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Best Free Games for Android Tablets

Here are the top 12 best games to play on your Android tablet.

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Best Free Games for Android Tablets

Tablets are the perfect devices for playing mobile games with their bigger screens, allowing you to enjoy graphics more and giving developers space to spread out controls for optimal comfort. Despite Android tablets not being as popular in comparison to phones, there are still plenty of tablet-specific games that deliver a superior gaming experience. Let us explore some of the best free games for Android tablets.

How do we pick the best games for Android Tablets?

Trying to figure out which games are particularly suited for tablets instead of smartphones? It’s simple when you know what criteria to observe. We looked at various components like controls, orientation, and how much data is visible on the screen altogether. Every game listed here has a landscape mode with easy-to-use controls that don’t require players’ hands to intrude into the middle of the display during action sequences (if there are any). Once we screened out those unfitting for larger displays, our list quickly formed.

Top 12 Best Free Games for Android Tablets in 2023

Here are the best free games for Android tablets that work great on bigger screens and do not require any initial purchase. And while there may be a few in-app purchases available to gain additional rewards or level up within the game, they aren’t necessary. You can expect these titles to work seamlessly on mid and high-end tablets without running into performance issues – however, if you own a low-powered device these apps will likely struggle.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey takes you on a thrilling ride filled with awe-inspiring visuals, effortless gameplay mechanics, and an uncomplicated storyline. Speed down the slopes while making daring leaps over obstacles; collect as many coins as possible to unlock treasures from the in-game store.

Alto's Odyssey

This exciting game offers 180 goals to complete and a selection of levels, with dynamic lighting and weather effects included. It’s incomparable in the infinite runner genre – especially on tablets! Even better? You can play it for free, while also having access to optional cosmetics if desired. With all these features combined, you’ll find yourself immersed in this remarkable adventure like no other.

Download Alto’s Odyssey on Android Tablet

PUBG Mobile

If you’re looking for an action-packed thrill ride on your Android tablet, PUBG Mobile is the one for you! There are a plethora of playing modes available – from classic 100-player battles to arcade modes that require clever strategy and survival skills. Not just that – team up with friends or join forces in a 4-person crew and go head to head against other players. 

PUBG Mobile

Ammunition? No need to worry, because there’s plenty more where that came from! Plus, add some extra suspense by joining special zombie mode games. But if things get too tough, don’t forget there’s always help around when you create your own clan so no battle has ever been lost while fighting alongside powerful allies.

Be sure to stay ahead of the game by keeping up with all the new awards and challenges that are continually being added monthly. Furthermore, PUBG has an algorithm in place so you can rest assured that your rankings and standings are completely fair- no cheating involved! As you progress, take advantage of all the weapons and special rewards available as they will help upgrade your gaming experience. And best of yet, it’s easy to get started – just download PUBG from Google Play Market for free.

Download PUBG Mobile on Android Tablet

FIFA Soccer

Football-based games will forever remain in demand. The FIFA Soccer is particularly renowned and can be enjoyed on a tablet with much more ease than on a smartphone.

FIFA Soccer

Electronic Arts have brought you an amazing game featuring the latest and greatest football players in history. With this marvelous recreation, your dream team can be built with 15,000 real-life stars like Killian Mbappe and Vinnie JR! Not only that, but FIFA provides over 600 squad options for tournament play rendered in photorealistic graphics for an immersive experience. Step into the digital pitch to witness your hero’s triumph as if it were all real – because with FIFA 19 there’s no doubt about it: It is.

Here, you have the chance to compete against all 32 countries in the real-life World Cup! Whether you want to take on the role of a coach or as an actual player is completely up to you. With customization features, training options and more available at your disposal – it’s time to lead your team towards victory and conquer what matters most: winning the ultimate title.

Download FIFA Soccer on Android Tablet

Tank Stars

Resurrect your childhood nostalgia with Tank Stars, a mobile game reminiscent of the classic tank games that we all know and love. Challenge enemies within an 8-bit styled battlefield as you strategically maneuver to demolish their tanks. Enjoy this retro title with its traditional elements – from launch pads to exploding barrels – and relive those memories once again.

Tank Stars

This gameplay is easy, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day. You can join online and battle with real players or tackle artificial intelligence – you get to decide. The simplicity of this game makes it enjoyable for everyone, allowing you to forget all your worries as you focus on having a blast.

As you progress through each level, your battle tank will become stronger and better equipped. After reaching certain levels, you’ll even be able to customize it with a variety of different upgrades that can give you an edge in combat. Additionally, precision aiming is essential for success – so practice makes perfect. The game runs perfectly on both tablets and computers alike; there’s also a wide range of tanks available to choose from to suit everyone’s preferences. Best of all? You don’t even need an internet connection- the game works offline just as well.

Download Tank Stars on Android Tablet

Brawl Stars

Ever heard of Supercell? They’re the masterminds behind Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, but now they’ve created Brawl Stars — an easy-to-play action game that offers hours of entertainment. It goes without saying that 3 vs 3 is its most popular mode; if you want to come out on top in each battle, make sure you keep a minimum 10 crystals safe at all times. Keep your wits about you too – should death occur mid-combat, any collected crystals will be lost forever.

Brawl Stars

You’ll discover fresh awards and tasks daily as the game is regularly updated, so don’t miss out on them! They are a fantastic way to upgrade yourself. Attempt to not lose more than two times in succession if you want to retain your good ranking. Brawl Stars won’t require any payment for download; however, there may be some in-app purchases that you can make with real money which may enable you to level up faster but it’s still possible to play without these items. The most important thing remains to play and win as much as possible.

