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3 Best Measuring Apps for Android: Measure Rooms & Objects

Here are the 3 best measuring apps for Android tablets you can use to easily measure rooms and objects around you.

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Best measuring app for Android tablets

Have you ever wondered what your room’s dimensions are, but you don’t have a measuring tape and ladder on hand? Sometimes, I get curious about my room’s dimensions, too. You can get rather accurate results by using a measuring app for Android. I looked at what options are available for Android and included them here.

Before we start, you should check if your Android tablet or smartphone supports AR features. Some devices don’t, and you won’t be able to use apps that require AR functionality to measure objects.

What Is a Measuring App?

Based on my research, the term “measuring app” can apply to many apps like ruler apps and room dimension measuring apps. For the sake of this article, we’ll stick to apps that tell you the measurements of rooms or objects. Some of the apps can measure angles or act as a spirit level.

Best Measuring Apps for Android

Here are the best measuring apps for Android you can download right now.

AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D measures doors, windows, flooring and more with your camera to automatically calculate perimeter and floor square values. You can even generate 3D floorplans after capturing your room’s measurements.

When measuring, you can create nodes or add windows to create a floor plan. After that, it’s time to generate the plans for reference.

There’s also the ability to sketch floorplans manually and make 2D floorplans. The app lets you share measurements on social media or email if someone else needs them. AR Plan 3D is free to use but also contains in-app purchases.

Magic Measure

Magic Measure is perfect for users who need to measure vertical objects like walls, windows and doors, but it can do much more. There’s a feature to measure human height with the help of your camera and also 3D objects. Magic Measure can check every surface and show you their measurements accurately. If that’s not enough, there’s even a geometric shape-measuring tool that tells your the area of a rectangular object or a circular object’s radius, area and circumference.

It’s easy to use Magic Measure as you only need to select the measuring method and point at anything around you. The app supports metric and Imperial measurements, including cm, m, inches, feet and yards.

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The app has some in-app purchases, but the core functions are enough to let you measure a room or object’s dimensions. As with all AR apps, you need to download Google’s ARCore to use Magic Measure’s full kit.

Ruler, Bubble Level, Angle Meter

This ruler app by 1 Bit doesn’t require AR, as it’s more of an app that uses your screen as a ruler. Besides a ruler for length, there’s a 2D ruler that measures the length and width of objects you place on the screen. The standard ruler also lets you tap on “keep measuring” if the object is longer than your screen.

The spirit or bubble level helps you determine if an object is perfectly level. This ensures picture frames and other decorations aren’t slightly off. The only function this app has that requires camera usage is the protractor. It uses your camera so you can measure angles manually.

This measuring app is free to use for simple measurements. It also saves data so you can keep it for future reference.

What Didn’t We Include?

Since the term “measuring app” is vague, we chose one direction instead of including apps that check your heartbeat, calories burned, and more. We also didn’t include Google Maps, which you can use to measure the distance between two locations on the map.


Instead of carrying a tape measure, ruler, protractor or other tools, consider using any of these measuring apps for Android. They’re all free and are easy to pick up and use. However, you should ensure your device supports ARCore if you want to use any AR apps. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure anything.


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