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Top 11: The Best Tablets With Keyboards | 2020 Edition

What are the best tablets with keyboards in 2020? There are a lot of options with Windows, Android, and iPads. Here are the best ones you can buy right now.



Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard cover

What are the best tablets with keyboards in 2020? There are a lot of options with Windows 10, Android and iPads. You can get docks, covers, and some offer touchpads. Here are the 10 best tablets with dedicated keyboards you can buy in 2020.

Keyboards are quite important if you want to get some serious work done. You can get different styles of keyboards. Some manufacturers offer hard keyboard docks and others slimmer and softer keyboard covers.

I divided this list into tablets running Windows, Android, and iOS. Windows tablets with a keyboard give you the same working experience you’re used to from a notebook or desktop PC. However, I’ve worked successfully and productively with Android tablets and iPads as well. While they are great for standard office work, Windows tablets tend to be more powerful if you want to use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro.

Best Windows tablets with keyboards

Here are the best Windows tablets with a keyboard cover or dock.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The best Windows tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tested

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on* Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best tablet with a keyboard that I reviewed. It features up-to-date hardware, an outstanding design, and an awesome keyboard cover called Type Cover. The Type Cover is very comfortable to write on and it protects the screen at the same time. Because the Surface Pro 7 has a built-in kickstand, it can sit on your lap more stable than most other tablets can.

As I said, the Surface Pro 7 has a great design. While that is nice, we also get recent hardware which means it’s the fastest Windows tablet you can buy right now. You can choose between Intel Core i3, i5 and Core i7 10th generation processors and between 4GB and 16GB of RAM. The SSD can have a capacity of up to 1TB. Another optional accessory is the Surface Pen which is a good active stylus. It’s the first Surface Pro with a USB C port.

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Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i: An Interesting Alternative

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i tablet

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i on* Amazon

The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i is an interesting alternative to the Surface Pro 7. While the basic design is the same, its keyboard is a bit different. You can use it connected to the tablet, as usual, but also separate using a Bluetooth connection. That means you can use the tablet on a desk, for instance, and have the keyboard sitting on your lap.

I think the keyboard is a good one overall and it has nice features like a background light. The touchpad works fine too. On a negative note, I don’t like that you can’t use it as an angle as you can with Microsoft’s keyboards.

Lenovo is shipping the Yoga Duet 7i with an active pen and the keyboard cover without any extra charge. You can get versions with an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 10th generation processor. Other options are up to 16GB of RAM and an up to 1TB SSD.

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Microsoft Surface Pro X: Great Choice For Some

Microsoft Surface Pro X with keyboard and pen

Microsoft Surface Pro X on* Amazon

Most people should not get the Microsoft Surface Pro X because it’s shipped with an ARM processor. While that means you get a super silent device with build-in LTE out of the box, it also means that you won’t be able to run some older desktop apps and almost all games. Most apps from the Microsoft Store, Office 365 apps, as well as Chrome and Edge are supported though and run well.

Basically, this Surface Pro X can be an ideal tablet for you, if you’re looking for a high-end premium tablet for Office work and web browsing only. Compared to the Surface Pro 7, the Pro X offers a much more modern and improved design and a bigger 13-inch screen with very slim bezels. You can get it with a fantastic Type Cover keyboard and you can use the new Surface Slim Pen or the normal Surface Pen.

In case you’re thinking about getting the Surface Pro X: Please read my review so that you know what you’re getting into. Again, not all Windows apps will work great!

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Microsoft Surface Go 2: Best 10-Inch Windows Tablet

Microsoft Surface Go 2 review

Microsoft Surface Go 2 on* Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the best 10-inch Windows tablet with a keyboard you can get right now. While it is smaller, not as powerful and cheaper than the Surface Pro 7, it features a very similar design. The Type Cover for the Surface Go 2 is a great keyboard that I was able to get used to fast during my review. If you are looking for a small tablet to do some office work, I think it is a great choice.

By the way, it works with the same Surface Pen that you can get for the Surface Pro 7. However, you have to buy both accessories separately.

As I said, it is not the most powerful tablet. We’re getting an Intel Pentium Gold or Core m processor, 4GB to 8GB of RAM and a 64GB eMMC storage or a 128GB SSD. The 10-inch screen has a full HD resolution. It is running Windows 10 S out of the box but you can switch to Windows 10 Home easily. I think its only downside is its price. Like with its bigger brother, you have to pay a premium price for the Surface Go 2. Well, but you’re getting a premium tablet with a great keyboard.

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Lenovo IdeaPad D330: Great & Cheaper Alternative

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 test

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 on* Amazon

I think the Lenovo IdeaPad D330 is the best alternative to the Surface Go if you are looking for a 10-inch Windows tablet with a keyboard. While the performance is very similar, the design is not as premium-feeling. However, the keyboard dock is included at no extra cost. It is a pretty good keyboard that you should be able to get used to after a day or two of using it.

