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Every Samsung Galaxy Tablet Gets Bing AI with SwiftKey

Samsung Galaxy Tab users can now harness the power of Bing AI on their devices with SwiftKey keyboard.

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The SwiftKey team has rolled out the latest Bing AI feature to Samsung Galaxy device users. This feature can now be accessed by Samsung users who have SwiftKey.

We are rolling out the new Bing AI features to the Samsung users. Look for the new update (Android v9.10.11.10) in the next days,” Microsoft SwiftKey said in a tweet.

If you’re a fan of SwiftKey and want to try the new Bing AI feature, make sure you have version This update has been rolling out gradually since mid-April for iOS and Android users. However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you can now access the Bing AI tool through the built-in SwiftKey keyboard on Samsung’s One UI. The update is still rolling out, but should be available to everyone in the next few days.

SwiftKey Bing AI Galaxy Tab
Image Credit: SamMobile

Samsung tablets come with a default keyboard made by Samsung. However, in the device’s settings, you can switch to the Swiftkey keyboard without needing to download any extra software. Even though many people prefer the GBoard keyboard from Google for its numerous features, the introduction of Bing Chat in Swiftkey may sway their choice.

As per a report by SamMobile, Galaxy device users have the option to ignore Bing AI, just like they can choose to ignore SwiftKey and use Samsung Keyboard instead. However, since SwiftKey is an integral part of One UI, Bing AI is now present on all Galaxy devices without the ability to uninstall it. To switch keyboards on an Android device, navigate to Settings > Languages and Input > On-Screen Keyboard.

How Galaxy Tab users can connect to Bing AI

Last month, Microsoft released Bing AI for SwiftKey. The AI supports the digital keyboard app in three ways: Search, Chat, and Tone. This information was revealed during the launch.

  • Search: The Bing AI Search feature enables users to search the web conveniently without having to switch between apps.
  • Chat: The Chat feature provides access to Bing for more detailed queries and also offers chat suggestions.
  • Tone: SwiftKey users can utilize the Tone feature to adjust the tone of their in-progress text using Bing AI, allowing them to communicate more effectively based on the situation. This includes instructing Bing AI to alter the wording to appear more formal and adapting the overall tone of the text.

Recent reports suggest that Samsung might replace Google as the default search engine with Bing on its Galaxy devices. However, this move could have implications because of the Android OS license agreement between Samsung and Google. It may not be possible for Samsung to drop Google search without facing consequences. On another note, Bing AI is now pre-loaded on Samsung Galaxy devices with SwiftKey, outdoing Google’s Bard.

Other similar apps such as ParagraphAI, Smart Typer, and Typly already offer keyboard-AI integration. This is part of a trend where AI serves as a middleman for communication. It is uncertain whether these apps will be widely adopted, especially since AI-assisted editing can be challenging on small phone screens. However, Microsoft sees this as a chance to compete with Google and Apple and become more involved in our technological lives.

What’s your take on SwiftKey integration with Bing AI? Would you now prefer using it on your Galaxy Tab instead of other keyboards? Let us know in the comments! 

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