Download Brawl Stars on Android Tablet

Flipping Legend

Noodlecake Studios, Inc.’s Flipping Legend is a captivating RPG-style mobile arcade game that grants you access to become a master of ‘speed and rhythm.’ With lightning reflexes and an irresistible love for parkour, your characters will backflip through levels full of secrets waiting to be discovered. Alongside this mesmerizing adventure comes an incredible ’80s vibe that blasts through your speakers as soon as you start playing – nostalgia unlocked!

Flipping Legends

Flipping Legend is an addictive game that will keep you coming back for more. When your streak starts to build, the satisfaction of success is nearly unbeatable. In-app purchases are available should you wish to remove ads or buy additional chests; however these items can also be acquired every 10 minutes without having to spend a penny.

Download Flipping Legend on Android Tablet

Last Pirate

Are you fascinated by the idea of being isolated on an island and having to rely solely upon your survival skills? If so, then Last Pirate is for you! You will be tested like never before with a multitude of obstacles that come between success and failure.

Last Pirate

When beginning your pirate adventure, you should first think about the basics: food and shelter. To stay safe from potential attackers such as zombies or skeletons, remain highly vigilant at all times. Then put those resources on the island to work— fish for a meal and look out for drinkable water sources. Of course, there are also buildings that can be constructed with items found in nature; that way you can have somewhere secure to sleep each night.

As soon as the sun sets, danger lurks around every corner. Download Last Pirate now and see if you have what it takes to survive. With no cost for entry and some in-app purchases available, you are sure to get an exciting adventure without having to pay a cent – all of the essentials are included from the start so don’t miss out on this thrilling experience on your Android tablet.

Download Last Pirate on Android Tablet

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the top mobile games available, boasting an immersive open world and alluring action RPG. Players are free to explore their environment, complete missions, defeat enemies and level up characters as they choose.

Genshin Impact

Characters can be summoned to provide extra strength in battle but won’t face nearly predatory behavior like some other games within this genre. With its expansive landscape presented best on a bigger screen and easy-to-reach controls for tablet playability; Tower of Fantasy may also prove worthy if you’re keen on something new.

Download Genshin Impact on Android Tablet

Urban Legends – Survival

An electrifying blend of action and suspense, this game requires logic and attention. You will have to remain vigilant in a threatening urban environment, navigating through heart-pounding horror elements along the way. Be aware that you can’t just rush forward mindlessly; only when trying to evade danger or preempt an assault should you move with haste.

Urban Legends

Take the plunge and explore a multitude of urban areas where you can test your survival tenacity. Leap from bridges, tiptoe through shadows, and listen for any approaching noises – these are all essential components to remaining undiscovered in Urban Legends. Remember: The city’s malevolent energy is ever-present; it knows exactly when and where you are at every moment.

Download Urban Legends on Android Tablet

Crossy Road

If you’re looking for a classic, addictive game that can be played on all devices, including tablets, then Crossy Road is a perfect choice. This incredibly popular Google Play title brings an entertaining and Retro style of gameplay that will have you hooked in no time! As your main objective, maneuvering around cars and trains while crossing as many roads as possible – it’s certainly not going to be easy but with every success comes greater rewards.

Crossy Road

The ever-changing environment and character of this game make it truly unique. Collecting coins can be a rewarding experience, with each set of 100 coins granting the player a new gift that includes both an exclusive character skin as well as a whole new location to explore!

Despite its retro styling, the design of Crossy Road’s locations and details are incredibly realistic and its soundtrack and sound effects are amusing. After a long day, this free game is one of the best for relaxation – no in-app purchases are necessary. So why not take a break from your hectic schedule by playing Crossy Road? You won’t regret it.

Download Crossy Road on Android Tablet

Zombie Squad

If you’re a fan of apocalyptic sagas, such as The Last of Us and Walking Dead, then this game will immerse you in the same frighteningly realistic setting.

Zombie Squad

Plunge into the heart of a gruesome zombie apocalypse in Zombie Squad and fight for your life! Utilize whatever items you can find along the way, like cars. A car is essential to survival – it allows you to quickly eliminate zombies or duck away from them when needed. Plus, as you progress through the game more upgrades become available that will make your vehicle even deadlier than before.

Armed with weapons mounted on the roof of your car, you can prepare yourself for a zombie onslaught in Zombie Squad. With realistic graphics and humorous music to add to the ambiance, this game offers an immersive experience that’s made even better when experienced with headphones. Survival is no easy task – join thousands of others who have already tried and downloaded Zombie Squad now.

Download Zombie Squad on Android Tablet

Asphalt 9: Legends

Are you an enthusiast for speed and competition? Would you like to test your driving skills, but don’t have a car at hand? Then Asphalt 9 is the perfect game for you! In this thrilling experience, drive iconic race cars such as Porsche, Audi, Mercedes or Ferrari without ever stepping foot off of your couch.

Asphalt 9_ Legends

With an abundance of routes and distances to choose from, you can test all your racing abilities while earning coins, which you can use to buy a new car or upgrade the one that’s already yours. The controls are so precise that it feels like you’re driving a real vehicle on the roads of iconic cities such as New York City or Chicago!

The app is free and there are a few ads, but don’t worry – they won’t pop up in the middle of your race. When you consider that this helps to keep the game completely free for everyone, it’s not so irritating after all.

Download Asphalt 9 on Android Tablet

And that’s a wrap! We hope our list of the best Android tablet games was useful. Remember, most tablets will handle these titles without any issues but underpowered ones may experience some performance lag. So tell us which games you’re downloading on your Android tablet in the comments below – we can’t wait to hear what you picked!

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