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Would You Buy a $530 Lenovo Jacket That Has A Pocket For Your Tablet & Tons Of Weird Features?

A jacket that is inflatable and can turn into a hammock while also storing the large screen Lenovo Tab Extreme!

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Lenovo Tab Extreme jacket

Lenovo loves making large tablets, so much so, that the brand decided to challenge three clothing brands to make clothes that could store their big 14.5-inch Tab Extreme tablet. Well, the challenge was taken head on by the clothing brands and they came up with clothing items like a jacket with a pocket big enough to store Tab Extreme!

Since most people use tablets indoors, Lenovo made the Tab Wear Collection to make it easy for users to take their “me time” device anywhere. The clothing from the three brands – Ranra, Kit Wan Studios, and Maium – were mainly for showing what’s possible. But Maium liked their design so much that they’re selling a limited number of their inflatable pink puffy jackets until December 31.

This project is mostly a way for Lenovo to promote its tablets. During the pandemic, they started a campaign called “Me Time” to sell their tablets. Lenovo did research in 2022 and found a link between tablets and fashion. People who loved technology and used tablets seemingly preferred practical fashion that could practically store their jackets, even large tablets. 

Lenovo Ranra jacket

Ranra’s anorak has a big pouch in the middle where you can put your tablet. You can hang it around your neck with a hidden strap, making it hands-free. The oversized hood helps block out noise so you can focus on your media. If you don’t need the hood, you can fold it smaller. There’s even a hidden shoulder bag inside, but it’s just a concept for now.

Lenovo maium jacket

Maium’s big pink jacket, which you can buy, costs around $530. It’s longer, covering your arms and legs to keep you dry when it’s rainy. It can also inflate, making it warmer and acting like a blanket. You can even turn it into a hammock and take a nap. You will also find a pouch on the front and back to store your tablet. 

Lenovo kitwan jacket

Kit Wan Studios from Hong Kong has a more unique design. Their tactical vest has steampunk-style metal pieces sticking out. You can loosen the vest, and it holds the tablet for hands-free use. The outfit has a modular system to attach and detach various pieces.

Lenovo’s Tab Wear Collection isn’t the first time fashion and technology have mixed. Google made denim jackets with touch gestures, and Motorola has recently unveiled a bendable smartphone display you can wear like a bracelet as it projects the pattern to match your outfit. While Lenovo’s jackets look super cool, it would be interesting to see if tech enthusiasts would think twice before spending $500 on a jacket to carry a tablet everywhere.

To be honest, we don’t see this kind of fast fashion catching on with tech lovers. These outfits may have a stylish appeal, but let’s face it – the average user won’t likely choose a bulky pink jacket just to carry their tablet around. Among the three options, Ranra’s collection stands out as a practical design that can be comfortably worn by regular users, especially during their daily commute.

What’s your take on this? Would you spend $500 on a jacket that can store your beloved tablet while also maintaining your style quotient? Let us know in the comments!

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