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The Best Tablets Of 2021: Our Recommendations

Which is the best tablet you can buy right now? And which offers the best overall value? You’ve got tons of choices because brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo are releasing a whole lineup of devices every year. Sometimes it can be hard to keep an overview if you’re not reading tablet news every day.

Now, that’s what we are for. We’ve been reviewing tablets since 2008 and have tried almost every model ever released. In this article, you’ll find our current recommendations. They’re our top picks right now.

The three tablets listed below are a great choice for most. However, if you are interested in something specific, just scroll down a bit and you’ll find further recommendations. For instance, we’ve listed the best Android tablets, the best with pen and keyboard support, the best for gaming and so on.

Our detailed reviews are linked below each device. But you can also find all of our tablet reviews here.

The Best Tablets: Our Picks

The following tablets are the best ones you can buy right now. They’re the best choice for most people. If you’re into something specific, scroll further down for more lists.

Apple iPad Pro 2020: The Best Tablet

iPad Pro 2020 test

Apple iPad Pro 2020 on* Amazon

The Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy right now. Because of its A12Z Bionic processor, it is faster than every Android tablet. You can even edit and render 4K videos or use professional apps like Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to that, the iPad Pro offers a pretty and bright display that’s 11-inch or 12.9-inch in size, depending on the version you prefer. The tablet also features a high-end metal body and tons of premium features. Among those are Face ID facial recognition, four great speakers, as well as an optional Apple Pencil 2 and two different official keyboard covers.

Another reason why iPad Pro is a great choice is its operating system. iPadOS has been improved a lot recently and features great multitasking, touchpad support, a real files app, and handwriting recognition.

Well, there is one major disadvantage. The iPad Pro is very expensive. Prices start at 799 US Dollars without any accessories.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: A Great Value

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 test

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 on* Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is much weaker than the iPad Pro in pretty much every aspect. However, it offers outstanding value for your money. With prices starting at around 200 US Dollars, we think it has all the features most people need. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to spend tons of money and are looking for a good deal. The tablet is very good for watching Netflix, YouTube, to surf the web, and to play games with.

With the Galaxy Tab A7, we’re getting a 10.4-inch full HD screen with a fast octa-core chipset that’s powerful enough for most games. It also features a metal body and extras like a micro SD card slot, four speakers, and optional 4G LTE.

I also like that Samsung is shipping the tablet with Android 10 and its One UI. That means it’s pretty up-to-date. Also, in the past, Samsung has been very good with updates for their GalaxyTab A lineup.

This is not a premium tablet. But I think it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a simple tablet at a budget.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The Best Windows Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on* Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best Windows tablet you can get right now. Due to its 10th generation Intel Core processors, it is powerful enough to replace premium notebooks and many desktop systems. Yes, it’s great for office work but also for apps like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Another reason why I think the Surface Pro is a great choice is its design. It has a very premium-feeling metal body with a built-in kickstand. Using that, you can stand up the tablet at different angles. You can also get fantastic accessories with the Type Cover and Surface Pen.

Like with the iPad Pro, we’re mainly criticizing the price of the Surface Pro 7. Prices start at 899 US Dollars without any accessories. However, you are getting a high-end premium device.

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Further Tablet Recommendations

Read on to find more tablet recommendations. Below, I’ve got a list for pretty much every preference you can have. You’re just looking for Android tablets? They should have a specific display size or be suitable for gaming or have LTE support? Look below to find tons of tablet recommendations.

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