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Tablets With Android 9 Pie: An Overview

Which tablets are running Android 9 Pie? Even though the first smartphones with version 9.0 have been released in autumn 2018, it took until spring 2019 for the first tablets to arrive. Among the first ones with Android Pie are the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Just a couple of days earlier, the Huawei MediaPad M5 lineup started to get an OTA update.

I’ve listed all current tablets running Android 9 Pie below. That list includes tablets that originally shipped with Android 9, as well as those that got updates later.

Android 9 Pie For Tablets: This Is New

Google changed quite a bit with Android 9. While the design of the operating system got small changes only, we get a bunch of new features. A very interesting one is new gesture support. With those, you can navigate Android and replace those three typical buttons on the bottom. The gestures resemble the ones Apple build into iOS starting with the iPhone X. Well, they’re still useful though.

If you spend too much time on Instagram or YouTube, you’ll be able to see that now. The operating system will show you, how much time you spend with which apps. And, if you want, you can set limits yourself.

To save battery life, Google is using machine learning now. The system will learn how much you use certain apps and act accordingly. Additionally, Android will recommend you apps that drain your battery fast and should be restricted in the background.

We’re getting a lot of other new features. You can check them out in detail on Google’s website.

Tablets With Android 9 Pie

These tablets are currently running Android 9 Pie:

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