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5 Best Weather Apps for Android Tablets: These Are Our Favourites

Always keep an eye on the weather with these 5 best weather apps for Android tablets compared.

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5 Best Weather Apps for Android Tablets Compared

As my grandma used to say so beautifully: There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. There is certainly something to this somewhat clichéd saying, but to determine the right clothing for the upcoming day, one thing is especially important: check the weather report!

You can either ask your trusted weather frog or wait for the weather report on TV or in the newspaper. However, the best and fastest way is with the right weather app – we present you the best weather apps for Android and reveal the qualities that have won our hearts. Spoiler alert: All of them reliably display the current and upcoming weather.

But that’s not all. Modern weather apps also boast a sleek user interface, fast operation, and in-depth information about the weather, such as interesting scientific articles and videos. Good weather apps also provide a lot of additional information about wind, air pressure, dew point, UV index, visibility, and much more.

All the weather apps presented here have been tested and approved on our tablet. So, don’t let the next rain, storm, or bad weather stop you; simply check your favorite weather app in advance and dress accordingly.

1. Weather 14 Days – Meteored

weather 14 days Meteored

In the app, you can access detailed 14-day hourly weather forecasts, stay informed about the latest weather news, analyze the current rain probability thanks to the rain radar, and much more.

Meteored creates forecasts using data from the EZMW weather model. The EZMW is the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and is considered the most powerful weather model for Europe.

Additionally, Meteored provides interactive maps. This allows you to view various weather phenomena worldwide in high resolution and examine local effects in detail.

Moreover, the Meteored app offers interesting weather news and videos, informing about current wildfires in Bolivia or currently active volcanoes, for example.

Meteored’s news teams are located in different countries worldwide, producing exciting scientific articles. The app also forecasts the general meteorological situation for the next few days and extensively reports on the current weather events, including videos on key events. This involves collaboration with experts, meteorologists, and journalists worldwide.

The app looks clean, stylish, and is easy to use. All essential information is quickly accessible.

We also like the attractive weather widgets.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and is also available for iOS. The ads are pleasantly limited.

There is also a premium version for €0.99 per month or €5.99 per year, which disables ads and provides a 24-hour radar, among other features.

In the Google Play Store, the app has received 53,129 reviews with an impressive average of 4.8 stars (as of November 2023).

Google Play Store: Weather 14 Days – Meteored

2. Weather & Widget – Weawow


Weawow is a free, ad-free weather app that offers something special through aesthetic weather-related photos from photographers worldwide.

The images reflect the current weather at your location, showing whether you can expect a bright blue sky, pouring rain, or a snowstorm.

The app’s user interface is customizable, allowing you to choose what to display, such as rain, gusts of wind, air pressure, UV index, etc.

Weawow has a rather unusual monetization model: the app is funded through user donations. The application is completely free and contains no advertising.

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You can decide which weather provider to trust. Options include NWS (NOAA), DWD, Meteo France, AEMET, MET Norway, Dark Sky, AerisWeather, Weatherbit, World Weather Online, Open Weather Map, etc.

As befitting a good weather app, Weawow provides detailed information about the current temperature, rain, wind, gusts of wind, air pressure, dew point, humidity, cloud cover, UV index, visibility, snowfall, and much more.

The app also reveals the time of sunrise and sunset at your location and, for example, the moon phases.

Of course, Weawow also offers customizable widgets and push notifications to keep you up to date.

In the Google Play Store, the app has received 27,377 reviews with an excellent average of 4.9 stars (as of November 2023).

Google Play Store: Weather & Widget – Weawow

3. YoWindow


YoWindow is a great weather app that particularly appeals to us with its stylish design. The app’s background automatically adapts to the current weather and time, featuring stylish animated landscapes.

Of course, this app also provides precise weather forecasts for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the rest of the world.

Weather services available for YoWindow include Foreca (nowcasting),, METAR, National Weather Service (NWS), Aeris Weather, and Open Weather Map.

The forecast is based on data from national and foreign weather stations, radars, and satellite images.

YoWindow also provides information about water temperature, feels-like temperature, rain probability, UV index, and more.

In this app, too, you can activate push notifications and receive the current weather forecast directly in the notification area of your Android tablet. You can also set a background image on the lock screen and various weather widgets.

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The app is free but contains ads. However, these are not really bothersome and are only visible in the lower part of the app. If you want to permanently disable ads and use the premium version, it will cost you €4.99 annually, €0.99 monthly, or €9.99 as a one-time payment.

If you’re looking for a sleek weather app that combines all the essential information on a clear page and works in both portrait and landscape formats, you should definitely give YoWindow a chance.

The app has received 413,000 reviews and has an average rating of 4.7 stars (as of November 2023).

Google Play Store: YoWindow

4. Weather & Rain Radar is one of the big players in the weather app store.

With this weather app, you can quickly check the current weather conditions at your location. The app presents important climate parameters such as temperature, wind, and sun clearly at a glance.

The interactive rain radar provides information on whether you need an umbrella, and the weather forecast and multi-day preview facilitate the planning of your activities. The app also offers a pollen flight forecast and a pollen flight calendar.

Additionally, there are weather live cams and animated regional videos within the app. You can also listen to the podcast. In the current episode, the chances of a white Christmas are discussed, among other topics.

Especially the podcast, the weather news, the moderated videos, and the live cameras make the app stand out positively compared to competitors.

Furthermore, offers widgets for the home screen and push notifications, for example, to warn you of thunderstorms and severe weather.

Recently, the app has annoyed some users with aggressive advertising, leading them to leave 1-star reviews. However, this problem seems to have been resolved. We

 did not perceive intrusive advertising during use. Nevertheless, the app still has a good average rating of 4.7 stars with 40,290 reviews (as of November 2023).

Google Play Store: Weather & Rain Radar

Local Weather Forecast

local weather forecast app

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the app ‘Local Weather Forecast.’

This free weather app also offers all the functions that the weather enthusiast needs: accurate weather forecast for the current location, detailed rain forecast to the minute, various types of weather radar, and much more. Additionally, there is information about temperature, air pressure, pollen count, precipitation, UV index, humidity, visibility, sunrise, and sunset.

You can also receive weather warnings via push notifications if desired, and there are individually customizable weather widgets.

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It’s a shame that, unlike the programs introduced earlier, this app is displayed full screen only in portrait mode.

The app has received 2,097 reviews and has an average rating of 4.9 stars (as of November 2023).

Google Play Store: Local Weather Forecast

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