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Star Wars Games on Your Tablet: May the Fun Be With You

May the Force be with you as you embark on a journey through the galaxy with these top mobile games. There’s surely something for everyone.

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The Star Wars universe has expanded beyond the big screen and found a thriving home in mobile gaming. From epic strategy battles to charming adventure games, there’s a Star Wars game for just about every type of player.

But with so many options available, where do you begin? Buckle up as we deeply dive into some of the most popular Star Wars mobile titles and gems.

A Galaxy of Gaming with Hidden Gems and Classics

If you’re looking for the classic Star Wars experience, consider action-adventure games like the Lego Star Wars series. Here, you take on your favorite characters, slash your lightsabers, and fire your blasters. There are also classics like Knights of the Old Republic, which instantly take you back in time.

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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lego Star Wars: TCS screenshot

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… oh wait, this isn’t how this goes. But the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga or TCS for Android and iPad brings all of the Skywalker saga films to your tablet and allows you to relive them in Lego brick form.

This isn’t just a straight retelling of the movie, as the game offers a charming and humorous way to enjoy the story again. Complete with slapstick gags, wacky sound effects, and that signature Lego charm, it gives you a more lighthearted way to relive the story of Luke Skywalker.

The gameplay is classic Lego Star Wars: Smash stuff up, collect in-game currency, and unlock new characters. It is a simple and proven formula that’s exceptionally addictive, especially for younger players or those looking for a more laid-back Star Wars experience.

The aspect I like most about TCS is that it is kid-friendly and easy to get into, even for those without prior Star Wars knowledge. As a console port, you can expect some limitations. The touch controls sometimes feel clunky, and the graphics seem dated compared to newer Lego titles.

The game is free to download on iPad, but you can only access Episode I. To play the rest, you’ll have to pay. On Android, you’ll have to pay for the game upfront, giving you access to the complete saga. Still, these are minor quirks for a chance to relive the full Skywalker story in hilarious brick form. 

‎LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS
‎LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS
Developer: Warner Bros.
Price: Free+

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lego Star Wars: TFA screenshot

If you’ve played Lego Star Wars: TCS, you can expect something similar in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens or TFA. It is a familiar experience where you can relive the events of the latest trilogy with a healthy dose of Lego humor.

Here, you’ll smash objects and collect studs. However, one of the more significant differences I noticed with TFA, compared to TCS, is that there are more puzzles. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are instances when it tends to slow down the fast-paced action everyone loves with a Lego title.

Since the game is a console port, you might experience some issues with the touch controls on your iPad or Android tablet. There are instances where I can’t physically feel the buttons, so I don’t press the right one.

There are also instances when you’re controlling a character that uses a blaster where targeting can be imprecise. Platforming sections of the game can also be frustrating due to the lack of a physical analog stick for controls.

However, if you can get over these minor issues, TFA on your iPad or Android tablet is a solid game for Star Wars fans. It is a game that’s tailored for more casual gamers. If you’re someone who is craving for more depth, consider games like Galaxy of Heroes or Battles.

‎LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA
‎LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA
Developer: Warner Bros.
Price: Free+

Lego Star Wars: Castaways

Lego Star Wars: Castaways

What if you get stuck on a mysterious new planet where you can meet new friends and relive all your Star Wars fantasies? This is what Lego Star Wars: Castaways is all about. Don’t let the Lego title fool you, as this is more of a sandbox game, allowing you to explore the world and interact with other players.

When you first launch the game, there are hints that it might be a Star Wars MMORPG. However, that is not the case. There is a social online aspect, but it does feel limited. You can team up for certain quests, but do not feel you’re interacting in a shared world.

You also won’t get a fully immersive Star Wars experience, as you mostly participate in simulations where you can play out certain stories. They will often feel disjointed as they’re not narratively driven.

The developers certainly missed a big chunk here by not building it like a true MMORPG or something close. However, the game is still appealing, especially for Star Wars fans and Lego enthusiasts.

It is not as bad as it looks, though, as the game is still enjoyable. It’s perfect for casual players and offers that blend of exploration, building, and experiences that will bring you into the Star Wars universe for a few minutes at a time.

‎LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways
‎LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways
Developer: Gameloft
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes screenshot

One of the app store’s most strategy-heavy Star Wars titles is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Even though its premise is simple: collect and battle opponents with iconic characters from across the saga, there is a depth that you need to discover.

I did not fully comprehend the surprisingly deep turn-based combat system until I was a few hours in. If you want to build an effective team, you need to master various character abilities and figure out their synergies with one another.

Once it clicks, I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the game 10 times more, as it keeps the battles engaging.

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Unlike other freemium games, purchasing with real-world currency can give you a leg up compared to other players. Although unlocking characters through gameplay is possible, buying a specific hero can make or break your squad’s capabilities.

Galaxy of Heroes is a game that demands your dedication. It can feel like a grind sometimes. It’s not a game that I would readily recommend for everyone. However, if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan who enjoys complex turn-based strategy, the game offers a deep and rewarding experience. 

Lego Star Wars: Battles

Lego Star Wars: Battles

If you’re an iPad user, you’re in luck since Lego Star Wars: Battles is an iOS exclusive. Most notably, it’s an Apple Arcade exclusive, so not everyone can play this brick-battling hidden gem. Now, it’s your turn to see if you have what it takes to become a galactic commander by unleashing your brick-inspired army to conquer your opponent’s territory.

This game isn’t your typical Star Wars romp. Instead of running around and swinging your lightsaber or firing your blaster, it focuses on strategy. You build decks of Star Wars-inspired Lego figures, then deploy them onto the battlefield to overwhelm other players in real-time.

