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iPad Mini 7: Everything We Know So Far (and Wish to See)

Rumored specifications, release date, pricing, and a wishlist of desired improvements in the upcoming iPad Mini 7.

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Apple iPad Mini 6 Test

Are you excited for the upcoming release of the new iPad Mini? This guide will provide you with the latest information and rumors regarding the iPad Mini 7. We’ll review everything we currently know about the device and also share the features we’re anticipating.

iPad Mini 7: Rumored Specifications and Features

Many people who love Apple products and technology are looking forward to the release of the iPad Mini 7. This new version is expected to improve upon the previous models and come with exciting new upgrades. There has been a lot of talk in the tech community about the rumored specifications and features of the iPad Mini 7. Below we detail everything we know about the iPad mini 7.

Display Size and Design

There are no rumors indicating a significant redesign for the next iPad mini. Though there might be some adjustments like narrower display bezels, these are just our hopes and not confirmed. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is unlikely to make any major changes and the next model may only feature a processor upgrade.

The upcoming iPad mini 7 may have some new colors, although it is likely to feature the same Space Gray, Purple, Starlight, and Pink hues as the previous iPad mini 6. An added feature that would be useful is a Smart Connector, which would allow the iPad mini 7 to connect to devices such as a keyboard using magnetic pins on the side. The Smart Connector could also serve as a charging stand, allowing the iPad mini 7 to function as a home hub device, similar to the Pixel Tablet. Using an iPad mini as a laptop replacement may seem strange, but the Smart Connector has multiple uses.

Apple iPad Mini 6 display

It is anticipated that Apple will continue to use an 8.3-inch, 2266 x 1488 pixel Liquid Retina LCD display for the iPad mini. Although an OLED panel would be preferable due to the vivid colors and contrast found on the iPhone 14 family OLED screens, the speculations suggest that the next-generation iPad Pros will receive OLED panels first. It is unlikely for the iPad mini to switch to OLED anytime soon.

Users experienced a problem called Jelly Scrolling on the previous iPad mini 6 due to the refresh rate of the LED screen. This problem caused a slight delay when scrolling, resulting in a wobbling effect that resembled jelly.

One solution that came up on one of the forums to fix the Jelly Scrolling issue is to install a 120Hz ProMotion display. However, this may not be a sensible solution as it would introduce a feature to the iPad mini that is not available on the Air, causing confusion in the product lineup.

According to display analyst and tech tipster Ross Young, Apple is not expected to give the iPad mini 7 a high refresh rate display like many of the newer displays. Only the Pro models are expected to have the 120Hz ProMotion iPad display.

Processor and Performance

It appears that the iPad mini 7 is getting an upgraded chip, which may be the A16 Bionic. The current iPad mini 6 already uses a fast A15 Bionic chip, but the A16 is even faster and can be found in the iPhone 14 Pro. If the new iPad mini 7 does use the A16 chip, it would perform even better than the previous model, allowing for smoother multitasking and gaming. Many people enjoy using the iPad mini as a handheld console.

It would be great if the iPad Mini 7 came with an advanced Apple M2 chip that is currently used in the latest iPad Pros and may also be used in the next-generation iPad Air.. Since this is a professional-level feature, the more affordable iPads will probably continue using A-series chips, including iPad mini 7.


The new A-series chips could improve battery efficiency in the iPad mini 7 even if it doesn’t have a bigger battery. There are no hints that the new version will have a larger battery, but it might still last longer on one charge. In our battery test, the iPad mini 6 lasted for 6 hours while continuous YouTube HD video playback on maximum brightness. Although this is a decent amount of time, there is still room for improvement.

Storage Options

The base model of the 6th generation iPad mini only offers 64GB of storage, which may not be enough for some users. This can be especially problematic if you intend to store movies, TV shows, books, comics, magazines, games, and various apps on your device, or if you wish to use it during travel or commutes without having to constantly manage your storage space.

Doubling the storage capacity of the entry-level iPad mini 7th generation from 64GB to at least 128GB would be a wise move for Apple. With file sizes increasing due to higher-quality cameras and software, it can be difficult for users to manage their storage. This upgrade would be a consumer-friendly solution.

It is possible to increase the storage capacity of the iPad mini 6th generation beyond the current maximum of 256GB. One logical step would be to increase it to 512GB, especially if the minimum storage capacity is also increased to 128GB.

iPad Mini 7: What We Wish To See

Apple fans and potential users are eagerly waiting for the release of the iPad Mini 7. We have created our own wishlist of features we want to see. These improvements have the potential to make the iPad Mini 7 an exceptional device in the compact tablet market. We hope that Apple will consider these wishes to create a device that meets or exceeds our expectations.

