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The Best Lenovo Tablets You Can Buy In 2020

Lenovo has variety of tablets running Android and Windows for you to choose based on your need. These are the best tablets Lenovo currently makes.

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Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab review

Chinese PC maker Lenovo is also one of the biggest manufacturers of both Android and Windows tablets. While some of its tablets are better suited for productivity, others are great to have when you’re off work and want to watch a couple episodes of your favorite TV show. To say the least, their range is wide enough for you to find the right device, no matter if your budget is $50 or $1,000.

Each tablet in this list is accompanied by their respective in-depth reviews which you can head for to get to know the finest piece of information about your preferred device.

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Lenovo Tablets with Android OS

The Chinese company has a larger lineup of tablets running Android OS than Windows. Its Android tablets address a wider customer base that needs a mobile device with a large display for being used as a shared entertainment device by the family. Lenovo has something to offer for everyone and you’re sure to find one from the list below.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab kickstand

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab on* Amazon

Lenovo’s Yoga branding is usually associated with its line of laptops that have a more flexible hinge. Bringing similar modularity to its tablets, the company recently launched the Yoga Smart Tab with a barrel on one of its sides. Besides helping you get a better grip, the barrel has a built-in kickstand, which you can also use to hang the tablet on a hook. It also houses the battery, along with the power button on one end and a speaker on the other.

The Chinese company has moved away from heavily customized skins in favor of a cleaner Android experience which many appreciate. What makes the Yoga Smart Tab smart is the included Google Assistant Ambient Mode, which turns your tablet into a portable Assistant-enabled screen. Two things that disappointed us were its mediocre performance and that it lacks the support for HD videos in Netflix. Hopefully, Lenovo will fix the latter in a future software upgrade.

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Lenovo Tab P10 / Smart Tab P10

Lenovo Tab P10 test

Lenovo Tab P10 on* Amazon

This one will definitely grab a lot of attention for its premium glass-sandwich design and that large 10.1-inch full HD display even though it is positioned in the mid-range segment. Complimenting that display is a stereo 4-speaker setup provided on the Lenovo Tab P10 that further improves the movie-watching experience. A front-facing fingerprint scanner helps to log into the device without having to enter the PIN while both the front and rear cameras on this tablet take acceptable images.

It comes preloaded with Android 8.1 Oreo with minimal bloatware or any software overlay but Lenovo is unlikely to issue any future firmware updates. In our review, the tablet reached 11.5 hours in the battery life test which is fairly good. On the downside, it comes powered by an entry-level Snapdragon 450 processor, which may be fine for basic tasks but not for heavier workloads.

The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 and Tab P10 are identical tablets. However, the Smart Tab P10 comes with an additional Alexa-enabled speaker which we didn’t test.

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Lenovo Tab M10 / Smart Tab M10

Lenovo Tab M10 with Chrome

Lenovo Tab M10 on* Amazon

Positioned slightly below the Tab P10, the Lenovo Tab M10 has almost identical specifications barring a couple of things that can truly affect your buying decision. Starting with their similarities, you will find a similar form factor along with the same display size and resolution. And the Snapdragon chipset is identical too. Unlike the P10, the Tab M10 comes with a metal back, instead of a glass-based one, which still feels nice in your hands.

What has caused their price difference is lower RAM capacity at 2GB and a lower base internal storage of 16GB. Instead of 4 speakers, the M10 settles for only two which, too, aren’t particularly good and its cameras also share a similar characteristic. A lower battery capacity of 4,850mAh also means that the battery life is lower too, as seen in our review. What is retained is the vanilla Android experience that the tablet offers without much compromise.

Again: The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and Tab M10 are pretty much identical. We did not test the additional speaker dock of the Smart Tab M10.

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Lenovo Tab M8

Lenovo Tab M8 HD display

Lenovo Tab M8 on* Amazon

There aren’t many tablets in the market with an 8-inch screen, but Lenovo is one of the few brands that makes one. The company introduced the Tab M8 last year to cater to the needs of people wanting something between the 7- and 10-inch sizes. The slate comes with a metal body, which is something we don’t usually get to see around the budget of $150. So, Lenovo gets full marks from us in that department. It also has a great display, which you can get either with an HD or FHD resolution, though the Netflix app on the device won’t support HD playback.