Picture Luke Skywalker leading a squad of Clones into battle against Darth Vader, backed by a platoon of Battle Droids – it’s pure Lego mayhem.

Since the game is part of the Apple Arcade lineup, you can forget the freemium model that most games of this genre use. Now, you can concentrate on beating your enemy every round and get the cards to improve your deck without spending a dime.

The one thing I particularly appreciate about Battles is that it allows you to go Light or Dark side. Admittedly, it is more work as you’ll have to collect units and build decks for both sides. But it does offer a welcome change of pace by changing your allegiances now and then.

‎LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles
‎LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles
Developer: TT Games Ltd
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

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Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars: KOTOR screenshot

Ahh, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR, as fans refer to it. I remember playing this on my PC decades ago and firing it up on my Android tablet, which brings back all the memories of beating Darth Malak for the first time.

Even without all the nostalgia, this port of a classic RPG is a triumph. You start as a nobody on a ship, but fate (or maybe the Force) throws you into this whirlwind adventure. KOTOR on mobile throws you into the midst of this epic story with intuitive touch controls that feel surprisingly good.

Sure, the graphics might not be top-of-the-line for something released in 2024, but the story and characters hold up brilliantly. I found myself getting invested in saving the galaxy all over again.

The best part of the game still hasn’t changed. Your choices truly matter. You can become a beacon of light or succumb to the dark side as the game reacts to your decisions. One minute, you can be a heroic Jedi Knight, and after a few aggressive choices, you can channel Darth Maul’s levels of intimidation.

Some players might find the turn-based combat a bit slow compared to modern Star Wars RPGs, but the thrill of strategically using your lightsaber and Force powers never gets old.

Star Wars™: KOTOR
Star Wars™: KOTOR
Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Price: $9.99
‎Star Wars™: KOTOR
‎Star Wars™: KOTOR
Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Price: $9.99

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Battle Arena

Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters screenshot

What happens when you combine the battle arena mechanics of Valorant or Overwatch with Star Wars characters? You get Star Wars: Hunters. A free-to-play hero shooter that promises fast-paced action, allowing you to carve your legacy in the entire galaxy.

The game boasts a colorful roster of playable characters with unique abilities and playstyles. You can unleash a barrage of blaster fire with Imara Vex or become a whirlwind of lightsaber fury with J-3DI. The key is mastering each character’s strengths and weaknesses while working with your teammates to dominate the battlefield. 

Since it’s a fast-paced game, you might think the mobile controls can feel clunky. However, I got the hang of it after a few tutorial rounds. Targeting enemies and maneuvering can pose a challenge on a touchscreen, but I played on the iPad, which gave me plenty of space.

Even though it runs on a freemium model, there is no real advantage for those spending their hard-earned cash. Yes, you’ll unlock new characters and cosmetic upgrades, but it won’t give you a leg up regarding gameplay.

I’m not a fan of shooter battle arenas like Valorant or Overwatch. However, I find that Star Wars: Hunters is something that I’m going to be playing for a while. It is an enjoyable game you can play casually or competitively, depending on your mood.

Star Wars: Hunters™
Star Wars: Hunters™
Developer: Zynga
Price: To be announced

Casual Games

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Star Wars Pinball 7 by Zen Studios

Star Wars Pinball 7 screenshot

Star Wars games on Android and iOS aren’t just all action-adventure hack-and-slash types. There are also casual games that allow you to enjoy the Star Wars universe without thinking too much about quests and lore.

Star Wars Pinball 7 by Zen Studios throws you into the hyperdrive of pinball action with iconic tables from the Star Wars universe. Get ready to unleash the Force on these digital machines, but you’ll also have to be wary of the dark side of frustration.

There’s not much to say about this classic by Zen Studios, as the gameplay is solid, and the physics feels realistic. You can expect the various ramps, bumpers, and targets that offer a satisfying challenge.

Although I haven’t encountered any issues with the game, some report inconsistencies where perfect shots go awry.

It is a solid digital pinball alternative, especially with the challenges of these new tables. You can expect a fun and thematically rich pinball experience, especially if you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan.

Star Wars™ Pinball 7
Star Wars™ Pinball 7
Developer: Zen Studios
Price: $1.99
‎Star Wars™ Pinball 7
‎Star Wars™ Pinball 7
Developer: ZEN Studios
Price: $1.99+

Star Wars Card Trader

Star Wars Card Trader by Topps screenshot

If you’re looking for a Star Wars game with a different pace, consider this card-trading game by Topps. Here’s the deal: you collect digital cards featuring iconic characters or scenes on your tablet.

The fun starts with ripping open packs (digitally, of course). The excitement of chasing those rare or super rare cards, which can feel like a movie sequence with stormtroopers, is undeniable. The thrill of the hunt is real.

One feature distinguishing Star Wars Card Trader from other digital card games is the ability to trade with other players. This is where the true fun lies: it allows you to connect with other players, negotiate trades, and build your collection. 

If you have cunning bartering skills, you’ll absolutely love this game. Unfortunately, I’ll have to rely on sheer blind luck whenever I trade.

Like most card game apps, it isn’t immune to the freemium model. There are free daily rewards that can help you build your collection. However, those ultra-rare cards often require you to shell out real cash. You might score a gem or end up with a Jabba the Hut belly full of disappointment.

It also feels cluttered, constantly rotating with different card sets, challenges, and events. As a new player, this overwhelmed me. But hey, a rookie bounty hunter needs to learn the ropes, right?

The Force Awaits

Now that you have a good idea of the best Star Wars games for your tablet, we suggest playing them on these gaming machines.
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