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Jelly Scrolling: What Is It and Can You Fix It?

Jelly scrolling is a term that pops up once in a while, but what is it exactly? Our quick explainer will tell you.

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Jelly scrolling on iPad Mini

If you read a lot of tablet reviews, you’ve probably seen the term “jelly scrolling” here and there, probably without a clear explanation of what it actually is. That’s what we’ll explain here, discussing what it is, what causes it, and whether it’s an issue you can overcome yourself.

What Is Jelly Scrolling?

Jelly scrolling describes an issue where one side of a tablet’s screen moves or updates slower than the other side when displaying moving content. This difference in update speeds creates an uneven image that’s especially noticeable when scrolling through web pages or apps, which is why it’s called “jelly scrolling.” It’s similar to the rolling shutter effect on many smartphone cameras, where straight lines appear angled when they’re moving at high speeds.

Jelly scrolling is actually an inherent part of all modern displays, whether LCD or OLED. However, the effect is broadly under control on most tablets. Only a few currently available tablets have serious issues with jelly scrolling, chief among them Apple’s iPad Mini and iPad 10. Older tablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5e (with its Super AMOLED display), also suffered from jelly scrolling. Thankfully, Samsung’s new tablets have no such problems (more on this later).

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Jelly scrolling usually only becomes an issue in specific orientations, even on the most badly affected tablets. The iPad Mini, for example, only has jelly scrolling issues in portrait mode. Conversely, the iPad 10 only displays the problem in landscape orientation. This disparity is because jelly scrolling has to do with the location of the LCD controller. 

Let’s take the iPad Mini as an example. Apple placed the LCD controller on the horizontal (long) axis here. Hence, the effect isn’t as visible when you use the tablet in landscape orientation. In landscape mode, the “jelly” effect is split along the top and bottom, mostly hiding the effect. However, “top and bottom” becomes “left and right” when you switch to portrait mode. You’ll notice the uneven movement much more in that orientation.

Conversely, the iPad 10 has its LCD controller along the vertical (short) axis, which is why Apple’s larger tablet mostly has jelly scrolling issues in landscape mode.

Is Jelly Scrolling a Problem?

Yes and no. Apple has always been adamant that it isn’t a problem, and the fact that it’s an inherent part of all modern displays would seem to back the corporation up. On top of that, some users simply can’t notice the issue and can happily use their iPad Minis in portrait orientation without a care in the world.

Apple iPad 10 Test

On the other hand, those of you who are sensitive to display issues will likely find jelly scrolling annoying and possibly even nausea-inducing. If you fall into that category, then it is a problem, no matter what Apple may say. Sadly, the only way to find out whether jelly scrolling will bother you is to try the tablet(s) and see for yourself.

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Can You Fix Jelly Scrolling?

Unfortunately, jelly scrolling isn’t something that the end user can fix. The only way to truly fix the issue is to redesign the display, whether by adjusting the placement of the LCD controller or by increasing the refresh rate.

Higher refresh rates make jelly scrolling less noticeable, which is why Samsung moved to ensure 120Hz refresh rates on all its recent AMOLED tablets. Jelly scrolling is still technically there, even on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S9; it’s just that the higher refresh rate makes it essentially invisible to the naked eye for most users.

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However, this does offer a potential solution for those of you with 90Hz and 120Hz tablets. If you’re running your tablet at 60Hz and noticing jelly scrolling issues, try going into your tablet’s display settings and setting it to the maximum refresh rate. Sure, this will drain your battery faster, but that’s a small price to pay for smooth scrolling and more consistent motion.

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Jelly scrolling is, sadly, part and parcel of the modern tablet experience. However, many manufacturers have found ways to minimize the effect and ensure it doesn’t overly impact users, so most of you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it. That said, it’s still essential to read tablet reviews like ours to see if a tablet suffers from it more than most.

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