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Google Pixel Tablet Rumored To Get Official Stylus & Keyboard

Google’s Pixel Tablet is expected to establish itself as an iPad rival with the launch of official keyboard and stylus.

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Pixel Tablet

Google recently unveiled the Pixel Tablet, which was previously teased for a year. The dockable tablet will be available starting from June 20 and will include a Charging Speaker Dock. This device is mainly designed to provide entertainment, control smart home devices, and allow for hands-free Google Assistant queries. According to a trustworthy source, Kamila Wojciechowska, the company is possibly developing a stylus and keyboard specifically for the tablet.

Today, Wojciechowska mentioned two accessories that have not been announced by Google yet for the Pixel Tablet: a stylus and a keyboard. It’s important to note that the Pixel Tablet has Bluetooth, which means you can purchase third-party keyboards for it, and it also supports USI 2.0 styluses.

The slate currently does not have official keyboard and pen accessories, but they are being developed according to Wojciechowska. The tablet was delayed because it was not ready, and Google is still making final adjustments. It is possible that the company is running behind schedule and might announce the official accessories at a later time. However, it is also possible that Google realized it could not compete with productivity-focused iPads and has taken a different direction for its tablets.

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However, it is uncertain if these accessories will be released simultaneously with the tablet, or if they will even be released at all. Although the official keyboard and stylus accessories already exist, they were not introduced along with the Pixel Tablet’s debut.

Pixel Tablet Needs a Clear Identity

It is currently unclear what Google plans to do with the newly announced hardware, according to Wojciechowska. However, there is a desire for the company to announce accessories for the Pixel Tablet sooner rather than later. The tablet currently lacks a clear identity, as it tries to straddle the line between a smart-home display and a laptop replacement. Introducing productivity-focused accessories could help establish its reputation.

Pixel Tablet

Both Apple and Samsung offer keyboard cases and styluses for their tablets. Samsung goes a step further and gives its best Android tablets the S Pen stylus for free. Both companies intend to promote their tablets as versatile devices that can serve as both tablets and laptops. However, whether they can replace laptops is an unresolved issue. Unlike Apple and Samsung, Google has not publicly claimed that its tablet can be used for work, indicating a lack of interest in this market.

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We believe that users would appreciate the option to attach a keyboard to Google’s tablet, in addition to the included docking speaker. While Google has not made any official statements regarding this possibility, there may still be hope for it in the future.

The company unveiled its first foldable phone in addition to the Pixel Tablet, called Pixel Fold. Furthermore, they produced a second foldable phone, but it did not meet their standards for release. There is speculation that they may be considering a clamshell phone.

You can pre-order the Pixel Tablet, which has a 10.95-inch LCD screen and a powerful Tensor G2 chip. The tablet starts at $499 and comes with five years of software updates. Additionally, the Charging Speaker Dock can be used as a stand for the tablet.

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