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About MyNextTablet

MyNextTablet is a blog and YouTube channel all about tablets – founded by me, Andrzej Tokarski. I started to review tablets back in 2008 on the German sister site – even before the iPad was released. By now, we are a small team that has reviewed almost every tablet that has been released so far.

Andrzej Tokarski, the founder of MyNextTablet
Andrzej Tokarski, founder of MyNextTablet and its YouTube channel.

Are you looking for a new Android tablet? We’ve got a recommendation for you. Or do you prefer to get some work done with a 2-in-1 Windows device? We review tablets that come with a keyboard cover or with an active stylus, as well as those that are perfect for gaming. You can find all of our reviews and buying guides on this website, as well as on YouTube.

Our independence is very important to us. That’s why we buy a huge majority of the tablets ourselves. On very rare occasions, we let a manufacturer send a review unit to us if it allows us to get a device before it’s on the market. If that is the case, we send these review units back. But most of the time, we buy them ourselves and keep them for a couple of years to compare them to other devices.

We never do paid reviews. Never.

Instead, MyNextTablet is 100% supported by its readers. Both with traditional banner ads and so called affiliate links. These are links to shops like Amazon or other electronic stores that pay us a small commission if you buy a tablet after clicking on one of these links. The price does not change for you. In fact, if you don’t like the tablet and send it back, our commission is canceled. So, we’ve got a strong incentive to give you an honest review and recommend a tablet that is the right choice for you personally.

For our reviews, we use a tablet in two different ways. First, we do a couple of standard tests which include benchmarks, battery tests, we check out the display, see if it’s capable of playing Netflix in HD quality, check its build and try all its features. Then we use it as our personal tablet for a while. In my case that means mostly working with the tablet, either with its keyboard cover or pen, as well as watching a lot of YouTube and playing games.

Well, I wish you a lot of fun reading MyNextTablet. Don’t forget to also subscribe to our YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

By the way, if you’re into traveling and want to visit Poland, check out – a travel blog that’s also run by Andrzej.