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Xiaomi Pad 6 Unboxing and First Impressions

We got our hands on the Xiaomi Pad 6! Check out our first impressions.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 Unboxing

In this article, we will review the Xiaomi Pad 6 tablet, which has gained popularity in the market due to its reasonable price and remarkable features. We’ll cover its unboxing experience, including the keyboard and pen accessories, as well as its design, display, hardware, software, and first impressions.

Xiaomi Pad 6: Unboxing and Pricing

The Xiaomi Pad 6 is now on sale in China for a starting price of $275, which is quite reasonable. However, those who import the tablet may have to pay slightly more. We paid 357 Euros, which included shipping to Germany, for the cheapest version. Pricing for Europe is uncertain since the global version of the Xiaomi Pad 6 is not available yet.

Incredible Value
Xiaomi Pad 6

The Xiaomi Pad 6 offers a fantastic value. Even though it's quite affordable, it offers tons of flagship features like a metal body, a pretty 144Hz display, powerful hardware, and up-to-date software. You can get it with a keyboard and pen - however, some features like a fingerprint scanner are missing.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 unboxing

The box contains the tablet, a quick start guide (in Chinese), a charger, a USB Type-C to Type-A cable, a Pen, and a keyboard cover. The keyboard cover is similar to the one for the Xiaomi Pad 5, but it cannot be swapped between the two devices.

Xiaomi Pad 6: First Impressions

Here is a rundown of our initial impressions of Xiaomi Pad 6.

Design and Display

The Xiaomi Pad 6 has an 11-inch display with slim black screen bezels, providing an immersive viewing experience. You get 2880 x 1800 pixels screen resolution and a rare 144Hz refresh rate. It has a fully laminated display with good brightness levels, although it’s not an OLED panel.

Features and Accessories

The Xiaomi Pad 6 has standard features such as volume rockers, speakers, and a USB Type-C port, but it does not have a headphone jack or fingerprint scanner. The device uses facial recognition for unlocking but doesn’t have advanced security sensors. The keyboard cover is handy and provides a good typing experience, and it can attach magnetically. It’s worth noting that the keyboard covers for the Pad 5 and Pad 6 are not interchangeable.

Xiaomi Pad 6 pen

The Xiaomi Pad 6 comes with a pen that looks like the Apple Pencil 2 and has a pressure-sensitive tip, two side buttons for quick functions, and similar precision as Samsung’s S Pen and Apple Pencil.

Hardware and Camera

The tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset and has 8GB to 12GB of RAM and 128GB to 512GB of internal storage. It provides a decent gaming experience and can handle most games with high graphics settings.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Geekbench score

Its front camera is now on the top bezel, which is an improvement from its predecessor. The tablet has a full metal body, making it feel high-end. The back of the tablet has a 13-megapixel main camera, a depth sensor, and an LED flash. The Pro version has a 50-megapixel camera, but it is uncertain when it will be available worldwide.

Software and Updates

The Xiaomi Pad 6 operates on Android 13 and comes with Xiaomi’s customized MIUI interface. While it may not be the prettiest interface, it functions effectively. Xiaomi has already released an Android 13 update for the Xiaomi Pad 5, indicating that the Pad 6 may receive similar updates later on. However, because the tablet is only available in China, the unit reviewed had Chinese characters. Although the Google Play Store comes pre-installed, it is best to exercise caution when buying from third-party sellers.

Xiaomi Pad 6 software MIUI 14

You can download apps like YouTube, Netflix, and games from the Play Store. The tablet has a Widevine L1 certification, allowing you to stream Netflix and other services in HD quality. This capability is unusual for imported tablets from China. However, you cannot currently install the Chrome browser, but the Chrome Beta version works well. The speaker had a similar issue with Chrome on a Chinese tablet before but it was resolved with an update.

The Xiaomi tablet comes with several pre-installed apps, but we will uninstall most of them after finishing this unboxing video. We prefer using Google apps rather than Xiaomi apps, including the Xiaomi browser and email app. We will install standard apps from the Google Play Store instead.

Check out our unboxing video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The Bottom Line

Overall, we have a positive initial impression of the Xiaomi Pad 6, which is an affordable and intriguing tablet with a full metal body. Although the Xiaomi tablet doesn’t have a micro SD card slot, LTE version, or GPS, it still seems like a good option considering its affordable price compared to Samsung and Apple tablets. We’ll be posting our final review soon, so stay tuned!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Douglas Barr

    June 22, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    Bought the Pad 6 tablet(Chinese version) via Switzerland for £317. Find it very good in operation and incidentally it accepted Google Chrome not the beta version at first attempt. Only niggle I have is that some Chinese system apps are not able to be removed. Looking forward to your full review of this Tablet on future.

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