For the stock Android fanatics, like most other Lenovo tablets, the Tab M8 also comes with a clean version of Android 9 Pie along with a kids’ mode to give your children access to the content they’d like. The tablet’s battery turned out to be excellent in our experience, while the presence of the micro USB port left us disappointed. Its front-facing camera also wasn’t any good, even for basic use. The Tab M8 is designed aiming at a different set of users that needs good performance and battery in a compact body, while things like camera quality are secondary.

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Lenovo Tab M7

Lenovo Tab M7 back

Lenovo Tab M7 on* Amazon

If you’re looking for something cheap that is fine for some casual use, then the Lenovo Tab M7 won’t disappoint you. It is one of the newest tablets from the company and offers a clean OS experience without much bloatware. You have the option to get a model running either Android 9 Pie Go Edition or standard Android Pie, the latter of which will cost extra mainly due to slightly better internals. Despite its cheap price, Lenovo didn’t skimp on the build quality and has used metal for the outer shell.

We found the display to be pretty good, especially if all you want to do is watch movies or do some web browsing. Its battery lasted for over 10 hours in our standard test, surpassing its predecessor and even the Amazon Fire 7. We wouldn’t suggest getting this tablet if you plan to use some hardware-intensive apps, like games, plus its cameras and speaker were a similar letdown and shouldn’t be the reason for your purchase.

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Lenovo Tab E10

Lenovo Tab E10 gaming test

Lenovo Tab E10 on* Amazon

When it comes to the cheapest 10-inch tablet, Lenovo seems to have ticked a lot of right boxes. Given its price and specifications, the device should be great for those looking to get one for their kids. A large 10-inch HD display gives ample space for watching videos and playing games while it is made out of plastic which is considered much better at handling random drops

Being a basic tablet, the Tab E10 gets a lower-end Snapdragon 210 quad-core processor and has a RAM capacity of 1GB or 2GB, depending on the model you choose. The Go version of Android 8.1 Oreo powers the device which is required for a tablet with limited RAM. With 7 hours of runtime, the battery life isn’t all that impressive and should barely get the job done for basic use.

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Lenovo Tab E7

Lenovo Tab E7 with Android Go

Lenovo Tab E7 on* Amazon

Now, if you want not a dash more than bare-bones to scarcely make the tablet function, Lenovo indeed makes a device that should fit your bill. The Lenovo Tab E7 is a further stripped-down version of the Tab E10 and costs just $50, close to what Amazon Fire tablets start at. At such inexpensive prices, one cannot expect much from a tablet than just being usable, and this product does exactly that.

Despite lacking an IPS panel, its 7-inch display is fine for some random use. It uses a MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM but the performance is surprisingly acceptable particularly because of the Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition which better utilizes those scarce resources. It has two cameras and both are just bad and so is its battery life. You can definitely get better tablets with just a few more dollars.

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Lenovo Tablets with Windows OS

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a much more versatile operating system as it offers full desktop-class experience while also supporting tablet-centric capabilities when required. The modern Windows tablets are much lighter and can even use Intel Core processors for a laptop-like performance on-the-go. These two Windows-powered Lenovo tablets can be great options.

Lenovo Miix 520

Lenovo MIIX 520 test

Lenovo MIIX 520 on* Amazon

In our recent testing, the Lenovo Miix 520 proved to be the best Windows alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and this isn’t a lowly feat. The best part about this Lenovo detachable is that its accessories, like the keyboard case and the stylus, come bundled with the tablet itself, which is a big cash saving when compared to the Surface Pro. Plus, you aren’t losing much either with the Miix 520.

The device brings fantastic performance to the table with Intel Core i-series processors and has a full metal build along with a kickstand that positions the tablet at an angle that you prefer. Both the keyboard and stylus are rather good to use, though the trackpad could use some help. The screen brightness is something we found to be lacking, besides its battery life, in our review.

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Lenovo IdeaPad D330

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 with Photoshop

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 on* Amazon

Coming from Lenovo, the IdeaPad D330 directly competes with the Surface Go and in fact undercuts it with a lower starting price. But it hasn’t made a lot of compromises to achieve that; the only ones we noticed were the use of plastic instead of metal and the quality of speakers, besides of course the basic 2GB RAM option. It comes bundled with a detachable keyboard which can hold the tablet in laptop mode.

You can get this machine with either an HD or a full HD display. The model we tested with a quad-core Intel Pentium Silver N5000 chipset offers a better multi-core performance than the Surface Go because of its two extra cores. It has three USB ports and you can even get a model with LTE. In our battery test, the tablet achieved a runtime of 11.5 hours which is top-notch in the Windows territory.

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