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Best Step Counter Apps for Android | 2024 Edition

We list the best step counter apps for your Android devices.

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best step counter apps for android

I find walking to be a great way to stay active. Even when I can’t make it outdoors, I try to take short walks around my home, for at least 20 minutes a day. During these walks, I like to have my Galaxy Tab A9+ with me so I can watch YouTube videos or read an ebook. To help me keep track of my steps, I tested different step counter apps and wrote this article about my experience. In this guide, I list the best step counter apps for Android. 

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10 Best Step Counter Apps for Android

Google Fit

If you’re an Android user who wants to keep track of your daily activities, Google Fit is a great step counter app that you can download and use for free. It allows you to monitor various metrics, such as the number of steps taken, the duration of your activities, and more. 

Google Fit

For those who also have smart bands, you can also sync this app with Wear OS smartwatches and Xiaomi Mi Bands. Moreover, Google Fit can also integrate with other popular apps like Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and many others that you might have on your smartphone. 

Keep in mind that pedometer apps, in general, are not as reliable as devices with built-in hardware for tracking steps. Nonetheless, Google Fit is a good starting point for anyone who wants to track their daily physical activities without any in-app purchases or ads.

Another thing that sets this app apart is that it was created in partnership with the American Heart Association. So not only does it track your steps, but it also keeps tabs on other physical activities and helps you set fitness goals. 

Download from Google Play Store

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Pacer Health’s Pedometer and Step Counter that has gained quite a bit of popularity. I really liked the UI of this app, which is easy on the eyes and stacks the important features and options mindfully for easier access.  

Pacer app

The app offers a wide range of options to adjust the step counter sensitivity, making it more likely to be accurate for your walking. Additionally, the app provides optional GPS step tracking alongside compatibility with both Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. 

If you decide to upgrade to the premium version, which comes with a subscription, it will give you access to workout tools and coaching, but the price isn’t too steep. I noticed a few minor glitches here and there, but the app generally functions quite smoothly.

Download from Google Play Store

Map My Walk

For the fans of outdoor walking or hiking, the MapMyWalk is worth checking out. This app is part of a family of fitness apps created by Under Armour. Unlike other basic pedometer apps that just track your steps, MapMyWalk is more advanced as it tracks the distance you’ve walked. 

Map my walk

MapMyWalk tracks your walk and displays your route on a map, which seems to be a great way to boast about your walking on your social media. The app provides you with various stats to track your performance, such as distance and step count. However, it’s important to note that since the app uses your tablet’s GPS tracking feature, it may cause your battery life to decline if you keep it running in the background.

This app offers some really useful features, such as a split-time visualization that lets you compare your latest walk with past sessions. You can even discover new walking routes with the app. Like I said at the beginning, this app makes more sense for those who are into nature walking or city walkers who like to cover several blocks during their walking sessions. 

MapMyWalk is also compatible with other fitness apps so you can sync it with the fitness app on your smartphone. Although I liked this app, I had my fair share of annoying moments with the in-app ads for the free version. So if you want a better experience, then you can go for its subscription at $30 a month. 

Download from Google Play Store

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Leap Fitness Step Counter

If you’re looking for a simple pedometer app, you might want to check out Leap Fitness Step Counter. I like fitness apps that have a simple UI and do not have a lot of screen elements to navigate. I found this app to be a great pick for users who love minimalism and want a step counter app for Android that gives them accurate walking data without an overbearing design.

leap fitness step counter

It’s worth noting that this app doesn’t require you to sign in or use any cloud services or GPS tracking. Instead, it simply counts your steps using the sensors on your tablet so make sure your tablet has the built-in pedometer sensor for this app to work accurately. 

The free version of the app offers all the features, including themes, report graphs, and optional backup to Google Drive. However, if you want to get rid of the annoying in-app ads, you can subscribe to the pro version for $2.99. While the app isn’t without any glitches, we still liked it for its features and simplicity. 

Download from Google Play Store

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MyFitnessPal is a pretty popular app in the fitness space, especially for its calorie-counting feature. However, many people are unaware of the step-tracking or step-counter feature in MyFitnessPal. The step counter feature in the app allows you to keep a record of your daily activity levels. 


