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series. Thanks to @OnLeaks, we are getting our first look at Galaxy Tab S9+ renders. The factory CAD-based renders look impressive and show us what we were expecting.

Based on the renders, it’s clear that Samsung doesn’t wish to abandon the successful formula they have been using for their Android tablets, as evidenced by the leaked renders of the Galaxy S9 Plus from leaker @OnLeaks. These new visuals bear a strong resemblance to its predecessor in the Galaxy Tab S8 series – yet another testament to Samsung’s mastery in crafting some of the finest hardware around.

  • Samsung galaxy Tab S9+ renders
  • Samsung galaxy Tab S9+ renders
  • Samsung galaxy Tab S9+ renders

The striking metallic design, with its razor-sharp edges and magnetic strip at the back, is here to stay. The bezel size has remained unchanged, as well as the horizontally placed selfie camera is in its usual spot. Samsung is ditching its signature pill-shaped camera island design and embracing the floating lens style we’re accustomed to in their current S23 series phones. Apart from this cosmetic alteration, there are no other visible differences.

Boasting a 12.4-inch OLED screen panel with an impressive 1752×2800 resolution, Samsung is taking no steps back in the tablet market. With only 5.64mm of thickness compared to its 10th Gen iPad competitor’s 7mm width, the Galaxy Tab S9+ looks likely to make waves for its size and features alone. Plus, it could be equipped with a quad-speaker array that’s expected to offer unparalleled stereo output.

No headphone jack or microSD card slot on Galaxy Tab S9+

The Galaxy Tab S9 Plus is modernized and simplified, yet still holds true to its predecessor’s aesthetic. There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack or microSD card slot seen here, but that doesn’t take away from the sleek design of this tablet.

We don’t have much information yet, however, if we had to make an educated guess (backed by plenty of leaks and rumors), Samsung will likely equip their new device with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip which is already in use for other flagship phones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It would be riveting to see how far Samsung can push this device; from increasing battery capacity and fast charging output.

While the hardware is worth the wait, it’s not the only thing to anticipate for. When Samsung finally releases its Galaxy Tab S9 trio, Android 14 would have already entered into the public beta testing phase! It will be especially intriguing to observe how Samsung uses Android 14 and builds off of that foundation when creating its upcoming One UI update.

Samsung’s One UI 5.1 brings a seamless experience to the Galaxy Tab S8, easily besting iPad and iPadOS in many ways. We are excited to see what further tablet-centered enhancements are introduced with Android 14 for foldable devices and larger screens – the new changes have been truly impressive so far.

To speculate a launch date, Unpacked 2023’s second half could be our best bet; this event may include the introduction of Samsung’s next-generation foldable phones. Unfortunately, there are no reliable sources that have suggested the expected pricing for the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus just yet.

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