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I Replaced My Gaming Laptop With A Tablet & Hated It

Nope, a gaming laptop will always beat a tablet, but if you really have to game on your tablet, some games are better than others.

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I Replaced My Gaming Laptop with A Tablet and Hated It

If you were wondering where I’ve been at the end of March, I was in Singapore. I prefer gaming on PC but decided to forgo it this time and only travel with my trusty Blackview Tab 16 and the free Bluetooth keyboard it came with. Let me tell you how it went.

The Gaming Experience

Naturally, a significant concern of mine is whether the tablet will run the games I currently play, which are Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail and Reverse: 1999. I’m glad to say that my Blackview Tab 16 can run all three games, but I had to turn the graphics down to minimum settings. This isn’t an issue for me because I know the situation is only temporary.

The biggest problem isn’t the graphics but the controls. I’m a big PC gamer, so I play most titles with a mouse and keyboard. I also own a Nintendo Switch and play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate often, so a controller isn’t entirely foreign to me. However, the Android version of Genshin Impact doesn’t support controllers unless you use a workaround. I don’t think I’ll have a problem setting it up, but I didn’t bring a controller along with me.

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Playing Honkai: Star Rail and Reverse: 1999 on a tablet went much better. Unlike Genshin Impact’s real-time combat, Star Rail is turn-based, making quick movements less important. However, there are times when quick reflexes are desirable, such as hitting enemies first to start a battle or to catch running Trotters for extra rewards. Having auto-battle also helps.

Reverse: 1999 doesn’t even require players to move their characters except for one game mode, almost like a visual novel. It’s mostly turn-based combat as well, having auto-battle like Star Rail.

In short, gaming on a tablet isn’t all bad, but I still enjoy playing all three titles on my gaming laptop. Not only are the graphics better, but I can multitask easier. Additionally, most tablet games don’t support keyboards without a workaround.

Tablet for Work

While in Singapore, I did a little work to test out how my tablet performed. I didn’t do much, but I made some corrections to an article draft I was working on. I did so without using the keyboard.

I decided to work on a personal reflection on some events that happened in Singapore. I used the Bluetooth keyboard and typed the content into the tablet’s note-taking app. I encountered no issues except for the keyboard’s different shortcut for changing the input language. Instead of the usual Alt + Shift, it was Shift + Space, making accidental changes common.

Fortunately, I could type pretty quickly compared to using my gaming keyboard at home. My tablet has a PC mode, and I’ve tested it before. I think I could work productively using it, though the split-screen experience isn’t the best.

Reading files on the Blackview Tab 16 is straightforward. It comes with WPS Office, which is one of the best PDF reader apps you can get for Android.

Streaming Content

Naturally, I watched YouTube using the tablet when I was at my friend’s place. YouTube works well, though there is an issue with the tablet app that sometimes results in videos not being played in 1080p, even though the option exists if you use the browser. However, my tests show that the Tab 16 won’t load Netflix content in 1080p despite having L1 Widevine certification. Many Chinese brands are affected, so you should be aware of this.

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Not the Best, But I Survived

To be fair, I have my own particular standards, and I’ll give the tablet credit where it’s due. Though I prefer my trusty gaming laptop for games, the Blackview Tab 16 can work if I’m traveling light. Ultimately, I would still play games on my laptop, as I always do.

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