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Windows Tablets Overview: Find And Compare Recent Releases

Windows tablets are getting more popular since the release of Windows 10 and the Microsoft Surface Pro series. By now, in 2018, there are tons of exciting options at different price points. You can find very cheap ones out of China at around or under 200 US Dollars. Others are pricier but offer high-end hardware and a premium design. In addition to Microsoft, also ASUS, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell got very interesting ones in their lineup. Most offer a keyboard cover or dock, and some are released with an active stylus.

Usually, I recommend Windows tablets if you want to replace your notebook with them. While the cheaper ones are capable of decent office work, the higher-end tablets often feature the same hardware as premium laptops.

You can find all recent ones listed below. There you will find all specifications, its competitors, important details, and my reviews. So, feel free to compare them as you like. However, I review most of them. Click here to see a current list of the best Windows tablets I recommend right now.

All recent Windows tablets

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