Again, the performance is good enough for standard office work. You can get it with an Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core or Intel Pentium Silver N5000 quad-core processor. Other options are 2GB or 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage. The 10-inch screen is available with an HD or a full HD resolution. Another option is LTE, and, in some markets, you can get it with an active pen.

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Best Chrome OS tablets with keyboards

Outside of the US, you can’t get many tablets running Chrome OS and that’s why I reviewed a limited number only. But there is one that I consider to be a fantastic choice.

Lenovo Duet Chromebook: Cheap And Great

Lenovo Duet Chromebook review

Lenovo Duet Chromebook on* Amazon

For me, the Lenovo Duet Chromebook is a kind of a secret tip because not many people know of this tablet. It’s a 10-inch device with Google’s Chrome OS operating system. That consists of the Chrome browser, for the most part, as well as the Google Play Store. Yes, you can install lots of Android apps and use a full desktop-class browser at the same time.

While the keyboard is not premium-feeling at all, it is well made and I wrote lots of articles with it. I like that the keyboard is included at no extra charge. If you want, you can buy an additional USI stylus but I didn’t like it that much in my review.

I can’t recommend the Lenovo Duet Chromebook as a gaming tablet. But if you’re looking for an affordable tablet with keyboard to work with or to surf the web, I think it’s a fantastic choice. Read my review to learn more.

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Best Android tablets with keyboards

While you can use Bluetooth keyboards with every Android tablet, there are only a few that offer a keyboard as an official accessory. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+: Best Android Tablet With Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ on* Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are not only the best Android tablets on the market right now, but also belong to the few that you can get with an offical keyboard cover. In fact, I think the keyboard is fantastic and works very well. It consists of a magnetic back cover with an integrated kickstand that you can use without the keyboard. And the keyboard is connected additionally.

I wrote tons of articles with this keyboard and I think it’s a great combination together with the Samsung DeX desktop mode. A touchpad is built-in too, which is small, but works as it should.

Because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processors, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ are faster than all other Android tablets. You can choose between 6GB and 8GB of RAM, as well as between 128GB up to 512GB of internal storage. While the S Pen is included with both devices, you’ve got to buy the keyboard separatly.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: A Great Alternative

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e on* Amazon

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S5e just a couple of months before the Galaxy Tab S6. And, in fact, both tablets are quite similar but the S5e does not have as many high-end features. It’s more of an upper mid-range tablet. You can get it with an official keyboard cover that works quite well and similar to the Tab S6. It’s a bit smaller than a standard desktop-class keyboard but you can get used to it fast. However, it does not have an integrated touchpad.

The Galaxy Tab S5e features the same 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, the same four speakers, and a very similar premium-feeling and super slim metal body. Samsung is shipping both tablets with almost the same Android 9 Pie and their own One UI. Yes, you can even use the Samsung DeX desktop mode which works great on the S5e.

It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 which is supported by 4GB to 6GB of RAM and a 64GB or 128GB internal storage. Especially when it comes to high-end gaming, the performance of the Snapdragon 670 is noticeably weaker than of the Snapdragon 855. With that being said, with office tasks and almost all other tasks, you won’t see huge differences.

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Best iPads with keyboards

While you always were able to use a Bluetooth keyboard with every generation of iPads, Apple only recently started to offer one officially. They do not work with the 2018 iPad or iPad Mini though. You have to get an iPad Pro, iPad Air, or the iPad 7.

iPad Pro 2020 11 and 12.9″: The best iPads

Apple Magic Keyboard review

Apple iPad Pro 2020 on* Amazon

The 2020 iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are the best pure tablets you can get right now. For both, Apple is offering a keyboard cover called Smart Keyboard Folio. And they also introduced a new, more dock-like keyboard called the Apple Magic Keyboard. While the first one is a over with slim keys, the second one almost transforms them into laptops with backlit keys and a touchpad.

As I said, I think the iPad Pro models are the best pure tablets you can buy. They offer a great build quality, very pretty and bright screens, and an outstanding performance. We’re getting 11-inch and 12.9-inch high-resolution screens with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, as well as very fast Apple A12Z processors. Other features include four speakers, Face ID, and an optional Apple Pencil 2.

I’ve written tons of articles with the iPad Pro keyboard. With that being said, if you need desktop-class multitasking and write a lot for a living, a Windows tablet might be better suited for you. At least if you’re planning to replace your main computer with a tablet.

