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Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro Comparison

Confused between Lenovo Tab P12 and Tab P12 Pro? This comparison answers all your questions.

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Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro comparison

Lenovo recently launched a new budget tablet in the market, the Tab P12. This latest offering from Lenovo is positioned as a more affordable option compared to the premium Tab P12 Pro. In this Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro comparison, we will compare the specifications and features of both the tablets. We have reviewed both the tablets and based on our reviews we will provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and budget. Let’s find out the similarities and differences between these two tablets.

Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro: Overview

SpecificationLenovo Tab P12Lenovo Tab P12 Pro
Display12.7-inch LTPS LCD12.6-inch AMOLED with Dolby Vision
Resolution2944 x 18402560 x 1600
Refresh Rate60Hz120Hz
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 7050Snapdragon 870
CPU CoresOcta-core (2xA78 2.6GHz + 6xA55 2.0GHz)Octa-core (1×3.2GHz + 3×2.42GHz + 4×1.8GHz Hexa)
GPUMali-G68 MC4Adreno 650
Operating SystemAndroid 13Android 11
Expandable StorageMicroSD card supportMicroSD card support
Rear Camera8MP13MP+5MP
Front Camera13MP8MP
Dimensions (W x D x H)293.3 x 190.7 x 6.9 mm285.61 x 184.53 x 5.63 mm
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.1, USB Type-C 2.0Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax (2.4GHz + 5GHz), Bluetooth 5.2, USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 2)
Battery10,200mAh10,200mAh with support for up to 45W fast QC 4.0 fast charging
Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro comparison table

Design and Display

Both the Tab P12 and Tab P12 Pro sport a premium design with metal casings, giving them a high-quality look and feel. They are thin and lightweight, with the Tab P12 weighing 615g and the Tab P12 Pro weighing 656g. Both lack a headphone jack but come with USB C ports and MicroSD card slots. The Tab P12 Pro offers an additional USB C 3.1 Gen 2 port for connecting external monitors. Notably, the Tab P12 Pro includes a fingerprint reader in the power button, while the Tab P12 does not.

Premium Tablet
Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is a high-end Android tablet with a great design, a pretty 12.6-inch AMOLED screen, and a powerful Snapdragon 870 processor. We get cool features like the Precision Pen 3 and the keyboard cover which can be used separate from the tablet. While it's cheaper, it can't reach Samsung and Apple in all aspects.

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Lenovo Tab P12 tested

The Tab P12 features a 12.7-inch LCD display with a high resolution of 2944 x 1840 pixels, offering sharp and clear visuals. However, it lacks the smoother scrolling experience due to the 60Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, the Tab P12 Pro shines with its 12.6-inch AMOLED screen, boasting a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, providing vibrant colors and deep contrast. Additionally, the Tab P12 Pro supports 120Hz, resulting in smoother scrolling and animations.

Both tablets sport excellent speakers, with the Tab P12 having four speakers that produce good bass, making it a great entertainment tablet. However, the Tab P12 Pro’s speakers are on par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, offering fantastic sound quality.

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Hardware & Performance

When it comes to performance, both the Lenovo Tab P12 and Tab P12 Pro have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at their benchmark scores and real-world performance.

Lenovo Tab P12 Geekbench

The Lenovo Tab P12 is equipped with a MediaTek MT8791V processor, which comes with a total of 8 cores. Depending on the configuration, it offers either 4GB or 8GB of RAM and storage options of 128GB or 256GB. In Geekbench 5 benchmark comparison, the Tab P12’s CPU performance is on par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, which is powered by a Snapdragon 750G. However, Lenovo’s compute performance is superior to Samsung’s offering. The Tab P12 also outperforms the Honor Pad 8 and its predecessor, the Tab P11 Gen 2.

Lenovo Tab P12 3D Mark

In the 3D Mark Wild Life test, the Tab P12 performs almost twice as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the Tab P11 Gen 2. It exhibits impressive graphics performance and is suitable for playing most games. However, it falls short of the Tab P12 Pro and its premium sibling, the Tab P12 Pro, and it cannot compete with the performance of high-end iPads.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Geekbench

As for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, it houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, which is known for its high performance. The Tab P12 Pro comes with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. In terms of CPU performance, the Tab P12 Pro’s Snapdragon 870 is a bit below the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series. However, it’s still very powerful and can handle most tasks with ease.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro 3D Mark Wild Life

In the 3D Mark Wild Life test, the Tab P12 Pro exhibits significant graphics performance, outperforming the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and the Tab P11 Gen 2 by a wide margin. While it doesn’t match the performance of the Tab P12 Pro and high-end iPads, it stands out as one of the fastest Android tablets on the market.

Real-world performance with both tablets is generally smooth, and everyday tasks such as web browsing, video streaming, and office work are handled well. The Tab P12 Pro shines for gaming, allowing you to play demanding titles like PUBG Mobile with graphics set to UltraHD and Fortnite with epic graphics and a frame rate of 60 fps.

