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iPadOS 17: Will Your iPad Get the Major Update This Year?

Here are the iPads that will not get the iPadOS 17 update this year.

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With WWDC only two months away, all eyes will be on Apple as they reveal their 2023 software updates. Along with these new exciting features, we’re also eager to find out which devices will not get iOS17 or iPadOS 17 support.

As per the latest report, here are the iPads that will lose not get the support for iPadOS 17:

  • iPad (5th-gen)
  • iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 1st-gen)

The iPad variants have shown more consistency in their processor choices. While the 2017 5th-generation model is fitted with an A9 chip, the 9.7” and 12.9” Pro versions from 2016 and 2015 respectively come with slightly faster A9X processors. This year’s iOS 16 launch marked Apple’s end of support for iPhone 6s/6s Plus models which were powered by an older A9 processor.

Should this be confirmed, it will mark the first time iPad Pros released after 2016 are unable to update to the most current version of iPadOS. Apple’s 2018 redesign of the device is likely supported for another two versions at least and could potentially last longer.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will initiate on June 5th with an expansive keynote address, which is sure to reveal the newest version of iOS and iPadOS. Afterward, it’ll go through several months of rigorous testing before its official launch this fall.

A stir of anticipation is building around the release of iPadOS 17. Last year saw an impressive update with Apple’s iPadOS 16 unveiling which included the Freeform collaboration app and Stage Manager multitasking features, and it looks like this time will be even more groundbreaking – we can’t wait.

To keep you updated as details about iPadOS 17 are revealed leading up to the big announcement, here is all that we know so far; plus some predictions for what new capabilities might be announced. Get ready for another amazing upgrade from your favorite tablet brand.

iPadOS 17: What To Expect

iPadOS 17
Image: Parker Ortolani

Although it is too early to talk about exactly what features iPadOS 17 will present, we can take a hint from the new additions of iOS 16. In particular, one huge change was its redesigned Lock Screen which hasn’t been seen in earlier versions. It’s more than likely then this reimagined feature will be incorporated into the upcoming update for iPadOS as well.

With iOS 16, Apple has brought a vast array of tools to customize your device. From Live Events and Lock Screen widgets to tweaked Notifications and more – the wallpaper gallery will create unique backdrops like never before. Especially given the larger screen size on iPad tablets, bringing this feature over is an obvious choice that’s sure to be well-received by users worldwide.

We can also expect a few native applications to be redesigned – Mail, Calendar, and News. The first two have been due for an upgrade for some time now, while Apple’s potential in producing a true-blue news aggregation/magazine app with News is yet to be realized. Meanwhile, support for Apple’s new VR Reality Pro headset will also possibly make its debut soon; WWDC 2023 should provide us with more details on how our iPads could work hand-in-hand with this advanced technology.

iPadOS 17 is also expected to roll out to third-party app stores. This is due to the new regulations implemented by the European Union that Apple must abide by, as reported in December 2020 by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Sources familiar with these efforts explain a major effort from software engineering and services staff working to unlock certain aspects of Apple platforms.

Apple’s possible sanctioning of sideloading has been met with mixed reactions from developers, so it will be intriguing to observe the subsequent developments. One thing to bear in mind though is that even though the Digital Market Act comes into effect this year, companies won’t have to abide by it until 2024 – hence official sideloading might not become available until then. According to Gurman, WebKit compatibility may also be taken away for third-party browsers meaning users can make use of apps like Google Chrome without any limitations when using mobile Safari’s browser engine.

iPadOS 17: Release Date

Drawing on Apple’s past behavior, iPadOS 17 could be released in September or October. It’s possible that this year it will follow the same timeline as iOS 16 did back in 2022 when a month delay was instituted to coordinate with the launch of new iPads. But before general consumers get their hands on the update, beta testers are likely to test and experience it during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference which is scheduled for Monday, June 5th, 2023.

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