The step-tracking function is easy to use and I found it highly effective. You can track your steps using your tablet’s motion detection sensors or even through an external fitness band like a Fitbit. 

With MyFitnessPal’s step-tracking feature, you can also set customized step goals to help you stay motivated. Plus, if you also use the app to track your food intake, your daily calorie count will automatically adjust based on your daily steps. It can also keep track of your water intake. 

Of course, the freemium version is laced with ads but the paid version is not too pricey too. You can get a yearly subscription at $50.

Download from Google Play Store

Charity Miles

If you are one of those who need extra motivation to start something new then CharityMiles is the best step counter app for Android that you could ask for. This app brings unique motivation for you in the form of charity or donation that you can do just by walking. 

CharityMiles lets you donate money to the charity of your choice by doing your favorite fitness workout like walking, running, or even biking. It is a free step counter that allows you to choose from a variety of charities such as the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and She’s the First, among others, to donate to. 

charity miles

Like other step counter apps on the list, this one also shows a near-accurate step count data. Although the UI of the app is pretty basic, I liked how it helps motivate the user by showing different charities and also causes that you can select. It gives a better sense of accomplishment knowing that your sweat is helping the charities earn some extra bucks. From a purely motivational aspect, I liked CharityMiles. 

Download from Google Play Store


Did you know you can use the Fitbit app even without a Fitbit tracker? By using the sensors on your Android device, the app can track your daily walks and give you a chunk of useful information like your step count, calorie burn, active minutes, and distance. 

fitbit step counter

This app is not just a step tracker – it can also help you monitor your food and water intake. This works great for me as I like to monitor my hydration levels. In addition to the basic step counter feature, you can access video workouts, get nutrition advice, track your water intake, monitor your sleep patterns, and manage your stress levels.

The app even lets you invite friends and family to join challenges and share your achievements to make fitness tracking more fun. And the best part is that it all comes for free

Download from Google Play Store

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo is a simple step counter app that offers two different tracking modes: power saving and GPS. The power-saving mode works great for those who want to save the battery on their Android device, while the GPS mode allows you to see your route on a map and get more detailed data/stats about your movement.

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo is powered by an intelligent algorithm that can detect walking patterns and filter out non-walking activities, making sure that you get accurate results. With daily, weekly, and yearly logs, you can easily track your progress over time. Plus, Accupedo also provides daily messages and inspirational quotes to motivate you. 

Additionally, you can share your progress with friends. It can also be synced with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal. 

Download from Google Play Store

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Runkeeper is a well-known app that helps users keep track of their steps and runs. It is designed to make it easy to monitor your workouts, set and achieve fitness goals, and track your progress over time. The UI of this app is also minimal and does not include a lot of screen elements to distract you. The step counter feature of this app is pretty much what other apps also provide but if you are looking for a new app, then you must give this one a try. 


Along with steps tracking, the app offers additional features such as fitness routines, progress reports, and community challenges to keep you motivated. 

While the free version should be more than sufficient for most users, there’s also a paid version that some may find the subscription price to be a bit steep for what it offers. With the paid subscription version, you get access to even more advanced workout support, better progress tracking, and live tracking support. 

Download from Google Play Store

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Zombies, Run!

There are two popular fitness apps, Zombies, Run! and The Walk, that add an interesting twist to your workout routine. These apps offer a unique experience where you walk, run, or bike while listening to an exciting story. 

 Zombies Run

I found this app to be pretty entertaining while walking as it keeps you hooked as the story progresses based on the distance you cover, and you need to keep going to hear the next part of the story. This worked as a great motivation too, as you want to hear more and for that you need to walk or run more. 

If you stop, you lose the game. Although the games don’t track every single step, they keep track of your overall distance. Zombies, Run! offers a free trial with the first missions included. 

The full version is available for $3.99 per month or $24.99 per year. On the other hand, The Walk has a free version and a pro version that costs $4.99. Both apps are reasonably priced considering the experience they offer.

Download from Google Play Store

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If you’re into walking, you’re probably interested in exercise and keeping healthy, so why not check out the best apps for workout and fitness?

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