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Amazon Tablets 2018: Find & Compare All Fire Tablets

Amazon Fire HD 8 Build Quality

Amazon is known for its online shopping empire. But, in fact, they are selling tons of devices they’ve produced themselves. Among these are the Fire tablets. Yes, they officially are Amazon tablets. It started with the Kindle Fire in 2011, a cheap 7-inch Android tablet. They dropped the Kindle branding in 2014. By now, in 2017, they‘re selling the Amazon Fire 7, Amazon Fire HD 8 (review) and Amazon Fire HD 10 (review). Prices range from 50$ to just under 200$. Usually, they‘re available in the United States, Canada, Europe, and India.

Amazon Fire Tablets: Cheap But Outstanding?

The main feature of all current Amazon tablets is the price. While most manufacturers can‘t keep up with their aggressive pricing, Amazon does not need to make a big profit. Instead, they‘re basically subsidizing their tablets with special offers (ads) and a deep integration into their services. That includes Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Kindle eBooks, and Audible.

Usually, the Fire tablets get very good reviews across the board. While they often can‘t compete with higher-end devices, they can compete very aggressively in the low- to mid-range. It‘s unclear how many tablets Amazon is selling exactly. But, since their devices are often prominently featured on the front page, they often make up the front place in Amazon‘s bestseller rankings.

Amazon Fire OS

Yes, the Fire tablets are running Android. But it is not Googles but Amazons Android. They call it Fire OS. All of Google’s apps like the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube are missing. Instead, you can download apps through the Amazon App Store and surf the web with their own Silk browser.

In addition to that, the interface is customized pretty heavily. Especially compared to devices with vanilla Android. You can easily access Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Kindle eBooks, Audible, and the Amazon web store. Basically, everything Amazon is prominently accessible.

But it is still Android. Because of that, you usually are able to install all or at least most Android apps. If you can‘t find them in the App Store, you can download the APKs manually. Generally, you‘ll find tons of instructions online. If you‘re installing the Play Store, depending on the country, you might lose your warranties though.

All Amazon Tablets: Compare Recent Releases

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