Review: My Apple iPad Pro 2020 Review

iPad Air 3 (2019): Better overall value

iPad Air 2019 keyboard cover

Apple iPad Air 2019 on* Amazon

If you think Apple’s pricing for the iPad Pro is to crazy (which it is), then the iPad Air 2019 is the best alternative. Because it’s based on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, you can use the same Smart Keyboard Folio on the new iPad Air. Its keyboard is pretty much identical to the one of the Pro. However, while it is connected using a magnetic connector too, it does not protect the back of the tablet. And you can use it in one angle only.

The iPad Air 3 features a full metal body, a high-resolution and pretty 10.5-inch screen, as well as the same Apple A12 processor that we’re familiar with from the iPhone XS. It features 3GB of RAM, Touch ID, and can be used with the original Apple Pencil.

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iPad 7 10.2-inch: Best Cheap iPad

Apple iPad 7 10.2

Apple iPad 7 10.2-inch on* Amazon

The standard Apple iPad 7 has a 10.2-inch screen and the dimensions of its metal body are very similar to the ones of the iPad Air. And, since this is the first simple iPad to include a Smart Connector, you can use it with the same Smart Keyboard Folio Apple offers for the Air too. While that is great, it also means that even though the simple iPad is quite affordable, the keyboard cover continues to be quite pricey.

I think the iPad 7 is a good tablet and an excellent value for most. But keep in mind that it does not offer as many premium features as an iPad Pro or iPad Air does. While the 10.2-inch screen is a Retina display, there is a small air gap between touchscreen and IPS panel. And while the performance of the Apple A10 Fusion processor is better than many mid-range Android tablets, it’s much slower than the A12(X) of the Air and Pro.

On the positive side, the iPad has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner build-in and it supports the original Apple Pencil.

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Which is the best tablet with keyboard for you?

First, you should think about what kind of tablet you need. There are several kinds with keyboards and everybody wants something slightly different.

For instance, the keyboards of some tablets are so good that you can replace a premium laptop with them. Among those are the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 6, for instance.

Others like all Apple iPads or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 are excellent second devices. They’re great tablets with good and portable keyboards. But I would replace my notebook with them. At least not if I need to write lots of text.

After thinking about that, you probably know which kind of tablet is best for you already. Next, you can think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend?

You should also consider the operating systems. For some, it makes sense to choose a Windows 10 device. Others like be in Apple’s ecosystem and if you’ve got an iPhone, you’re probably better off with an iPad anyways.

How I Review Tablets With Keyboards

I’ve been reviewing almost every tablet that has been released in the last couple of years. And if the manufacturer is offering an official keyboard cover, I do my best to test it as well. For my reviews, I usually do a couple of standard tests. I run benchmarks to test the performance, run a battery test and use it privately. Do standard tasks like watching YouTube and Netflix, surfing the web and playing games perform well?

Well, if the tablet has an official keyboard, I use it to work with too. I’m writing tons of articles every week and I write those on the tablets I’m currently reviewing. I was able to work well with all devices on this best list. Most of my reports are written in Microsoft Word which works well under Android, iPadOS and Windows.

You can check out my reviews to see what I’m exactly testing with each tablet. All of them are linked above.

Your Questions Answered

We get tons of questions regarding tablets with keyboards every day. Here are a couple of common ones and my corresponding answers. If you have further questions, feel free to hit us up on Twitter.

What Tablets Are Compatible With Keyboards?

Every tablet is compatible with keyboards. All iPads support Bluetooth keyboards, for instance. In addition to that, Apple is offering official keyboard covers for the iPad 7, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

That’s the case with pretty much every Windows tablet too. All Windows tablets support wired USB keyboards and Bluetooth keyboards. And almost every manufacture offers an official keyboard cover for their Windows tablet.

While almost every Android tablet supports wired and Bluetooth keyboards too, there are only a handful of devices being sold with an official cover. Unless it’s listed on this page, chances are high you’ll have to get a Bluetooth one.

Do Samsung Tablets Have Keyboards?

Well, that depends on the exact device you’re thinking about getting. Some tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S5e, and Galaxy Tab S4 do support official keyboard covers. However, usually, you’ll have to buy them separately. Other tablets like their 8-inch Galaxy Tab A series, for instance, don’t have official keyboards. With that being said, you can connect Bluetooth ones to all current Samsung tablets.

Which Tablet Is Best For Word And Excel?

Microsoft is offering many Office 365 apps for Windows, Android, and even iOS. That includes Word and Excel. So, in theory, you can use both apps on every tablet you can buy right now. But since the versions for Android and iOS are a bit limited, you’ll have the best experience with a Windows tablet like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

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    February 7, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Are you sure Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 use the same keyboard dock? I just bought that tablet and went to Samsung Store.. and sadly the S4 keyboard dock doesn’t work on it. Tried many ways to put it, also dimension are different from S4.

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