Apple iPad Mini 6 built quality

Sleeker display

We hope that the next iPad Mini will have lesser bezels hampering the screen real estate. This would create an even better viewing experience, especially for things like watching videos, playing games, and getting work done. Lesser bezels would make the tablet look more modern and improve how it feels to use.

The iPad Mini 7 would be better if it included ProMotion display technology like the latest iPad Pro models. This would provide a more seamless and quicker touch response with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Having this feature would greatly improve tasks such as drawing, note-taking, and gaming, making the tablet more versatile and efficient.

Face ID

The iPad mini (2021) has a modern design that lacks a home button and instead uses a fingerprint scanner located on the power button on the top edge. However, it would be great to see an additional feature like Face ID added to the iPad mini 7. While having both options available would be ideal, it may not be possible.

Improved 5G connectivity

The iPad mini (2021) can be purchased with 5G support as an option, but it does not support mmWave. This is a type of 5G that offers faster download speeds, but it is currently not widely available in most countries and even in the US, it is very limited. While it’s not surprising that the iPad mini (2021) doesn’t support mmWave, it would be useful for those who live in areas where it is available. Additionally, it would help ensure that the device remains compatible with evolving technology as mmWave coverage is likely to expand in the future. Therefore, we would like to see mmWave support added to the iPad mini (2022).

Enhanced cameras

Although cameras are not the main focus of the iPad, the smaller size of the device makes it more convenient for photography. Apple upgraded the front-facing camera of the iPad mini 6 to a 12-megapixel lens and added the Center Stage technology that tracks users during video calls. It is likely that the iPad mini 7 will retain this feature and stick to a single lens 12-megapixel rear-facing camera, which already provides 4K video recording capabilities, instead of making significant changes.

Powerful “Pro” level performance

The iPad mini (2021) has a powerful chipset similar to the iPhone 13, but it only has 4GB of RAM and is not as powerful as the latest iPad Pro models which have the M1 chipset. Apple has to maintain a balance between the device’s power and its price. However, there might be a market for a small-screened device with strong performance, and it would be great if Apple could focus on this for future models, even if they also release a less powerful version.

Smart Connector for better accessories support

It would be great to have some exciting accessories for the iPad mini 7 by getting smart connector support. A smart keyboard, similar to the one available for the iPad Pro, would be incredibly handy. With such a keyboard, the iPad mini can be transformed into a highly portable mini laptop, perfect for situations where there’s not enough room for anything larger.

Expected release date and pricing for the iPad Mini 7

The release schedule for the iPad Mini is less predictable compared to the entry-level iPad and iPad Pro, as the intervals between generations vary over the years. This makes it harder to anticipate when the upcoming iPad Mini 7 will be released.

Here is a timeline of the release dates for the previous iPad Mini generations for context:

  • iPad Mini 6: September 24, 2021
  • iPad Mini 5: March 18, 2019
  • iPad Mini 4: September 9, 2015

The release dates of iPad Mini models have had significant gaps with varying lengths of time, making it hard to predict when the iPad Mini 7 will be released. It is expected that the iPad Mini 7 will have the same pricing as its predecessor, starting at $499 / £479 / AU$749 for the base model. Many fans are expecting an upgraded storage option, beginning at 128GB, that does not come with a higher price tag.

Please keep in mind that the release history information and estimated prices for the iPad Mini 7 are only predictions based on previous trends. The release date for the iPad Mini 7 is hard to predict because updates for the iPad Mini series have been irregular. However, the pricing is expected to be similar to the previous model and there might be better storage options.

It’s always better to wait for Apple’s official announcements to verify the actual release date and pricing.

Apple iPad Mini 6 USB C

Should I wait for the iPad mini 7?

If you come across a tablet that you really like and is reasonably priced, don’t hesitate to buy it because of the rumors about the iPad mini 7. Even though the iPad mini 6 is older, it’s still in excellent condition, and you can expect to receive software updates for iPadOS in the coming years. Additionally, the iPad mini 5 is also an excellent choice if you’re on a budget. Lastly, it’s worth checking out the current models and older versions of the entry-level iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Air.

Consider checking out budget Android devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S6, as well as Amazon’s latest Fire Max 11 tablet and Microsoft’s Surface Go line. You may find a device you like before Apple reveals its iPad mini 7.

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