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These 9 Retro Games Are Perfect For Your Android Tablet In 2024

Here are 9 cool and fun retro games you should try on your Android tablet or phone. Among them are Crazy Taxi and Sonic the Hedgehog!

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Video games have been made for decades, starting from simple creations like Pong and Space Invaders to beautiful AAA games such as Crysis 3 (can your computer run it?) and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Even though the newest games can be made in impressive hyperrealistic styles or push game engines to their limits, there’s something about old games that still capture hearts.

I’m all for enjoying the latest games, but the nostalgia older titles bring can’t be replaced. Let’s take a look at some retro Android games you can play on your tablet right now. Some of them are ports of existing titles released on other consoles and platforms. Because there are so many retro games, I’ve tested some of them to help you save time.

What Qualifies as Retro?

The term “retro” can mean different things to people from differing age groups. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time might be considered ancient to Gen Z gamers, but millennials would consider it retro. To me and most of you, PAC-MAN is an ancient artifact, as is the original Tetris game. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there’s still a range for what’s considered a retro game.

I wasn’t allowed to play many video games as a kid, but I did grow up with games like Counter-Strike, Mario Kart Wii, and many more. To me, retro would mean games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, F-Zero GX, Sonic Heroes and many more. But don’t worry, I’m not only basing the term “retro” on my own experiences.

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We’ll cover games mostly released from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The original platform isn’t an issue, as we only include them if you can play the game on Android without installing an emulator app. Some of them might be released on Nintendo consoles, while others may be arcade titles. There’s something for everyone who wants to relive the good old days playing video games. Games made in the retro style aren’t on this list unless specifically mentioned.

Crazy Taxi Classic

Originally released on the SEGA Dreamcast console, Crazy Taxi Classic is an Android port of the infamous Crazy Taxi title. While it’s considered a racing game, your goal isn’t to get first place competing against other vehicles. Instead, you’ll be picking up passengers around the city and driving them to their destinations. Sounds simple, right? That’s not all.

The game’s name speaks for itself since you can drive as maniacal as you want, and performing tricks earns you points since your goal is to get the passengers to their intended destination as quickly as possible. You can keep picking up passengers until time runs out, and that’s when you try again to beat your high score. In the Android version, you can compete against players around the world in a leaderboard system.

Crazy Taxi Classic has some upgrades compared to the original release, including improved graphics and running at 60FPS. If you aren’t happy with the touch-screen controls, you can even connect a PS5, Xbox One controller or another HID-compliant controller to your tablet. While this game is free, it has ads you can remove permanently by paying $1.99 once.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

SEGA is pretty generous for releasing many classic titles on Android for free, and you can also download the very first Sonic game, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, on Android. If you grew up playing Sonic titles, this one is sure to take you back to those days. The story and gameplay are mostly identical to the original.

In this Android release, SEGA remastered the game’s soundtrack to offer a newer aural experience. The songs are all the same but updated for modern ears. Additionally, the game runs at 60FPS fluidly. Sonic’s friends, Knuckles and Tails, are also available so you can explore these classic levels in new ways.

As with Crazy Taxi Classic, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic supports all HID-compliant controllers. Personally, if I were to play games on a tablet, a controller is mandatory, but it’s completely optional. You can also pay to remove the ads permanently.


No retro games list is complete without PAC-MAN, and Bandai Namco has a free PAC-MAN game for Android. This title has the classic experience that anyone who’s played the original would be familiar with. However, the developers also added plenty of additional content if you’re interested. It’s not only the old arcade experience.

This time, there are newer levels and power-ups to change the experience. The Adventure Mode also contains time-limited events with skins as rewards. Competitive PAC-MAN players can also participate in Tournament Mode to climb the leaderboards. Mazes change weekly so there’s always a new challenge.

Besides the classic appearance, PAC-MAN for Android supports character and interface customization. You can change how PAC-MAN, the GHOSTS, and the on-screen joystick looks. It’s certainly an incentive to encourage players to replay the game.


Tetris is officially available on Android devices, and this app doesn’t only have your typical block-stacking experience. Though the rewards are usually cosmetic, there are objectives to complete each day and seasonal goals.