Overall, the Tab P12 Pro delivers a higher level of performance compared to the Tab P12, making it more suitable for power users and those who demand premium performance. However, the Tab P12 still performs pretty well for its price point and should suffice for most users with moderate usage needs.

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Software & Accessories

Both tablets run on Android, with the Tab P12 featuring Android 13 and the Tab P12 Pro running on Android 11 with Lenovo’s UI. The software includes useful features for the stylus, such as apps like Nebo, MyScript Calculator, and Notepad. Additionally, the Tab P12 Pro supports Lenovo Freestyle, allowing users to use the tablet as an external screen for their laptops.

Google Pixel Tablet Android 13

The Lenovo Tab P12 comes with the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus, an active stylus that offers decent performance for tasks like handwriting and drawing. The stylus, made entirely of plastic, includes a button on its side and charges via a USB C port. Although it performs well for note-taking and drawing, its speed and precision fall slightly short of Samsung’s S Pen due to the 60Hz display.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Bluetooth keyboard

On the other hand, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro includes the Lenovo Precision Pen 3, an upgraded stylus that matches the performance and precision of the S Pen and Apple Pencil. This stylus has a hard pen tip, similar to the Apple Pencil, but it lacks the softer feel of Samsung’s S Pen and Microsoft’s Surface Pen.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro stylus

Both tablets offer an optional keyboard cover, adding productivity and versatility to their functionality. The Tab P12 Pro’s keyboard is significantly larger due to its larger 12.6-inch display, offering a more comfortable typing experience. The keys have proper travel, allowing for faster touch typing.

One standout feature of the Tab P12 Pro’s keyboard cover is its unique design, which allows users to detach the keyboard and use it even when disconnected from the tablet. This provides added flexibility and convenience, enabling users to use the keyboard while the tablet is placed on a table or in various other scenarios.

Battery Life and Cameras

Battery life is an essential aspect of any tablet, and here the performance of the Tab P12 and Tab P12 Pro differs. The Lenovo Tab P12 managed a runtime of approximately 5.5 hours in a battery test, which may be considered slightly disappointing, especially for users who require extended usage on a single charge.

Lenovo Tab P12 battery life

In contrast, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro delivered a more impressive runtime of around 11 hours in the same battery test. This longer battery life enhances the tablet’s usability for extended periods, making it more suitable for users who prioritize battery longevity.

Both tablets offer capable camera setups for capturing moments and engaging in video calls. The Lenovo Tab P12 comes with a 13MP front-facing camera. This camera is equipped with an ultra-wide field of view (FOV), enabling you to include more people in your selfies and video calls. On the rear, there’s an 8MP camera with autofocus and a Flash LED, allowing you to take clear and well-lit photos even in low-light conditions.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro built quality

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro boasts a 13MP rear camera, ideal for capturing detailed images. Additionally, it features a 5MP ultra-wide camera, enabling you to capture more expansive landscapes and group shots. For selfies and secure face unlocking, it offers an 8MP front-facing camera, along with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for enhanced depth detection. This combination ensures high-quality selfies and a more secure face recognition feature.

Pricing and Availability 

The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is offered in two different options. The first one has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, priced at $699. The second option comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, priced slightly higher at $729. For certain markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, there is also a 5G-capable variant of the Tab P12 Pro available, which costs around €899 (approximately $985). 

On the other hand, the Lenovo Tab P12, which includes a keyboard and the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus, starts at €499 (around $546). This variant is released in select markets in July 2023.

The Verdict

To conclude the Lenovo Tab P12 vs Tab P12 Pro comparison, we believe that both the tablets offer distinct features and performance levels to cater to a variety of users.

The Lenovo Tab P12, with its mid-range specifications and affordable price, presents a compelling option for those seeking a large-screen tablet without breaking the bank. It impresses with its high-resolution display, good speakers, and solid performance for everyday tasks and casual gaming. The inclusion of the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus stylus adds versatility, enabling users to take notes and engage in creative tasks effortlessly. While its battery life could be longer, the Tab P12 delivers excellent value for the price and competes well with other tablets in its class.

Lenovo Tab P12 display

On the other hand, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro stands out as a powerful premium tablet that rivals the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro. Its AMOLED display delivers stunning visuals with vibrant colors and deep contrast, complemented by the smoothness of a 120Hz refresh rate. The inclusion of the Lenovo Precision Pen 3 stylus enhances the overall user experience, offering precise and responsive input. Moreover, the Tab P12 Pro’s Snapdragon 870 processor ensures smooth multitasking and excellent gaming performance. Additionally, the tablet’s innovative keyboard cover design, allowing detached keyboard usage, further boosts its productivity and versatility.

Ultimately, the choice between the Tab P12 and Tab P12 Pro comes down to individual preferences and budget considerations. The Tab P12 appeals to users looking for a well-rounded tablet experience at an affordable price, while the Tab P12 Pro targets those seeking top-tier performance and premium features without the premium price tag.

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    September 28, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Great article. Thank you. I hope you do the same kind of comparison for the Lenovo Legion Y900 and the Lenovo Tab Extreme.

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