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Samsung Accidentally Confirms Galaxy Tab S9 FE, Might Cost as Much as Tab S9

Samsung might launch the Tab S9 FE series sooner than expected.

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Galaxy Tab S9 FE render

Samsung seems to have accidentally confirmed the release of two new tablets in the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, according to journalist Roland Quandt. The company’s French website mentions the standard Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus, which is an official acknowledgment of the devices. The recent FCC listing of the Plus model implies that the launch of the new Samsung tablets is imminent.

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Galaxy Tab S9 FE might cost as much as Tab S9

Pricing details for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE have been revealed, and unfortunately, it may not be good news for those who prefer mid-range Android tablets. According to the latest information, the Fan Edition tablet for 2023 will be priced higher than the predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

Based on the latest reports, the Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab S9 FE that comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage is expected to be released in India at a price of INR 63,000, which is approximately $760. This puts the Fan Edition tablet in the same price range as the standard Galaxy Tab S9 that was recently unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked. However, it’s worth noting that the latter is a high-end device, while the former falls under the upper-mid-range category.

It is uncertain whether @rquandt’s pricing information about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 FE comes from reliable sources close to the company or from third-party retailers. If it is from the retailers, it is likely that the reported price of INR 63,000 ($760) is inflated, as third-party retailers have a tendency to overprice products before their release, as pointed out by folks at SamMobile. Therefore, it remains to be seen how much the Galaxy Tab S9 FE will actually cost.

It may seem unlikely that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE would be priced around $40 lower than the standard Galaxy Tab S9, but it is not impossible. Samsung has recently restructured its pricing strategy, resulting in increased prices for certain Galaxy products in specific markets.

Comparatively, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE that debuted in 2021 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage was priced at $530 while the Galaxy Tab S8 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage was launched at $700. The price gap made the Tab S7 FE a good alternative for budget buyers.

The possible hike in price for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE has led to concerns about the Tab S9 FE+ version. While we don’t have specific pricing details for the Plus model, it’s likely to be around $999, similar to the current cost of the Galaxy Tab S9+ (non-FE).

Expected Specifications

Leaked renders of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus and Galaxy Tab S9 FE have surfaced online. These Samsung tablets are expected to come with 12.4-inch and 10.9-inch displays, respectively, and share the same design as the more premium Galaxy Tab S9 series. However, the FE models may have lower specifications to keep the price affordable.

Galaxy Tab S9 FE render

The FCC listing of Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus reveal that it will feature dual rear cameras without an LED flash. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus will have an accent color in the space where the S Pen attachment is located. It remains unclear whether the FE variant will support the stylus or not.

The smaller Galaxy Tab S9 FE is expected to have a design similar to the larger model with a single rear camera, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, a smart connector (possibly for a keyboard attachment), and a dual-speaker system.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Review
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is currently the best mid-range tablet with a pen. We get a pretty good overall package here with a high-resolution 10.9-inch 90Hz IPS display, a great design, latest software with long updates, and the S Pen, which is included. The S9 FE has many premium features such as a fingerprint reader, good speakers, and a water and dust-resistant body. It would be even better if the processor was more powerful. So, it's not a perfect gaming tablet.
  • Premium design
  • IP 68 certification
  • Pretty 90Hz display
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Up-to-date software
  • Good speakers
  • S Pen is included
  • Good keyboard cover
  • CPU performance just average
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