The game is exactly as you remember it, but you can start by playing some simple levels. These levels are perfect for getting accustomed to the mobile game, and there are over a hundred levels to clear. If you prefer the classic experience, the marathon mode lets you play until the blocks reach the line.

While the game is free to play, I did notice a lot of ads, which is understandable if the game wants people to pay for removing them. However, the Tetris experience is intact, and you can easily sink a few hours into its elegant simplicity. There’s a reason many people still play Tetris today, even competitively.

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Old School RuneScape

If you were a big fan of the older RuneScape experience from 2007, Old School RuneScape is now available on Android devices. It’s exactly the same as the desktop experience and cross-platform gameplay is even supported. You can now transport yourself back to the good old days in 2001, the year RuneScape was released.

Unlike many MMORPG titles, RuneScape is highly shaped by its playerbase’s likes and preferences. The developers tend to listen to the fans and release content catered to their opinions. Of course, you can’t have RuneScape without raids, fantastical creatures, and learning skills like carpentry and fishing. There are also many quests to clear if you start now since the game has been out for years.

Old School RuneScape is free-to-play, but if you find yourself enjoying the game immensely, there’s always the opportunity to become a subscriber. Subscribers unlock the complete game experience. Thanks to the game’s economy, you can even make your subscription pay for itself eventually. Old School RuneScape is available on PC and mobile.

Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad

Capcom’s Contra series of run-and-gun games were among the most popular games available, and you can now relive those days by getting Metal ContraS: Soldiers Squad. This is a port of the first title in the venerable series. As with the old games, multiplayer is supported.

Just like the old Contra games, you have several levels to beat, and this time there are eight. While progressing through these tough levels, you can pick up weapon upgrades that help make combat easier. The same 8-bit graphics and sound are all intact, providing a true retro gaming experience.

One feature some players weren’t happy about was the lack of save points. Contra didn’t have checkpoints, meaning you had to start over if you want to continue. While this is faithful to an older generation of gaming, perhaps the developers can add checkpoints in the future.

Space Pinball

Did you own a Windows PC back in the late 90s? You’ve probably played Pinball on your machine and tried to complete the missions. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to play it today after many years, look no further. Space Pinball is now on Android devices, and this app is a faithful port of the game you knew and loved.

As with most pinball games, Space Pinball only has two paddles to control. This version doesn’t support tilting the table, but in other respects, it’s the same game from nearly 30 years ago. There are missions to clear if you want to earn the highest ranks. Like the original, the longer the ball stays active, the more points you can get.

The only in-game purchase in Space Pinball is the ability to remove ads, but that comes with being a free game. There’s also haptic feedback to help enhance the experience.

Streets of Rage Classic

Originally released on the Sega Genesis console, Streets of Rage is a beat ’em up game that lets players play as one of three former police officers. All three became vigilantes to fight a crime syndicate effectively. You can play alone or with a friend, just like how it was decades ago.

Unlike some side-scrolling games in the beat ’em up genre, Streets of Rage allows players to perform many combos, which is almost like a traditional fighting game. You can also pick up weapons along the way or replenish your health by eating food items. Additionally, there’s a special attack once per life or level that you can use if you want to clear everything on-screen.

Streets of Rage, like all of Sega’s free games available on Android, has ads you can pay to remove. Streets of Rage 2 Classic is also available on the Google Play Store.

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Duck Hunt

The original Duck Hunt game is now available on Android, and it’s identical to the game first released in 1984. This light-gun shooter is controlled via a joystick and fire button on-screen. If the game were to support tap-to-shoot, it would become too easy.

Players get three shots to hit ducks that appear on-screen, and if they manage to hit enough ducks, they progress to the next round. It seems easy at first, but the difficulty increases with each round. The game saves nothing, so the scores are lost once you close the app.


Retro games are some of the best ways to evoke the emotion of nostalgia, and many gamers grew up playing classic titles. Today, some of these games are available on Android tablets, some for free and others for a fee. Many more retro titles are available, so let us know what I missed.



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