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Jumper EZBook 3 Review: How good is this 200$ Notebook?

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Jumper EZBook 3 Test

I’m often fascinated by very cheap devices from Chinese brands because they’re often very cheap and offer very good hardware for the money. So I started to review the Jumper EZBook 3 which is a 14 inch notebook that looks like a highend notebook from Apple or ASUS. But it is a lot cheaper – depending on the deal you can get it for around 200 US Dollars. How good can a notebook like this be? That’s what you’ll find out with this review.

Build Quality

The Jumper EZBook 3 looks like a premium ultrabook, I really like the design. But at 200 Dollars it’s obviously not. Instead of an aluminium body we get a lot of plastic, which is fine at this price. It does not feel very high end in your hands but not super cheap either. The build quality is fine for everyday use, but I wouldn’t beat it up to badly because you can actually bend the case a bit with just a little bit of force.

Around the 14.1 inch display we’re getting a thin black bezel which is made out of plastic as well. Underneath the display sits a 0.3 megapixel camera. Obviously this is not the best position for a camera because you’ll be looking into your own nose holes. But actually it doesn’t matter that much – because, well the picture quality is kind of terrible, even just for simple stuff like skype calls.

There’s a fullsize USB 3.0 port on the sides, as well as a USB 2.0 port and a HDMI out. We’re not getting a fullsize SD card slot but there is a microSD card slot. There’s an audioport as well and the connector for the power plug.


Jumper EZBook 3 Keyboard

The EZBook 3 has a typical chicklet style keyboard on which I actually could type very nicely. I’ve written this review and a lot of other articles on it. Compared to my ASUS ZenBook UX303 I have to press down the keys a bit harder, otherwise the keystroke might not be recognized. But that’s something I could get used to very easily. The touchpad is alright as well, it is certainly not the best, but I could use it without any problems.


Jumper EZBook 3 Review

Jumper is shipping the EZBook 3 with a 14.1 inch display that has a full hd resolution at 1920 x 1080. It’s pretty good that we’re getting this many pixels because a lot of windows tablets at around 300 dollars are still shipped with an hd resolution only. The display has a matt finish as well, so you don’t see reflections that easily.

There are some downsides to the display though, because the viewing angles are pretty bad. We are not getting an IPS panel here. So while the display looks very nice when you’re looking directly at it, the quality drops dramatically if you’re looking at it from the top or bottom. The viewing angles are a bit better from the sides so you actually could watch movies with your friends of family together.

Hardware and Performance

Jumper EZBook 3 Laptop

Inside the Jumper EZBook 3 runs Intels Celeron N3350 Chipset which belongs to the Apollo Lake generation. It’s a dual core chip that is clocked at 1.1GHz. There actually will be a couple of tablets released with this chip soon including the Alcatel Plus 12 that was announced a couple of weeks ago at Mobile World Congress. Next to the N3350 run 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

So the specs are a bit better than what we get with most windows tablets that cost around 300 dollars and sometimes even more. Most of them have an Intel Atom x5 Z8350 which is a quad core chip but the performance of the N3350 is a bit better.

A lot of tablets with the Z8350 run into problems when browsing YouTube with Microsofts Edge browser. The performance of the EZBook 3 with the N3350 is certainly not perfect when doing some heavy YouTube watching, but it is noticeably better. You can’t stream a full hd YouTube video and have a lot of things on the side running though, that’s to much for this chipset.

You can browse less heavy websites very smoothly though, even if you have a couple of tabs open on the side. The performance is certainly good enough for office work. I didn’t run into any problems when working in Microsoft Word or Excel.

I even edited a couple of pictures in Photoshop. Obviously this is not the best system for Photoshop at all, but it does run. I edited a 50 megabyte image, used a couple of filters and text overlays and I could do that pretty smoothly. So the performance is fine for some photoshop work.

Jumper EZBook 3 Design

In PowerDirector the performance was fine as well. It’s totally doable to do some simple video edits with this notebook. Again, it’s always better to have as much performance as possible when it comes to video editing, but at least it does work.

Rendering a 22 minute full hd video with a couple of cuts in PowerDirector took the EZBook 3 15 minutes and 51 seconds. The same video took over 27 minutes to render when using the Odys Fusion Win 12 Pro which is a windows tablet with the Atom Z8350.

The Geekbench 4 benchmark shows that the N3350 is a bit better than the Z8350 as well. In the single core test I got 1440 points and 2480 points in the multi core test. The Atom x5 usually gets just under 900 and 2200 points.

Battery life

As you might expect from a windows device like this the battery life is not the best, especially if you’re used to the long runtimes of android tablets or phones. But considering the price the battery life is not that bad. In my battery test I got a runtime of 7 hours.

In all my review I’m doing the same battery test. I’m playing a hd video over and over again until the device shuts itself off. Brightness is always set to 50 percent and Wifi is activated.

Final verdict

Jumper EZBook 3 Notebook

If you’re finding a deal than you can get the Jumper EZBook 3 for just under 200 US Dollars. At this price point usually not everything is perfect but that is okay because you’re paying very little. The only major downside of this notebook is the display. While the resolution and brightness are high enough the viewing angles are not – an IPS panel would be awesome. But besides that we’re getting better hardware than what we get with most windows tablets that cost a lot more.

The performance is very good considering the price. We’re also getting a big display in a nice, small package. The keyboard is pretty good as well, especially after you’ve used it a bit.

I actually could replace my ultrabook for everyday work with the Jumper EZBook 3 quite nicely. Obviously there are some performance differences, especially when it comes to multitasking. But at least you can do some smaller work in photoshop. For around 200 US Dollars I really like the EZBook 3.

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